Review: TonyMoly eggpore Shiny Skin Soap


When I saw this in the TonyMoly shop I was so excited because it's so bloody CUTE.   Egg-shaped soap. In an egg container.  I have blackheads I'd love to get rid of so that's a plus too but I have to admit that this is something I picked up on packaging alone.

I forgot which egg is supposed to be used during the day but I decided white for the morning, brown for the evening.  Besides the excellent, adorable packaging the soap is pretty nice too. It lathers really well, it kind of surprised me.   The white soap has a mild scent...of something. Like Skinfood's Egg Hair Pack, you can tell they wanted to soap to smell kind of "egg-ish" without smelling like food.  It's a really hard scent to describe but it's quite acceptable, it's not bad and smells clean with a sharp oddly floral under-scent.  The brown soap smells significantly stronger.  Same scent as the white egg but 10x stronger with a sharper edge.  It is not the best scent I've ever come across but it's not entirely unpleasant.  Interestingly, the scent of these soaps get stronger when you are lathering them up but once the foam is on your face the scent is pretty mild for both soaps. 

In an (egg)shell: This soap is supposed to remove environmental impurities and blackheads with deep cleansing action.
I really love the intense foaming action these little eggs put out.  They look so innocuous but these babies lather so well and dry off pretty quickly so i can see these little soaps lasting me a good while even with every day use. They don't get all squishy and melty, in other words.

I've only used this for 4-5 days so no word on long term results but my face feels very clean and refreshed after using them.  Very promising indeed and no breakouts in sight.  In fact I'd say this egg soap has been soothing the breakout I got during my time o' month and has a brightening affect.   This makes sense since "real" egg masks are supposed to tighten pores, soothe acne and be a "natural face lift."  So it does seem like this soap has all the benefits of a real egg without the bother of having to deal with real eggs.  

UPDATED 11/4/2010
The marks on my nose in the last one are from my glasses ^^
And you can see my lovely eyebags too :)

As you can see, I've been using this since 9/28/2010 (actually, I started a little before that).  So the first pic is of my nose before the soap, the 2nd pic is before the soap and the last pic is almost exactly a month after using the soap.  The reason I included two Before pictures is to show how the soap really hasn't affected the appearance of my blackheads whether or not I'm using it.

Umm, I don't know about you but despite my excitement, the effect of this soap seems quite minimal (if a bit on the negative side)... I can say that the pores on my cheeks have gotten smaller but the blackheads and pores on my nose don't seem to have changed one way or another. I have just about religiously been using the white soap in the morning and brown soap in the evening.  Sometimes I don't was my face in the morning but then in the evening I'll use both the white and brown soap.   On the other hand, it doesn't appear to be breaking me out one way or another and they do seem to be smoothing out my cheeks. 

I don't remember how much this cost but no doubt prices will be jacked up for those not in Korea.  Thus my final verdict is that even though this is a very cutely packaged soap, I don't think it would be worth buying this especially since I am sure you can find comparable products locally.  I certainly won't be purchasing it again once I am done these soaps :(  So I guess it's back to the real egg....:P


  1. What a cute package!! Look at that little birdy *melts*

    I hope the soap will keep on working well after a week or so, please do keep us updated! One question: since it's getting rid of impurities, just like a cleanser, is it necessairy to use moisturizer after using the eggs?

  2. omg...the packaging is just too cute! I love all tony moly products xD~

  3. omg, how adorable! :D

    <3, Mimi

  4. nicely blog you have here! check out my new posts! and follow if you please!

  5. omg that is so cool, i totally thought it was an egg until I read your post!!

  6. That looks so cute! Please do tell us the long term results. :) Oh and do you know where this can be purchased in the US?

  7. @bibi - I always use moisturizer regardless :D But even if you usually don't, if you are using these soaps you should since this soap is pore minimizing and sebum reducing...that usually means drying out the face to some degree :)

    @hye rin - me too ^_^ My fav would have to be their Appletox peeling smells SO GOOD.

    @mimi, naiano, pop champagne - ikr ^_^? my mom thought I was washing my face with eggs when she saw them in the bathroom

    @Diana - been almost a week and no changes yet :( but i googled around a bit and I found it for pretty cheap here It's also on YesStyle (but it's $22 :P). has a bunch of other egg products from TonyMoly too. I'll be trying the gold and white egg (the big ones) soon so I don't know what they're like yet :(

  8. Those eggs are so cute! I've never seen them before. They'd definitely add some fun to the daily skincare routine :-) I'm your newest follower!

  9. wow... they look just like eggs! hehe. shame i have never seen tony moly around in tokyo!

  10. i'm definitely one to splurge on cute packaging!!!
    too bad i haven't found a place where i can get tony moly =[

  11. I just brought this in Korea. Brown egg to be used in the day, and white egg to be used in the night. Just FYI because you said you've forgot which :)

  12. I just brought this in Korea. Brown egg to be used in the day, and white egg to be used in the night. Just FYI because you said you've forgot which :)

  13. nicely blog you have here! check out my new posts! and follow if you please!


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