Moto Jewelry Lemon Cheesecake Earrings


My second purchase from Moto Jewelry! I adore Moto earrings so I was so excited to get this~ I actually plotted to buy these the day Sarah posted them ^^ buuuuttt I nobly refrained for like...2 months (mostly b/c I was in Korea totally internet-less, ironic considering Korea is the #1 wired nation in the world). Anyway, I could resist no longer and bought these beautiful babies less than a month after I got back home~

I always forget that I ordered something so it's always a nice surprise to get a package in the mail, especially when it's filled with goodies :D!!

Yeahhhh~~! This is my first eye shadow palette and I am very excited to see what can be done with it! Honestly, I'm terrible with eye makeup so I don't know if I will be able to do it any justice but we shall see :S

I am particularly fond of her square business cards, they are an unusual shape (memorable) and uses less paper. Unfortunately, my brother was sitting next to me when I opened this so the candy literally disappeared when I turned my back (if you look closely, the blueberry candy is just the wrapper).

A quick candy review: LOVE LOVE the Tea Candy. I gotta get a whole bag of this - it actually tastes like iced tea! The Grapefruit Xylitol tasted...well, like grapefruit. I'm not very keen on grapefruit and plus I was expecting an orange taste when I popped it in my mouth ^^;; so not too crazy about this one. The caramel was surprisingly good! I don't like caramel usually because it's so "sticky" but this once was very soft, almost melted in my mouth, and didn't stick to my teeth. It tasted very vanilla-ish to me. Good stuff.

The two candies not shown above: The Blueberry candy actually had a tasty blueberry filling, definitely something I'm going to hunt for next time I'm at the market. And lastly, the famous Japanese flower candy ^_^! An old favorite of mine, tastes like peach~ The Ghana pie is basically a Lotte Choco pie ;) I haven't tried the matcha mix so dunno what that tastes like :}

On to the earrings...!
Aren't the Peacocked Earrings just beautiful!?
Fyi I'm going to just be doing the Lemon Cheesecake earrings today, I'll do the Peacocked Earrings next time :} (The vitral coating is so gorgeous but it's much harder to photograph ^^)

As usual, everything came well packaged with a lovely handwritten note :D I think the Moto Jewelry monogram is a nice touch~ Anyway, the earring's pouches were wrapped in tissue paper + ribbon. The earrings them themselves came in little pouches. Sarah was kind enough to remake these earrings with rhodium since I'm not entirely fond of sterling silver...I hate polishing the tarnish off :P They turned out gorgeouslyyyyy!

Lemon Cheesecake Earrings

LT: Original in sterling silver (from Moto Jewelry).
RT: With rhodium....and I suck at photographing jewelry.
You can't really tell from my terrible picture but rhodium essentially looks the same as sterling silver. Btw, the actual earrings look closest to Moto's picture, not mine (Sarah's a photographer btw, check out her gorgeous photos!). In my picture, the pink bicones are too bright and the yellow heart looks a little washed out. Anyway, it might be my imagination but rhodium seems to have a different sheen similar to white gold - not as bright as sterling silver with a gray-ish undertint. Also it seems a little "weighter," it has an expensive heft to it. However, it's not so heavy it's a bother so no worries there. I really love the lemon yellow color (citrine? topaz?) of the Swarovski heart contrasting with the pink bicones and the subtle mix of gold shadow and the opal bicones. It's just very sweet and feminine without being ridiculously girly.

The color of the earrings is the most accurate in this picture. Taken indoors in sunlight. hair is just out of control :P Btw this is what my hair normally looks like >_> very frizzy. I'm naturally a kup-sul-muh-de, roughly translated as 'wavy haired' but since I also got a perm in Korea so if I don't beat it into submission with a crapload of hair lotion or style it with hair gel....which to be honest, I never do because my preferred hairstyle is a bun :]

I am wearing...
Skinfood Mushroom BBcream
Paul & Joe Finishing Powder in 001 Natural

Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Liner in Black
Missha The Style Shining Stick Eyes in WH01, a pearly white

Etude House Orgel Light in Coral Shine (07)
Etude House Dear Darling Gloss in Pink Split (#18)


  1. The earrings are so lovely! I love the color yellow! :)

  2. those earrings are so pretty !!


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