HQCD Butterfly Origami Earrings


This was my first He Qi Crystal Designs purchase - the HQCD Signature Origami Earrings! I don't have any pictures of the packaging since I bought these over a year ago. I didn't think I'd have a blog (well, not one not filled with terribly written emo poetry ;) ) back then. I remember she was giving away handmade beauty products with purchases and I got hooked on a number of Etsy stores (but that's for another post :P). So yeah, she gave out generous samples of handmade soaps and makeup as well. I haven't bought anything since her new no-shipping prices but I'm sure her packaging is still just fine :) Lisa, owner of HQCD, also keeps a blog where she frequently posts codes for various freebies, mini sales and hosts giveaways.

Anyway - onto the earrings! I actually bought 4 of these in various colors as gifts to my friends but I kept one for myself ^_^ I loved the unique design and bright green color. The paper butterfly is stiff and very light. Sometimes I find the earrings don't hang exactly straight (you can see that in the pics below) but that's to be expected considering the handmade nature and odd shape. Overall, it's one of my favorite earrings to wear with casual outfits because it's so unique.

As you can see the sterling silver hook and wire is tarnishing a bit. It's not too bad considering it's been several months but I think I would prefer rhodium in the future. But I didn't know about rhodium back then and sterling silver is quality material. FYI Lisa also includes little care cards that tell you how to remove the tarnish on sterling silver and keep your Swarovski gems shiny~ My preference for rhodium is really just because I'm too bloody lazy to polish anything. In any case, the most important part - the delicate paper butterfly - is still in perfect condition and the little bicones are still sparkley. It's beautifully crafted and surprisingly sturdy.

I got the cloth rose in Korea at the street market near Busan University. It was an unbelievable W3000, which is ~$2.50. I just couldn't resist! Sadly, it's beautifully made but utterly impractical for work ^_^ So this pic was a perfect excuse to put that baby in my hair for once~ Butterflies and flowers go together yeah :D?

I am wearing...
Skinfood Mushroom BBcream
Paul & Joe Finishing Powder in 001 Natural

Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Liner in Black
Missha The Style Shining Stick Eyes in WH01, a pearly white

Etude House Orgel Light in Coral Shine (07)
Etude House Dear Darling Gloss in Pink Split (#18)


  1. Really loving your posts on the lovely earrings! This is so unique- an origami earring! :)


  2. Really loving your posts on the lovely earrings! This is so unique- an origami earring! :)



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