DIY Reusing Your Sheet Mask / Green Tea + Honey + Lemon Mask


I reuse my sheet masks every once in awhile, especially when I've just run out of them.  So, I thought I'd share my method of doing this since it's worked pretty well for me :)

I started doing this mostly because I am stingy ^^ and wanted to make  kind of mask that would just let my skin absorb nutrients without me having to was it off afterwards.  Naturally my primary concern was making sure the paper mask I reused was sanitized so I just boiled the hell out of it.  The first time I did this I boiled the mask on the stove for 20 minutes and it got all bloated and fell apart xD Anyway, I haven't had any problems doing this :) I don't reuse the paper mask more than once though because repeated boiling causes the mask to lose absorptivity plus the tea base usually stains the mask.

Otherwise, I treat my "recycled" mask like any other beauty mask. I just stick it on my face after cleansing it, let the mask dry on my face and throw it out. I usually don't wash my face afterwards unless I got overexcited with the honey or egg whites and my face feels sticky :P I especially like refrigerating these in the summer, it feels so nice and cool ^_^

Neways, I just got a nice bundle of Lioele stuff in today (YESSS) and I am testing them out as we speak wbeheheh I'll post my thoughts about them soon~


  1. Interesting concept! Never thought about reusing my masks before. How do you find the results?

  2. I saw in a Japanese beauty article that a toilet-roll is just as good :P

  3. @ashura - Hmm...I find the results decent. Not as good as say, an actually My Beauty Story mask but very good for a homemade mask. Especially after being out in the sun or if I'm breaking out the coolness gets rid of a lot of the redness and I think my skin absorbs a lot more since I don't have wash off anything afterwards vs yogurt/flour based masks.

    @Nic Nic - as I could use toilet paper to cut out masks or that it is unsanitary? Uh oh ;_; is boiling not enough?

  4. can i find the lioele products online? are they good? can't wait to see your reviews on these. :D


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