Get the UB Naked Palette for $44 flat at


From Temptalia.
If there's one palette that's been a hit this year it's been the Urban Decay Naked Palette ($44).  It's been OOS on Urban Decay's Official website and Sephora for weeks and buying it at other places like Ulta is irritating because they charge $5.95 for shipping unless you spend $50+.   Needless to say, Ebay and Amazon sellers are even worse, some are charging upwards of $100 -_____- Seriously, it's friggin' shameless. Anyway, the point is, just re-stocked the UB Naked Palette today!  It's $44 (the basic retail price, you won't find it any lower anywhere) and qualifies for free shipping (Free Shipping on $25+).  So basically...if you've been wanting the Naked Palette - you can get it now :D!

I don't have this palette myself but people have been raving about it for months due to it's sleek design, wearable colors and good value.  Here are Temptalia's amazing swatches and closeups if you want a closer look.  I'm debating if I should get it myself but >.< I dunno, I've been buying too much makeup lately.  In the meantime, I thought I'd let you guys know that it's available since I know a lot of people want it.

Speaking of, is actually a new discovery for me ^^ and they carry a lot brand names like Stila, Smashbox, Too Faced, Bare Minerals, Urban Decay, NARS, Cargo Philosophy.... I have yet to make a purchase but they do seem promising.  Interestingly, it's a part of, I guess they're diversifying ^_~

UPDATE: Sold out on as of 9:30PM....basically less than 2 hours later :P 

BUT the Naked Palette is now in-stock at - Siwing did a quick breakdown of the coupon code and shipping info in her post :D So if you're really lemming for this product, go check her post out~


  1. :( I think they sold out. It's no longer on the website anymore. I can't find it at all. Oh, well it must've wasn't meant to be. ( I'm going to go bury my head in a pillow and scream. I've been chasing this palette for months). LOL thanks for the update though. I, atleast know where to look just in case. :)

  2. they finally got it stocked at

    I might try to go by Ulta tomorrow to see if they have it there!

  3. lol.. they're instock at

    i just did a post.. lol.. coincidence !!

    my r&r blushers came today.. i'm soo happy !! thanks again elle !! <3

  4. @Mara - omg that was crazy fast >< Even though I TOLD myself I won't get it, I've been keeping an eye out for it so I'll let you know if I see it anywhere ^^

    @Sihui - good luck ^_^!!

    @siwing - ahaha great minds think alike right ;)? ehehe I'm glad you like your blushes, I'm gonna do swatches of mine soon...tell me how Bedroom is for you!

  5. that is such a grat deal! i should really look into it :)

  6. They get outta stock so fast! Think its crazy...

  7. Aw late to the party again but thanks for telling about this good deal. I don't wear eyeshadow but have heard and seen great looks from this palette.

  8. hi! i'm your new follower <3 looking forward to your upcoming post on your HG products!

    :) Jen

  9. that is such a grat deal! i should really look into it :)


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