Korea Trip 2010, Part 4: Taking the KTX to Busan


Continued from Part 3: From Seoul to Busan
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Dreary, rainy day....
It started raining after we got on the KTX so all the pics I took on train of the landscape turned out gloomy....

Speeding by....
We got off at the Busan Station and took a taxi to my Aunt's house....

Busan Shinsaegae Mall surrounded by condos.
Busan, like Seoul, is speckled with high-rise condos.  Since it is by the sea Busan is known for its seafood and the famous Haeundae Beach, a very popular tourist site and the place teens go to chill during the summer.  I didn't get to take any pictures of Haeundae Beach because the one day I went there I forgot my camera grrrrr... But here is a pic somebody famous took while he was visiting Busan ;)

Nickhhun from 2PM!
The beach you see in the background is Haeundae Beach :) Looks like it was rainy the day he was there too ^^ It's surrounded by high rises and all these fancy clubs, resturants and cafes; basically, a really nice place to hangout with friends.  The city also set up a really nice 3-5ish (well, really extensive) mile walking path that goes all around the beach and around the cliffs. It has railings,  the path is all boarded (like a board walk), and has lights along the whole path....it's just really well set up :D  The scenery is really beautiful and so many people walk along the path as a workout ^_^

Anyway, still driving...
Killer whales!! Going along the highway~

The whales are amazed by the high rises too ^_^
Sign on top says Gangnam.
Trivia: since the high-rises apartments are so high (25+ floors), movers don't bother lugging things up and down stairs/elevators. What they do is set up a crane next to the building that lifts a box all the way up the window of the apartment that's moving.  Then the movers just have to put things into this huge box and when it's full the crane lowers the stuff into the moving van :D 

When we got to my aunt's house, this us who greeted me~!

Doesn't he look like a little cotton ball *_*~?  SO CUTE.  It was a long day so we just stayed in for rest of the day and had this fish-shaped ice cream.  I'd tried it before in the States but I guess it was old :\ because this one tasted much better (and fresher).

bwhehehhe....it looks so...miffed :}
The innards = soft serve vanilla ice cream + red bean.
The outside is a soft but slightly crackly rice cracker-like coating.

It was yummy :)

Part 5: Busan Shinsaegae


  1. awwww the puppy is so FLUFFFYYY

    yum~ i love those red bean fish dessert things =D

  2. I'm going to Korea next May!!! Your pictures got me all excited!! Cute blog!!!^-^


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