Rock n Republic Contrived Pressed Blush for $8.00!!


Holy crap, these Rock n Republic Contrived Pressed Blushes are so friggin cheap right now! RnR is now having their own sale and all cosmetics are 50% off (use promo code ROCKCOSMETICS right before you click Confirm Order).  On top of that shipping is 0.99.

Also, if you want $25.00 off your first ($75+) purchase, just click hereI DO NOT get the $25 referral bonus because this Friend Invite link has been used once already. Aka you will get the $25 off first-time buyer bonus, but I will not get $25 off my next purchase.   The reason I put the Friend Invite/referral link here anyway is because it's more convenient for you to be able to just click and join.  While it's nice getting a the $25 referral bonus, I think it's easier for y'all just to have a link available rather than me being all anal-retentive about referral bonuses.  However, if you do not mind waiting ^_^ I would very much appreciate it if you email me at and I will send you a Friend Invite as soon as I get it!  The Friend Invite email gives you $25 off your first purchase and $25 off my next purchase at no cost to you :)

Even if you missed the makeup you wanted today, the $25 off Friend Invite has no expiration date so it's nice to keep on hand for days like this when sales suddenly come up. They are also automatically applied to your first purchase (Reward Credit) so you can stack this with other coupon codes.  

Notice how the 50% discount is applied to the total order without the $25 Reward Credit to maximize your savings - crazy generous (or stupid) I don't know which ;)  This is actually SO MUCH BETTER than the Beauty Ticket Sale yesterday - I literally bought Foreplay and Tease for $8 each!  And I thought I got a deal getting blushes for $25.50 each from BT yesterday -_____- grrr~

Of the blushes available right now, I recommend Immoral, All Nighter, and X-rated because the swatches I've seen are really pretty.  The reason I didn't get these this time (I got All Nighter yesterday) is because I think I have quite enough blushes for now. Though next time I think I'm getting X-rated, Immoral and Call Me if it ever is in-stock.  I haven't tried other R&R cosmetics but I have heard that their lip glosses (regularly $26/each) are also really nice. I just forgot to add those because I got so excited over the blushes.  Colors are selling out like lightening, Call Me (NARS Orgasm dupe) was already OOS when I got on the site and Bedroom went OOS as I was paying -____- so grab them fast!

Here's Karla Sugar's amazing collection of R&R Swatches if you wanna take a peek at the colors.

Best Place to Buy R&R Blushes
R&R blushes are also often available on discount sites like HauteLook and being the psycho discount-hunter I am, here's my comparison of just about all main sources of R&R blushes to see who offers the best price.

HauteLook offers R&R Blushes (the last time I saw) for $19.99 and shipping is $5.95. Aka ~$26/blush.

Beauty Ticket
As you saw yesterday on Beauty Ticket, prices range from $23.99 to $19.99 with more popular colors like Kinky being more expensive.  Shipping is $6.95. Aka~$27-31/blush.  
EDIT: Actually, the prices are different because some of the blushes don't come with the circular box packaging.  I confirmed this when I received my BT order. This is particularly disgruntling since that means they charge $4 for the box -_-. One would think that the purchase would entail ALL the packaging or at least they should give you an option to choose. Given this is not a "big" deal because most people pitch the box anyway but I think the lack of a box should be noted in the product description.

Beauty Story
Last I saw, Beauty Story sells R&R blushes for $20.00 and shipping is a flat rate of $6.50. Aka $26.50/blush.

Official R&R site
Now though R&R cosmetics regular prices are way~ too high, they actually have these 50% off sales rather often; they actually had one back in September too. Also their shipping is always a flat 0.99 for regular shipping; it says .99 is for a "Limited Time Only" but it's been saying that for the past six months, I swear >_> so it's pretty much always available.  Also R&R usually has the most color options available if you catch the sale early enough and they usually restock right before a sale.

So even without a $25 off Friend Invite, you can get these blushes for $21/blush on the official website, which includes .99 S&H. So yep, for R&R Blushes, going to the source and waiting for a sale gets you the most color choices AND the best price.

Getting the Best Deal
So, the official R&R store being the best place to purchase, once you've gotten a hold of the Friend Discount, 0.99 shipping is available and a 50% off Sale is up, the best way to maximize the deal is actually to purchase two blushes.  You can't buy just one because for the $25 off to work your total (without the discounts) needs to be at least $75, a real trifle since that's just 2 blushes.

2 Blushes: (($40*2 blushes)* 50% Sale) - $25 FDiscount + .99 S&H = $15.99 = ~$8/blush
3 Blushes: (($40*3 blushes)* 50% Sale) - $25 FDiscount + .99 S&H = $35.99 = ~$12/blush
4 Blushes: (($40*4 blushes)* 50% Sale) - $25 FDiscount + .99 S&H = $55.99 = ~$14/blush
5 Blushes: (($40*5 blushes)* 50% Sale) - $25 FDiscount + .99 S&H = $75.99 = ~$15/blush
6 Blushes: (($40*6 blushes)* 50% Sale) - $25 FDiscount + .99 S&H = $95.99 = ~$16/blush
7 Blushes: (($40*7 blushes)* 50% Sale) - $25 FDiscount + .99 S&H = $115.99 = ~$16.57/blush
8 Blushes: (($40*8 blushes)* 50% Sale) - $25 FDiscount + .99 S&H = $135.99 = ~$17/blush

....and so on.  You can actually buy as many as 50 blushes and still be spending only $19.50/blush and that includes shipping.  If you want one of each, there's 12 shades total I believe. Yeahhh~

I probably come off as certifiably insane but I enjoy number crunching actually xD especially mindless calculations like these that lead to more makeup ;)


  1. OMG !!! you got such a great deal !!!! i've always wanted to try foreplay but i've been waiting for a sale.. you are so lucky !! i just checked it out, and there are only two blushers left.. lol.. aww =(

  2. oh, can i get a friend invite too ? =) just in case! my email is

  3. Thanks Elle !! Do u know if they will restock on sold out blushes? I'm new to the website..

  4. I think R&R restocks right around the time the have the 50% sales (approx once every month). In my experience, they add a bunch of stuff all at once, put up a sale, then bam - that's when it all sells out. Then for rest of the month only there are only 1-2 blushes.

    They DO restock at least once a month tho so no worries :) Tho one color I heard is practically never on R&R is Call Me for one reason or another :P Darn.

  5. oh my gosh, elle, such a steal!!! yay for you! :D

    <3, Mimi

  6. WOW!!!
    lol gotta love the math =D
    can you send me an invite please ?

  7. OMG, $8. What a deal! I've been dying to get some of the blushes from R&R. I'm a new follower. I'd love it if you could send me a friend invite.

  8. Wow great post on this great deal! Im a new follower, Siwing made a post about this. :) Please send me an invite. Thank you!

  9. You're the sweetest! I just made my order! I can NOT believe I got 2 for $15.99. OMG......I'm bursting at the seams with happiness. :D

  10. is sooooo exciting! I'm ur newest follower..haha...please send me an invite. ;)


  11. omgosh such a great deal thanks for letting us know! xoxo

  12. thanks for the info. =)

    can you email me the invite please?

  13. this is awesome! i hope that it is still 50% off! if not, your deal is still amazing! can you email me an invite please ? THANKS XOXO

  14. thanks for the info. =)

    can you email me the invite please?

  15. i dont think rock and republic sells online anymore...

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