Review: SkinFood Quince Whitening Sun Lotion


Today I'll review the Quince Whitening Sun Lotion SPF34 PA++.  It was W11000 (~$10-11).    The scent is very light, it's not pear-ish really but it's very pleasant and mild. However, just under this light fruity scent you can get a whiff of the typical sunscreen scent. The consistency is a tad thicker than say Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Liquid Daily Sunblock SPF55 but it is still very light and absorbs very quickly.  In my opinion, the Ultra Sheer is a better sunblock for days you know you're going to be out in the sun a lot but for every day wear for just going to work, the Quince Sun Lotion is very good since it feels lighter, absorbs just as fast and has a much lighter "sunscreen" smell.

The tip is pretty nice, a smooth stream of sunscreen comes out with minimal smearing all over the cap. The cap is a screw cap that clicks in place.

The color is a slight off white with a yellow tinge but it doesn't affect the application or look.  The absorption is fast, all you need to do is just gently rub it into your face.  From test shots, your face does get the white glare when you use flash since it's SPF34.  It's not bad, especially if you are topping it with some kind of powder but :\ dream would be to find a SPF foundation or sunscreen that doesn't do that...ah, well...hope springs eternal.

Makeup applies over this sunscreen and I've also mixed this sunscreen with the Skinfood Peach Sake Pore BBcream and it worked pretty well but by the end of the day if I rub my neck (where I apply the sunscreen + bbcream as well), I got the "eraser shavings" rolling off and yeah, I rub my neck a lot ^^ must be some kind of nervous habit or something.

I've used it for about 2 months now and I've had no breakouts as far as I am aware and I have very sensitive skin :) I don't know if this is a HG item or anything like that.  After I'm done with this bottle I'll probably explore more sunscreens but for now it's definitely perfectly adequate.

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  1. Hi since youve experienced this product,do you think this can be used like a daily day cream for a girl like me who has light brown skin? Im a malaysian indian.and i hace light brown skin.would this sun protection lotion be just perfcet for any skin color or would this look cakey on skin colors like mine.i will be expecting your reply.thanks in advance.and this is my email


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