Korea Trip 2010, Part 1: Flying to Tokyo


This summer I got to experience my first trip to Japan (albeit for one day :P) and first trip to Korea in 19 years!   I thought it might be fun to do a recap of my whole trip I took a ridiculous amount of pictures and it might be useful to people who visit Korea ^_^

So...let's get started :)!

My feet + favorite sandals (Ann Taylor, last summer) at the airport.
I believe the flight to Korea from the east coast is 21-22ish hours, not including layovers and such.  I love flying though so I don't mind that at all.  I'm not crazy about airplane food and USAirways is especially bad in the food department :P

This is "chicken and rice" and there was a yummy brownie on the side. Plus a roll.

Chicken + rice.

As we approached Japan I guess USAir wanted to be "more Asian" and this was the "snack" we got.  Hmmm...yeah, I think airline food is really about the novelty of eating while flying through the air.

But I did get to take some cool pics on the way~ I took this as we were flying over Alaska (I think).

The "stars" in the sky is actually condensation on the window ^_^
A closeup of the icecaps. Sounds stupid but I kept looking for walruses and polar bears :P
Most of the time we were flying over the clouds so it was nice to get a peek at land below once in awhile :D Anyway after watching a bunch of movies and snoozing I finally got my first glimpse of Japan!

You can barely see land below but I love this picture! The clouds were so fluffy~!  Descending...

Vintage feel :)


Narita Airport, Tokyo, Japan. Anyone know what the lower LT pic says ^_^;;?
Japan was so beautiful as we were flying over.  I actually must have taken 20+ of Japan while we were still in the air...it was so lush and GREEN.  Lots of patchwork-looking rice? fields and trees arranged in interesting shapes :)  Japan's a lot more mountainous than I imagined but now that I think of it I should have known since it's an island.  Sadly, it started getting cloudy and rainy as we began our descent so that's why these pictures look kind of gloomy.  Actually, it rained everyday while I was in Japan and almost everyday during my first two weeks in Korea :P

Originally we were supposed to have a 3 hour layover at Narita Intl Airport then go straight to Inchon Intl Airport in Korea but there was delay for one reason or another and we got to stay in Tokyo overnight!

Coming up in Part 2: Excel Hotel Tokyu...:)

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