Forever21 Necklace and Eyebrow Threading


Been feeling pretty sluggish in the last few days - the weather became really cold especially at night and I always tend to sleep more in cold weather ^^ Hibernating I guess ;)  Neway, I was at Forever21 yesterday and I was in more of a window-shopping mood until this necklace caught my eye.

This is a strangely ridiculous picture xD Want a wanna-be sexy it is -____-

It was $7.30 and is the most dramatic piece of jewelry I own.   I've never been drawn to these kinds of necklaces but I dunno, I just really wanted it ^_^! I think the way I'd wear it would be under a blazer to add visual interest to an outfit without it being so in-your-face.  This necklace reminds me of the little mermaid for some reason...the pearls look like bubbles to me :D  Fyi, this is what Skinfood Mushroom BBcream looks like after 9 hours (not the forehead though, that got wiped off during my threading session ^^ ehehe you can see my pimples in all their glory ;) ).  For reference, I am an exceptionally oily person so actually this BBcream's oil control is decent all things considered. I didn't blot at all and it was a warm day so I that little sheen of oil is ok in my book - at least the coverage remained good all day.

Also I got my eyebrows threaded for the first time yesterday ^_^!  At the mall there was a stall doing eyebrow threading for $10 flat so I was like...what the heck, let's give it a try.   I've only ever done my own brows (pretty sloppily now that I look at it) so this was a fun experience for me.  

Notes on eyebrow threading:
1.) It did not hurt for me but I am someone who regularly plucks her lashes.  The girl next to me who had never plucked in her life said it hurt a little.  Hairs are getting pulled out so I suppose that's to be expected.
2.) I don't know if this is the case for every salon (or if I was just wearing too much makeup xD) but the lady had to wipe off the makeup around my eyebrows.  So in the future I'll probably go makeup-less, especially if I decide to do my upper lip as well ^^;;;
3.) Contrary to adverts - I did turn pretty red after plucking.  Actually you can see in the pic (2-3 hours after plucking) that I am still a little red. Given I am on the pale side but if you do get your brows plucked, take a little compact with you to cover up the redness afterwards.  She put lotion on my brows afterwards so I had no dryness but I was very red for about an hour.
4.) It literally feels like a thread rolling over your skin.  To me it was pretty soothing and the process literally took about 2-3 minutes xD At first I was like...what? $10 for 3 minutes O_o?? But it turned out pretty well I think and the lady who was doing my brows was clearly very experienced.
5.) I would definitely get my brows threaded again if I could, totally worth the $10.  I can see why people find this addicting ^_^ and it is relatively painless.  The lady claimed this will last 3-4 weeks but we'll see.  I'm particularly happy how threading removed the errant hairs on my eyelid which I never had the guts to pluck.  I kinda wish I did my upper lips as well :( This is definitely a lot faster and tidier than tweezing one by one or waxing.
6.) The process: Wipe off makeup --> thread above brows --> I hold my forehead and close my eyes as she threads lids and below brows --> got little scissors and trimmed the longer hairs --> showed me what I looked like in the mirror --> put Johnson's baby lotion on a swab and wiped my brows and lids --> that's it :)!

Here's a before and after.  If you want more pics, basically anything before this post was un-threaded xD

There's definitely more of an arch going on and my inner corner hairs definitely look tidier ^^ So yeah, I hope this was helpful for anybody thinking of getting their brows threaded. For $10/month it's not a bad investment considering the time it takes me to pluck/wax on my own. The result is also pretty nice I think, I never knew I could have such an arch in my brow ^0^

UPDATE 10/7/2010: 
Soo...It's been four days and wee little hairs are already coming back that I had to tweeze out :P Overall it still looks good but there's no way these brows would last untouched for 4+ weeks xD Regardless, I think it was worth it just to get "the shape" of my that I have a shape to work with I can just trim around instead of just...guessing ^^

To answer ash's (who's been doing tons of cute YT vids btw :D) question: The hair are getting pulled out one by one but it's happening so fast it feels like it's being pulled out together...much like waxing (but less painful).  I think the best thing to do is go to the mall or something and just watch customers getting their brows done and see how quickly the Salon ladies can do it :} If they look experienced and the customers look better after then you pretty much know you're in good hands :)


  1. Looks great! I tried threading my eyebrows before, but I did it myself. Somehow it didn't work...
    I guess it's different if you have it done by a professional who actually knows what she's doing...

  2. necklace looks great ^_^ i think it'll look cool under a blazer too ..

    i've never tried threading.. lol.. i just always pluck.. should try it sometime.. they have a threading station at the mall near my house but its $15.

  3. The necklace is dramatic and sleek, I like it.:D What a great find.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  4. Wow, that is a GREAT neckalce! So different-- going to look for it now! I love getting my eyebrows threaded, so much easier on the skin around the eyes than waxing or threading. I don't know if it's just me, though, but my brows seemed to grow out thicker and faster now than they did before when I waxed... hmm. Let me know how it goes for you!

    Have a great week Elle!

  5. Aww, thanks for the follow~ (both here and on YT). <33

    Also, I am SO glad to find another gal who gets her brows threaded. :33 I've had mine done with a razor, and have tried tweezing, but I totally swear by threading now. :]]

    Your brows look great~.

    (P.S. You're totally right: US pharma's super up in arms because it's missed a huge, potential market for their lenses. Haha. Oh capitalism, how terribly you mix with the medical field...)

  6. Do they pluck the hairs one by one or you can't really tell when they are threading? Am thinking of trying threading but not really sure where to do it!

  7. Seriously, that necklace is GORGEOUS!! Guess where I'm going to go now after work tonight? Yup, F21! I want that necklace!!

  8. LOL, you're actually the first person who complimented my eyebrows. I have to say, I owe it to my eyebrow pencil and powder ;) I have sparse hair and I have to fill in my brows everyday. It's time consuming but I love perfect-shaped eyebrows so I don't mind working extra hard on them :p

    I'm SUPER SCARED of eyebrow threading. I'm all about plucking ;)


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