Moto Jewelry Holly Remixed


This was my first Moto Jewelry purchase: the HollyAnneAeree Earrings, which I remixed with a small color change.   I have bought more since because I was so pleased the first time around :D

I just really liked the red, shiny and cranberry-esque beads and although I originally was aiming for a “Valentine’s Day” look it turned out more Christmas-y than anything else – but I still like it a lot! I didn’t take any pictures of the packaging but the earrings came in a gauze bag with tons of Asian candy, her business cards and two bottles of Cucumber Melon shower gel and lotion! The candy and bath goods are long gone since I ordered this back in January but nonetheless, I remember being very impressed with the packaging.

I particularly like how theses earrings look good even in the light and under close inspection. A lot of jewelry with the "tarnished" look appear cheap or used in real life but these don't at all.  These have are a lovely rich, burnished glow.

The quality of the jewelry is very good, it’s been 8 months since I purchased these and there has been no rusting, tarnishing or loose beads to deal with.   Also they are not heavy despite the "heavy" look of the gold heart and links.   Lastly, I have (very) sensitive ears but I haven’t had any irritation or discoloration :) I'm really prone to getting the green ring around my earring hole/itching and many pretty pairs of earrings have been discarded because of that so I'm really happy I don't have trouble with these.

Sarah was also great to work with - sent plenty of follow up emails to let me know when she shipped and ask whether I received it on time.   She's hands down one of my favorite people to purchase jewelry from~

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