HQCD Fancy Alice necklace


Here is one of my all time favorite necklaces, He Qi Crystal Design's Fancy Alice necklace!   Lisa has a whole series of Alice necklaces, which were inspired by Alice from Twilight.   I was so happy to snag this one because Lisa used a 18mm Fancy Cut Swarovski Crystal AB heart, which has many, many more facets than regular Swarovski hearts.  To be honest, I'm still debating which I like more, this necklace or my Super Nova necklace in Heliotrope.  I love them equally but I wear this one a lot more often because it's glamorous in an understated way rather than in-your-face dazzling.

LT: no flash. RT: flash.
It has a AB coating so the crystal glitters blue and yellow, mostly yellow when against my skin ^_^  It's got so many facets on it - I love it!  The crystal is really beautiful...it's really hard to capture on camera but look how shiny it is in even in dim light.  I really like the figaro chain and the antique style link.  It's classic, elegant and so versatile...you can wear it with anything really, I actually like wearing it best casually.

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  1. Lovely necklace! VERY pretty!!! I just checked out her designs :) Love them!!


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