Happy Halloween! + Preview~


I thought this pumpkin was so cool - it was on PostSecret (the first thing I check on Sunday mornings)~ Also check out this yummy looking Halloween Oreo Pumpkin Cheesecakes at Tasty Kitchen.

Lastly, I was not able to get my last (and actual) Halloween look in time (nooooooooo) but here's a teaserrrrr!!!!

Yeah, that's me. Photoshopped into a screenshot of Alice 2. With a (real) butcher knife....or should I say Vorpal blade ;) YEAH.

I had so so so much fun doing this.  Love the game, love the dark version of Alice...so I got really into character and just went crazy with pictures (in case you couldn't tell ehhe)   So, yeah :)  I'll get the actual makeup tutorial for this look sometime Sunday night-ish?  I just need to finish editing the vid and watermarking pictures. And probably taking more pictures because I have to put everything back on again this evening for Halloween.

Have a wonderful, safe and
Happy Halloween!

Moto Jewelry Peacocked Earrings


Finally....the long-delayed continuation from the Lemon Cheesecake earrings post :P I actually had this post done for ages but I just got around to posting it now, which is why my hair is so much curlier ^_^

This is one of my favorite earrings~ It is made with rhodium and Swarovski crystals, the heart in Vitrial Medium (I think).When I first saw these on Moto Jewelry, I knew I had to have them because I liked them so much. And this is combined with my usual reluctance to buy any Swarovksi jewelry with a "foiled" backing because it is very prone to scratches and nicks, even more so than the crystal itself. When the foiled backing is scratched it shows through the crystal itself so that even when the crystal itself is perfect, it will look like it is all scratched up.

LT: from Moto Jewelry RT: My crap-macro photo ><
Buuuuttt....the color combo was just too tempting. LOVE the blue bicones playing off the yellow and greens, it's just so...peacock-y ^_^ The crystal reflects shades of orange, green, yellow, blue, and red so I like to pair it with pastel and/or basic colors to play up the rainbow colors. At first I thought of these as "glamorous" earrings that should be worn with a LBD or something but it's remarkably versatile. I have no complaints about these, no beads coming off, no tarnishing etc. The earrings arrived in perfect condition with no scratches etc. I don't have much to say about this otherwise other than...I just really, really love these.

Rock n Republic Restocks Again!


I feel like I've typed the words "Rock n Republic" 200x in the past few weeks O_x Anyway, blushes restocked! Thanks to Charming Vanity who tipped me off~

Promo code ROCKCOSMETICS was still working when I last checked too and .99 shipping is still available (as usual).  Lots of juicy blush colors are available :D Tease, Foreplay, Bedroom, Lust, Tease, X-rated etc.  Of course, as usual Call Me is OOS but it's all good :)  Also the R&R lip glosses were just re-stocked too (Accidental Beauty did a couple nice looking swatches) and I've heard great things about 'em so go check those out too.  I haven't tried the glosses myself but it's on my list to purchase when I am no longer broke ;)

And of course, here's my breakdown on getting blushes for $8. Otherwise, FRIDAY TOMORROW :D!

Stila + Cherry Culture Sale and Rave


Hey peeps, I'm sure you guys have noticed by now I'm a sale-stalker -_- eheh Neway, this is part Sale alert part Cherry Culture = amazing customer service rave. But first things first (though I already twittered these):

TODAY ONLY (10/28/2010) Stila is having a FREE shipping w/ NO MINIMUM (it's usually a $50+ minimum for free shipping)! Use code holiday10.

And remember I was talking about the 10% Moving Sale Cherry Culture was having from Oct 21-26?  Well, now they're having another (better) sale:

This offer popped up the day after I placed my order on the Oct 26 and with the Moving Sale coupon I saved $5.10.  But as you guys prolly guessed, I was so dismayed to see a 20% sale so soon and being the cheapstake I am - I called and (shamelessly) asked if I could just get a refund since they were still 'Processing' my order (aka it hadn't shipped out yet, prolly b/c they're still in the midst of moving).  I plotted that if it worked I could sneakily repurchase and save another $5 *sigh* I'm so ridiculous but it didn't stop me from trying >_> But really, I didn't expect anything to come out of it (and if if nothing did, I would've been fine and still love CC) but I was bit curious how they'd respond.

I dunno if they are just used to dealing with cheapstakes like me or what but they just:
1.) said they were so sorry for the delay in shipping
2.) no, I can't get a refund since I confirmed the order
3.) but for the inconvenience they would apply another 10% off my order "to match the current promotion."  How did they read my mind like that O_O!?

Then they promptly refunded $5.10 as Store Credit into my account minutes later.   I actually felt bad because they didn't need to apologize for delayed shipping because they said it would be delayed ahead of time.  Furthermore, they actually refunded me more than necessary: If I bought everything with the 20% Halloween discount, I'd save $10.19.  But not only did I save $5.10, they refunded me $5.10 = $10.20.  Given, it's only 1 cent, but I appreciate that they prefer to be the generous side rather than stingy.  Needless to say, I am just completely won over....  And for those who want a peek at my order:

Yes, I got a Beauty Blender!  When I think about how many Single eyeshadows and Round Lipsticks that could've been, I kinda cringe but I couldn't resist the temptation to try it out.  Plus it's either that, buy a stippling brush or forever have slightly splotchy blush.  Fyi, this would be a good time to snag the Beauty Blender if you want to try it: $19.99 is the lowest retail price you're going to see for this product and if you spend $40+ to get free shipping and apply the 10% off ---- As you can see in my receipt, I got it for $17.95 (actually, even less than $17.95 b/c that receipt is just with the 10% off) wheeeeeee~

Get the UB Naked Palette for $44 flat at Beauty.com


From Temptalia.
If there's one palette that's been a hit this year it's been the Urban Decay Naked Palette ($44).  It's been OOS on Urban Decay's Official website and Sephora for weeks and buying it at other places like Ulta is irritating because they charge $5.95 for shipping unless you spend $50+.   Needless to say, Ebay and Amazon sellers are even worse, some are charging upwards of $100 -_____- Seriously, it's friggin' shameless. Anyway, the point is, Beauty.com just re-stocked the UB Naked Palette today!  It's $44 (the basic retail price, you won't find it any lower anywhere) and qualifies for free shipping (Free Shipping on $25+).  So basically...if you've been wanting the Naked Palette - you can get it now :D!

I don't have this palette myself but people have been raving about it for months due to it's sleek design, wearable colors and good value.  Here are Temptalia's amazing swatches and closeups if you want a closer look.  I'm debating if I should get it myself but >.< I dunno, I've been buying too much makeup lately.  In the meantime, I thought I'd let you guys know that it's available since I know a lot of people want it.

Speaking of, Beauty.com is actually a new discovery for me ^^ and they carry a lot brand names like Stila, Smashbox, Too Faced, Bare Minerals, Urban Decay, NARS, Cargo Philosophy.... I have yet to make a purchase but they do seem promising.  Interestingly, it's a part of drugstore.com, I guess they're diversifying ^_~

UPDATE: Sold out on Beauty.com as of 9:30PM....basically less than 2 hours later :P 

BUT the Naked Palette is now in-stock at Ulta.com - Siwing did a quick breakdown of the coupon code and shipping info in her post :D So if you're really lemming for this product, go check her post out~

Trend Predictions: Spring/Summer 2011


UPDATE: Check out my Trend Predictions for Spring/Summer 2013 Part 1 and Part 2.

One of my favorite ways of bargain shopping is figuring out what the major trends for the following year will be then spending a whole year keeping an eye out for soon-to-be trendy stuff that I can buy before it becomes expensive.  Not to mention out-of-season clothes/colors are always marked down significantly :} So~ of course I was excited to see Sephora's Top Spring/Summer 2011 Trends from Our Favorite Beauty Editors post!  My own commentary is in blue.

Wild Flower Fairy Makeup Tutorial


First off, I want to say thank to everyone who commented/watched my Rea-l Mayer video ^_^!  It was my first makeup tutorial and I wasn't sure how it'd turn out but you guys made every second worth it.

This was the "nature inspired" Halloween look I alluded to a few posts ago before Ergo Proxy bounced into my life.   It's actually one of the more tame looks I had in mind, before I wanted to do something totally psycho...like an insect or something just to see if I could do it xD   I prolly still will if I can cram it in before Halloween....aka in 8 days omg.

I forgot to mention in the video that I'm using a wet brush to intensify the color.  I like to just wet a paper towel and wipe my brush between colors and this both cleans and re-wets the brush for the next color.  Also to intensify the colors even more, use some kind of colored eyeshadow base before you apply the UD eyeshadows - my recommended eye shadow base would be the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in the appropriate colors (very affordable + tons of colors). I didn't do it in the vid though because I find the UD shadows to be pretty vibrant as is.

This look is essentially an UD Book of Shadows III look. I'm trying to use this palette as much as possible, mostly because it's my first legit palette ^^;; and I want maximize my purchase per se ;) So far I'm really liking the colors, they're super pigmented with minimal fallout (except Midnight Cowboy, which I now never use and is pretty much universally regarded as a bad eyeshadow even by UD-lovers).

Products Used:
* = in the UD BoSIII

* UD Primer Potion in Original
* UD Snatch eyeshadow
* UD Kush eyeshadow
* UD Psychedelic Sister eyeshadow
UD 24/7 Glide On Pencil in Yeyo
* UD 24/7 Glide On Pencil in Ransom
MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Liner in Black
UD Heavy Metal Eyeliner in Distortion (I said Pyrotechnic in the video...no idea why I said that -_-)
Missha Shining Style Stick Eyes in White
(yes I forgot to apply mascara X_X)
Revlon Brow Fantasy Pencil & Gel in Brown
Lioele Silky Highlighter BB Touch
Rock & Republic Pressed Blush in Tease
NYX Round Lipstick in Circe
C.O. Bigelow Menthe Lip Gloss
G&G GBT Violet Circle Lens (LOVE THESE. Review coming soon.)

Not shown in video:
Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation (sorry ^^ I said in the video it had no SPF :P)
L'oreal True Match Concealer in Cool (light/medium)
Neutrogena Oil Free Makeup Remover (is what I use on the Q-tip)

Ideas to enhance the look: I really recommend getting latex elf ears if you can (something really big and crazy would be cool ^^).  If you can get cuffed earrings too I think that would just take this look to a whole new level.  Also if you want a "wilder" looking fairy you could put a streak of dark lipstick on the center of you lower lip and use a black gel liner to trace more designs.  I didn't use setting powder because I wanted to look dewy but it made it a bit it hard to draw on my face with pencil because there was so much slip.  For the vid it was fine because I only wanted faint design but for a darker line, I'd say use a gel or a grease stick if you have one.  Also if you have your hands on a nice pair of lashes, use them.  I think one that wings out and is thicker on the outer ends would be particularly nice since they would enhance the exotic look.  Fyi, the lashes shouldn't be too dramatic or you'll overwhelm the eye shadow colors. This look can be adapted to be makeup for different colored flowers or an elf/pixie look... ^_^!

I had a little trouble editing this - I had an insane 45 minutes of footage.  I decided to try filming more "freestyle" - usually I film in little bits with each step on separate clips.  This time I just left the camera running and filmed it straight through.  Bad idea.   Anyway, the light was gorgeous today so I spent a lot of time hugging my mom's potted plants xD She has a thing for alien looking plants in case you haven't noticed :}

Here's a closeup of the eye makeup.  The top pic is too yellow and if you're wondering why my eye makeup looks a little different for each eye it's because my eyes are wonky; one has a double fold and the other is a hidden fold :P

For peeps curious about the flower crown, it's almost embarrassingly simple x.x I cover the tape in the back by flipping my hair over it after clipping the crown into my hair.

Anyway, if all goes well I'll be cranking out a few more of these :D  I hope you guys like!

Get RnR Blushes for $8! + Cherry Culture Sale + Sephora Annual FnF Sale


Geez, I have to keep adding to this post...so many sales right now - but Rock and Republic restocked their blushes! AND their 50% off all cosmetics with the code rockcosmetics and .99 S&H is still going on!  I know a lot of you were disappointed how the colors went out so fast a few days ago but now's your chance to snag your favorite colors.  I've received my R&R blushes in All Nighter, Tease, Foreplay and Kinky a few days ago and I can say firsthand that these blushes are amazing.  I recommend Tease and Foreplay particularly.

Read this post about how to get the best deal on RnR blushes.  If you need a $25 off your first-purchase Friend Invite, just email me at insideoutelle@gmail.com.

First off, Sephora's Annual Friends & Family Sale Code is apparently working already even though it has not yet been officially announced.  Get 20% off with the code FF2010!


Cherry Culture is having this oddly understated sale going on.  I found out about it accidentally when I was going through my 'Wishlist.'  Then after I added the coupon code being advertised only on the Checkout page - the little coupon ad disappeared.  But being a great lover to taking screen caps - I got this for you :D

It's pretty obvious they're trying to keep it on the downlow cuz they're offering 10% on your whole order just because they can't process orders for a week.  The nice thing is that this discount includes all Sale items AND the regular $40+ free shipping deal.  Needless to say, despite earlier promises to myself, I've just placed another NYX haul *sigh*

For first time buyers, I really recommend the NYX Round Lipsticks and Single Shadows.  The Mosaic Blush is very nice too (reviews of these products here).

Review: NYX Product Reviews


Now for more reviews ^_^ This time from a couple NYX stuff I picked up from Cherry Culture.  Cherry Culture is pretty much the place to get NYX products; I've compared prices left and right - at Ulta, Ebay, various drugstores - CC hands down has the best prices.  Shipping isn't even much of an issue because it's always free shipping when you spend $40+.  Ulta in my area particularly jacks up the prices of NYX single shadows and round lipsticks and NYX is not carried at Walmart here. So yeah, online is really the place to get NYX for me.  The stuff came well packaged and within a week of ordering + detailed receipt.

If I recall correctly I got these all on Final Sale so they were cheaper than usual. For example, the famous NYX Round Lipsticks are usually $3.50 and I snagged em for $2.50 :D  All of these NYX items are still on sale (in the Sale section) so grab them now (esp the Round lipsticks)~!  I've heard some people have gotten these for as low as $1.75 but either way it's an amazing bargain.   NYX is known for their Round Lipsticks and Single Eye Shadows, so those are items you should definitely try if you're thinking about trying NYX stuff.

Everything was in bubble wrap but what I really like is how they put the concealer in a separate pouch in case it breaks or something.  Attention to details like that always impresses me. Neway,  I've put swatches of everything up here except the concealer, I still need to take pics of how it covers blemishes~   And I have yet to try on the lashes but they're pretty cute yeah ;)? I'll review them properly another time.

NYX Fabulous Eye Lashes - $4.00

Option 121.
Option 114.

The look real nice but let's see if these really last 10 uses ;) Sample pics online are exactly what you get.

NYX Single Eye Shadows - $3.99

Extreme Apricot, Blue Marine
I only bought two so I could see what the hype was all about before a bigger investment.  The camera really captures the exact color of Extreme Apricot in this pic I think, hopefully individual monitor colors aren't too far off.  On the left is a matte red-orange, truly exquisite.  The color is rich and exactly red-orange. Love it.  Very smooth and no fallout.  Blue Marine is supposed to be a matte color too but I swear it has light sparkles and a slightly frosty finish I think. Blue Marine also has a bit of fallout and is less smooth on application than the apricot. Overall, great pigmentation and the color pay off is worth the price tag.

I don't have a particular reason I picked these eyeshadows, I just really like blues and that apricot color looked unusual. I mainly picked these up to see what all the hype about these shadows were.  I'll definitely be picking more up, these were quite good, especially the matte colors.  NYX has a great range of single shadows so I look forward to exploring more of the unusual colors.

NYX Rouge Cream Blush - $6.00

This is my first cream blush -- I've been dying to try out Canmake Cream Blushes but I've heard good things about NYX Cream Blushes so I decided to try this out and it looked quite similar to Canmake's.  I don't regret it, this blush is super creamy and pigmented.  My swatch is obviously a lot darker than how you'd apply it on your cheeks - the actually color you'd get on your cheeks is like the top part of the swatch where it fades out. I only took one pic because it captures just how the blush looks in room lighting.  Rose Petal is among the more popular colors for this blush and I can see why, it's a very wearable color indeed.  It's got a peach-pink glow and while it looks more brownish in the pan it's a lovely peach pink on your face.  Cream blushes are said to be more natural and give a delicate lit-from-within glow powder blushes just don't give and I would say that's true.  There are no sparkles and it just settles into my skin into a subtle healthy flush - very natural.  It looks like I just came in from a quick jog :)  A good first cream blush and it's decent size too.

I applied this onto my face with my fingers the first time *yuck* cuz I didn't have any sponges and it was a bit difficult to get an even application. So def use a sponge or something when using this.  I know many people use their fingers with cream blushes but it's really unhygienic in my view and since cream blushes do "dry" fairly quickly, if you don't blend fast you'll end up with splotches.

NYX Mosaic Powder - $6.75

A super popular blush color and understandably so.  This is a very wearable peach color; it creates a very natural nude peach glow.  It's gorgeous in the pan and well-milled.  No fallout from the glitter and application is smooth.  The colors mixed together are really lovely, it creates a beautiful shimmery peach glow. It's more peachy than the cream blush above.  One thing that occurred to me looking at the single swatches is that I want to use the gold-bronze in the lower left as an eye shadow ^^  This has less color payout than the cream blush but I like it that way, I prefer to build colors slowly rather than struggling not to splotch my face with too much color.  This is a really nice blush and the color's lovely - I'd say it's worth the money.

NYX Round Lipsticks - $2.50

As usual I saved the best for last - SUCH a steal and the quality is eye popping! Packaging isn't "high end" but it's definitely sturdy and does not feel cheap - it has a nice heft and I like the peep of color on the bottom of the tube.

The color payoff is amazing, application is silky smooth, it does not sink into cracks and it does not smell.  I hate smelly lipsticks, it's the reason I dislike Revlon lipsticks (it smells SO strong and chemically to me) and the reason Maybelline lipsticks will never be an HG or favorite for me even though I use them often - I hate the fake wanna-be MAC vanilla smell. Actually, I don't even like the smell of MAC lipsticks even though it has a more "true" vanilla scent :\ To be honest, I believe that cheaper lipsticks tend to smell worse than high quality ones and so far, that has always held true for me.  Not NYX lipsticks though - I was so shocked!  Just a very light almost soapy-waxy scent; it's so faint I almost missed it.  I've read some reviews complaining about this but honestly, you literally have to stick this in your nose to smell it.

The color pigmentation is incredible, all these swatches are just one swipe:

Circe - perfect nude lip color for me. Has a distinct yellow undertone; I really recommend this for cool toned Asians looking for a perfectly nude lipstick.   I have pretty pigmented lips and this covers it very well. I heard this color does not go with warm-toned people though but for NC15-20s (which I am), I think this is very suitable. This is already my go-to nude lip color.

Rea - The color outright looks awful on me, way too brownish-grey :\  ...it makes me look...old O_o It also has a faint purple flash and it makes me look a bit bruised and unhealthy. I do not recommend cool toned people to get this at all.  You will look like you smeared mud on your lips :( Great for a zombie look I suppose. Don't get me wrong, this lipstick is great, just a terrible color choice on my part. Do not recommend for NC15-20s.  This only has a 52% Buy Again and a 3.5 on Makeup Alley, which I think demonstrates what a tricky and unflattering color this can be :\

Thalia - a matte dusty rose color.  I really liked it as a swatch and in the tube but it has a warm brown undertint that makes this rather unflattering on me :\  It also looks kind of purple when it's on my lips.  This color truly does not match my complexion and it would look a lot better on non-pale people I think. For me, this is another "zombie" lipstick -_- Do not recommend for NC15-20s.

Doll - it looks very pink in the swatch but it really is more of a berry (reddish-pink, more red) color with a purple undertone.  This color is strangely harsh on me; it looked like a nice pink in a swatch and in the tube but it turns into a deep plum red on my lips.  It's a bit much to wear to work but it's a great winter color fo' sho'.  It's truly a warm berry tone, rich and pigmented.  I can totally see this paired with gold/bronze eyeshadow + cat-eye for a Christmas party or something ^_^ It may be a hint too warm for my skintone but I'm going to try and work it ^^;;  Nonetheless, I do not particularly recommend this lipstick for NC15-20s.

Snow White - a classic red with a blue flash.  Love it! The blue flash makes your teeth look super white and it really suits my cool toned skin ^^ I'm glad I bought this cuz everyone needs one perfect red lipstick right ;)? I highly recommend this for cool-toned people since warm-tones look better with red lipsticks with an orange flash (see below).

Tangent: I recently returned Maybelline's Color Sensation in Are You Red-dy.  It was red with an orange flash and let me tell you, it looked awful on me :\  I don't buy lipsticks too often and the ones I pick usually look decent on me (well, the lippies I pick in person, not online ^^;;) - but this is the first lipstick that legit looked BAD on me.  On camera and in real life.  It was just way too warm-toned for may face.  I'm sorry I didn't take swatch pics of this color but it was so awful I returned it before I remembered to take a swatch.  Cool-tones should try NYX's Snow White or any red lipstick with a blue flash.  Conversely, this leads me to highly recommend this to warm-toned people :D

For a ridiculous number of NYX Round Lipstick swatches go here.  From the colors I've seen, these are pretty accurate if a bit washed out and more glossy looking since she uses high flash.

FYI: The sample colors of these lipsticks on Cherry Culture are totally off.  If you're picking lipstick colors, google specific lipstick swatches because if you follow the sample colors on the site you're going to end up with something completely unexpected. I also heard NYX lipsticks melt very easily.

I can't stress how smooth and creamy the application of the lipsticks were.  I must say these have joined my HG list; Etude House lipsticks are still my favorite but those are very difficult to get in America and more expensive.  NYX is very accessible via CC in America and I can't believe these are only $2.50 each....they have a great range of colors too so I am sure everyone can find a color to suit themselves.  I 100% recommend these; of all the items reviewed here, these were the best.   The Extreme Apricot eye shadow was also really nice and the color is awesomely unusual, I haven't seen another color like it anywhere. 

For the other items I think you can find comparable blushes and the Blue Marine eye shadow else where.  They are all nice items and I don't regret buying them but I wouldn't say you're missing out on much if you don't get these.

RESPONSE to Anonymous:
The staying power of NYX lipstick varies on the texture.  Very creamy NYX lipsticks like Circe and Pumpkin Pie are not long lasting, they come off after your eat/drink etc.  They are also nude lip colors, which is probably why they are less long lasting.  Overall, I'd say they last 3-4 hours.  More matte and darker lipstick colors like Doll and Snow White are more long lasting, they will fade but last through eating/drinking.  They leave a stain on your lips even if the actual color fades. Overall, they last a decent 6-8 hours.

Rea-l Mayer from Ergo Proxy Inspired Look


I've been planning a number of Halloween looks but time is going by so fast :( But FINALLY I got one up!  It's a lot harder doing a makeup tutorial than I thought ^^;;  Anyway, I had SO much fun doing this!  I was planning on doing a nature inspired Halloween costume/look but when I started watching Ergo Proxy, I just had to do this first.

I really wish I had a gun. Or at least got the hand position right :P
It's a fairly simple inspired look because I don't want to do anything complex until I get a good grasp on how to record makeup tutorials but simple or not it's of a kick ass character - Re-l/Real/Rea-l Mayer of the anime Ergo Proxy.  Ergo Proxy is a fantastic anime btw, if you liked Serial Experiments Lain or the classic Neon Genesis Evangelion this is straight up your alley :)  It's very philosophical and dark - some may say pretentious but I like it a lot. The animation is gorgeous in Episode 1 but even though it kind of goes downhill afterwards, the moody ambiance is still there :)

Makeup used:
Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Foundation (Nude 40)
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Rimmel Glam Eyes Mono Eyeshadow (Celestial Sapphire 450)
MAC Fluidline (Blacktrack)
Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Liner (Black)
Missha The Shining Style Stick Eyes (WH01 - White)
Revlon Fantasy Lengths False Lashes (91003 - Flirty)
Lioele Silky Highlighter BB Touch
Neutrogena Healthy Skin Custom Glow Blush/Bronzer Duo (Raisin Glow 50)
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Pencil (Zero)
Karess Krafters Chai Lip Balm
NYX Round Lipstick (525 Circe)

G&G GBT Grey Circle Lens

*whew* I haven't used this many things at once on my face in a long time.  My hair was being so annoying :P I couldn't get it pin-straight like Rea-l's...gahhh I love having long hair but there is just way too much of it x__X  I'm also kind of sick of curly hair, it's so much harder to manage.   Another thing that really frustrated me was how the quality of the vid is so low O_o so grainy...I guess that's what I get for using iSight :(  But at least my eyes look good :D the G&G GBT Greys are so purtyyyy~!!

I really hope you guys like this ^_^ I had a lot of fun putting it together.  This is the first time I've done a cosplay too so this makeup tutorial already has a special place in my heart~ I didn't take many pics of this look tho...I was so tuckered out by the time I'd finished recording -_-;; It took much longer than I thought, it's really one thing to put on makeup and quite another to do it while trying to record yourself >.< Not to mention the little buns kept coming loose....

The makeup looked a lot better on video I think - on camera and in real life it's pretty over the top (and I look like I've been punched in the face) ^^ But that's the point of a cosplay/costume right xD?

Siwing's Giveaway + Smashbox Sale + Weekend Ramblings


One winner will get:
♥ Bath & Body Works Country Apple Lotion
♥ EOS Lip Balm in Honeysuckle Honeydew
♥ Hello Kitty mini notebook
♥ Hello Kitty Necklace
♥ Lancome Fatale 3d Comb-Mascara in Black
♥ Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow in Sting

Hi peeps :) The first thing I wanted to mention today is Siwing's 1st Giveaway ~ She's giving away a lot of nice things and she has quite a few ways to enter so :) check it out.   It ends Nov 5.

Fyi, B&BW Country Apple has always been my favorite scent; it was my first BB&W purchase actually way~ back in 1999?  Gosh, I feel old.... but the scent always evokes a lot of memories for me.  It's a wonderful aroma of sweet autumn.
* * * * *

Also there's going to be a Smashbox Cosmetics sale tomorrow on HauteLook.  You can make an account on the main website or if you're feeling generous here's a referral link.  You never know what will show up ^_~ so if you be curious, check it out :D It starts at 8AM PT. 

* * * * *
A Mini Movie Review/Rant

Also I just got back from watching Ajusshi (아저씨) or as it's titled for American theaters, A Man From Nowhere.  It stars the perpetually hot Wonbin (I swear this man never ages) as Taesik and child actress Kim Sae Ron as Somi.   It's very Leon the Professional/Man on Fire-esque, you know, the whole retired ex-CIA agent who breaks out his badass fighting skills to save a child.

While the story itself is pretty typical, I have to say the cinematography just blew me out of the water.   There's this one shot when Wonbin is falling backwards and lands on the nets they string over golf courses to keep golf balls within the putting course....the slo-mo capture of him falling with the rain just took my breath away. The music was above par and that combined with Wonbin's top notch acting skills (and looks) and gorgeous shots resulted in a very enjoyable experience.  It's a very good film but it's weakness is the unoriginality of the plot.  But let's be honest, we don't see action films to think too much xD   The movie has some very nice, gritty fight scenes (I think they were paying homage to Old Boy with Wonbin's interlude with the ax...or is that just me?) and they make a big effort to show how dark and dirty the criminal underworld can be.

Like I said, the cinematography is truly exquisite - it's the kind of movie I could watch on mute ;)    Also, despite the weak storyline, I would proudly recommend this movie to anyone looking to dip their toes into K-movies.  It's not the best thing to come out of Korea but it definitely ain't too shabby either.  It's being shown in a lot of movie theaters in CA and even in the Northern Virginia area (to my surprise) so it's definitely worth a watch.  Watch the American-release trailer below with subs :)

Warning: Rant ahead.

That said I have a bloody bone to pick with the dude who approved the showing of A Man From Nowhere in an American movie theater without subtitles!  I watched this movie at Fairfax Corner 14: Cinema de Lux, located in the Washington Metro area.  While there are a lot of Koreans in the area, it's still predominately non-Korean; also the theater is not one to show a lot of arthouse/indie/foreign films. Recently, however, Fairfax Corner has been picking up a remarkable number of foreign films (for reasons I'll state below) and being that FC is a very reputable, up-scale theater, it would've been a great opportunity to introduce these foreign films to an average American audience.

With this in mind, I just can't believe they would show a foreign film without a subtitle and NOT EVEN ADVERTISE THAT FACT.    I am all for the showing of great foreign films without dubs, but to show a Korean film in a heavily non-Korean area without subtitles just befuddles me in its sheer stupidity.  They are literally just chasing all potential Korean cinema fans away!  Would someone who paid $12 to see a film ever go back to see a foreign film at this theater again after sitting through two hours without a single subtitle in sight?

Not to mention this film has been out in Korea for months and showing in American theaters since September - there is no excuse for not having subtitles by now.   Even more infuriating is that CJ Entertainment (made the film) is a huge multi-million dollar film company in Korea; it just beggers the imagination why they wouldn't pay someone to write up some subtitles - for chrissake there are hundreds of fan-written subtitles online already! This is an action film that had the money to pull top paid actors and directors to make it and yet they couldn't part with a single dollar for subtitles?

Which brings me to my next complaint - why the freak did they not state anywhere in the theater that this film does not have subtitles?!   It should have said somewhere that this film does not have subs, especially with an innocuous American title, any curious non-Korean speaker could've just wandered in for fun and then have to sit through two hours totally confused if they didn't want to 'waste' a ticket.

I like this film, I like the actors in it, I think it's well-made and that American audiences could enjoy it a lot.   And that just pisses me off even more that Korea fumbled a chance to show American audiences what they're made of due to simple laziness (or terrible management).  To rub salt on the wound, it's a Korean American that selects the films to be shown at Fairfax Corner.   You'd think as a KAm that has lived in Northern VA for years and has made a name for himself as having impeccable taste in films would be a little more in touch with theater goers in America and make sure it's being subbed.

In his defense, he has slowly been bringing in a lot of quality foreign films into Fairfax Corner and he brings them in really fast and in impeccable quality.  Up till now K-films (actually almost all foreign films except the few huge Chinese flicks like Hero etc) were only shown at downtrodden, old theaters several months, usually years, after their release in Korea.   Since he's bi-lingual Korean films have particularly benefited since he can directly negotiate with Korean film companies to bring in popular movies.  But somehow, this golden opportunity to introduce a K-film to mainstream American audiences was completely squandered...in my eyes, this kind of carelessness is inexcusable. 

The Korean movie industry is dying to get their foot in the door in America...yet they don't even seem to be giving it their 100%.   I am sure in other theaters in other parts of America are showing A Man From Nowhere with subs or dubs. I am sure there are many people who have become interested in Korean films on visual appeal alone.  But right here, in this little slice of Virginia, the Korean film industry just took a step backwards.

Or maybe not. Not many people can resist this :)

* * * * *
Anyway, enough ranting :P  To end this post on a happy (though not many things can make me happier than a shirtless Wonbin xD) note, I give you....

Dunno why my feet look so...duck-ish here.
Yes, it has little ears :)!   Buuuuttt that's not the best part ;) Check out the bottom of the socks....

On the left, "100% Honest the Panda" - the Engrish makes it even better :D  On the right, it it says ggorangnae or "stinky."  If I want to be classy, I'd say I love the attention to detail but honestly, I straight up just like the cheek of putting the word "stinky" on a pair of socks :) 

Have a great Monday everyone!

Review: G&G GBT Grey Circle Lens


Diameter : 14.0mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm

So here is my first stab at reviewing circle lens - my G&G GBT Grey lens from Pinky Paradise, which I posted about a few days ago.  PP's description claims that it gives you an "obvious color effect" and I quite agree :)

My experience with GEO  and EOS left me resigned that I'll never really be able to "change" my eye color because my irises are so dark (almost black). All the lens I tried before this one gave me only the mildest of color changes in the brightest sun....then I saw Noxin's G&G lens reviews. I was so surprised by how vibrant the colors were on her so I gave G&Gs a shot.  I AM SO HAPPY I DID.  Fyi, I was not looking for something with a lot of enlargement, just a massive color change but at 14mm this lens is  the typical diameter for circle lens so you will get some enlarging effect regardless.

Starting with the Before & Afters...

Top: No flash. Bottom: Flash.
Yeahhhh, nice color change yeah?! The grey is practically opaque, which is something I never got with Geo Nudys and totally unexpected for a light color.   Admittedly, these lens are more blue-grey in my eyes rather than a straight grey but it's still pretty no :)?

Even without the obvious limbal ring, these lens have a subtle enlarging effect.  I really dig the pattern on these lens - I think the jagged outer edge in a dark grey is just a great way to subtly enlarge your eyes without having a massive black line around your iris.  And just so you know, I hate really thick black limbal rings that are just drawn as a line without any attempt at blending.  I think they look very fake (ironic as I stick grey/purple/green lens in my eyes yeah xD?) and kind of ugly actually since the halo is just so stark.  Anyway, this kind of limbal ring is perfect for me. You do get a faint halo sometimes when you look up with these lens as well but it shows as a gradient so it's not obvious.  This anti-halo stance is more of my personal preference though :P so it's not really a "bad" thing per se.

One nitpick I do have though is that the blending in the middle of the lens (the inner circle) is not subtle at all - it's just gray then suddenly black in the middle of my eye ^_^ I hope that makes sense.... But in their defense I think if these lens had a gradient/tried to blend the gray with my natural eye color, the overall color effect wouldn't be as vibrant.  In any case, I think the delicate sunburst pattern is still pretty natural and really pretty.

Like I said in the vid, these lens are really comfortable.   They definitely are thicker than EOS lens and you can feel them in your eye every once in awhile but it's not uncomfortable, if that makes any sense.  It's like being aware you have a hairclip in your hair...or something like that.  I haven't worn these longer than 8 hours at a time (any more than that is risky anyway) and they haven't given me trouble.  I don't use eyedrops either (actually I never use them, if lens are uncomfy I just never wear them again) so I think that speaks for how wearable they are.

The last thing I really like is how the lens show up "naturally" in real life, it looks dreamy and as my brother says, "like I'm about to cry" xD It also just looks friggin gorgeous on camera with flash. 

No flash/Natural lighting:

This was my Friday night look ^_^
I wouldn't say these lens are subtle because the color is pretty eye catching and I think I hit all the main points in my video so I'll just do a quick summary now:

Pattern: 4.5/5
Enlarging: 2/5
Color Change: 5/5
Comfort: 4/5
Visibility: 5/5
Buy Again? YES

As kind of a teaser...the G&G Violets are GORGEOUS too - actually the Vi's are my favorite from my haul :D  I am totally addicted to G&Gs now, I want to the Blue and Brown ones too now ^_^  I really recommend the G&G GBT lens for people with dark eyes looking for a nice vibrant color change.
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