Review: Pinky Paradise Circle Lens Store


Hello peeps, I got in my order from Pinky Paradise on Monday.   I'll be reviewing the lens I got on separate posts, this is just my experience with the store.  I paid $25 for FedEx (I almost died clicking pay ahha) since it guaranteed 3-5 day shipping from Malaysia.  I ordered and paid on October 6, it took 1 day to receive confirmation of my order and arrived at my door at 9am this morning, exactly five days later even though it was Columbus Day.

It came in a FedEx bag and inside was another bag (one I assume they use for Regular Shipping.  It was checked as a Gift to avoid Customs Fees ;)

The goods :) I used 'ekilove' as a discount code and got 3 free gifts and 3 contact lens.   I actually got 4 gifts ^^ 2 eye masks, 1 velcro hair thingie, and weirdly creepy-cute key chain.   Unfortunately, the hair velcro was a knock off the original bow velcro and legit just did not work; it didn't hold a single strand of hair back.  So, I just threw that out.

As you can see I'm blind as a bat >_< My terrible prescription is one of the reasons I had to order from Pinky Paradise, there are just so few stores that offers lens from Deuba, G&G etc that sell prescriptions high enough without pre-ordering.   Actually I orignally wanted the G&G GBT Green or the GEO Twins Green but PP didn't have anything above -6.50 in-stock for those :( ...gahhh....I'm so blind >_<

I ordered:
- G&G GBT Grey - $19.90
- G&G GBT Violet - $19.90
- Wonder Eye Green (Super Nudy Green) - $22.90

TOTAL: $87.69 (inc S&H)

I don't think I got the right green lens, I got some green lens in a G&G bottle and I believe Super Nudys are Deuba Barbie (so yeah, G&G/Deuba/Barbie = all the same company, I feel dumb xD)?  Anyway, I emailed them with pics today and let's see what they say.  My macro function bloody sucks so I'm sorry the design is a little hard to see.  I'll try to get better pics for the actual reviews.

G&G GBT Grey
G&G GBT Violet
G&G GBT Wonder Eye Green (Super Nudy Green)
Excellent packaging, no complaints. Very pleased how it came in a Styrofoam box, not just wrapped in bubble wrap.

I paid $25 for Express/FedEx and while it sounds steep (it would've been a better deal if I ordered more lens), I would say it was worth it since it came exactly within five days as promised counting weekends and holidays so I was quite impressed.   Tracking code they gave me worked on the day after it was posted under My Account.

Note on PP shipping: The reason I paid Express was because in April 2010 and August 2010 there was an odd glut of reviews on YouTube of buyers complaining about how they had either 1.) had not received their lens for 4+ weeks (some still hadn't gotten their lens for over 2+ months with no response!) or 2.) received a tracking code that didn't work.   I specifically wanted lens for Halloween, really wanted to try G&G lens and have terrible eyes so I pretty much had to order from PP.  Since I didn't want to wait more than two weeks and wanted to ensure I'd get my lens no matter what, I put down the money for Express.  That said, I can't speak for their regular shipping, which is supposed to take 14-25 business days - aka from 3-5 weeks to the States. Despite the negative reviews during that time though, there are still plenty of reviews that also state how quickly their packages arrived even with regular shipping so maybe it's luck of the draw :\

Speaking of, if anybody wants to order a lens with me in the future from PP and split the Express shipping costs (flat $25) to the US, let me know ^^

I ended up paying ~$20 +$8 S&H/lens.  You can definitely get GEO lens for $20 flat (inc shipping) with pre-orders so I definitely do not recommend using PP for GEO or EOS lens.  I've gotten all my GEO's from Geo Eye Candy via pre-order (though they have in-stock too); they also have EOS.  All their lens (the last time I looked) were a flat $20 for GEO and $25 for EOS w/ special deals. The cheapest GEO lens store I've come across so far is GeoSupplier who sells Geo's at $10 + $3.50 S&H to US. I haven't ordered from her yet though (she's based in Singapore) but when the time comes I probably will cuz those prices are friggin' nice.

For more exotic brands, I would have to say PP is the place to go.  PP's strength is that they carry in-stock prescription lens in many brands.  Though some lens are a little overpriced, all things considered, PP charges relatively fair prices. Even if they are a tad on the high side, they make up for it with the range of prescription lens they carry and can ship right away +  worldwide shipping.  Also they include the cutest lens cases ever (use 'ekilove' as rep code in the coupon code box):

Blue pig, yellow frog, pink blowfish.
When I saw these online, I thought they were pretty cheap looking. But noooo...these lens cases are figgin' quality.  They're made of thick heavy plastic, the caps screw on tightly and inside each lens well there is a little 'R' or 'L.'  Also the animal caps always screw so that they are both face forward when it's on tightly - in other words, great attention to detail, all the way down to the direction the animal caps face.  They sell these cases for $3.99 each on their website and I can legit say that they would be worth the money.  It's pretty sweet I got three of them for free ^_^

It would've been nice if they included a receipt but I noticed non-US based Asian online stores are really lax about receipt-sending (it's really not necessary nowadays with online payment and all) but still.  Otherwise, good communication, PP responded to my question within 24 hours and the tracking code worked within one day.

UPDATE 10/12/2010
Thanks Noxin - and yeah, you're totally right (I should've asked you first -_-;; I feel stupid :P). Btw I got the G&G Vi's because of your reviews so yeah xD it was no coincidence. 

PP replied today (I've never been called 'dear' so often in my life):
hi dear
yes dear, they are the right lenses :) Wondereye series is manufactured by G&G company. GBT label is one of G&G company label

thanks dear

This makes sense since the lens look like the right pattern ^_^ So overall - good experience indeed.  I have to say that despite my initial reservations, I am quite impressed and would have to recommend PP especially for people who need high prescriptions looking for non-GEO/EOS lens and need them quickly  >.<  


  1. I've always wanted to try circle lenses.. believe it or not, I've never even tried regular colored lenses.

    xx Love & Aloha

  2. Cute! I have the Max pure pink circle lens. I actually purchased mine from Candy lens.

  3. Maybe you can try Circlelens2u
    I always buy from them, but not sure about overseas shipping though

  4. thank you for your compliment :) lov swarovski too<3
    have a great day^^

  5. i'm lovin' that green lens right there. remember to post some pics of the lens on you =]

  6. OOhhh- o: You'll be about the only other person I know with the GBT Vi's. : D

    I can't believe you got the FedEx shipping. @_@ I don't think I could even bring myself to click the button for it. Haha.

    Oh, and the WonderEyes are from G&G/Dueba, like all the other lenses you ordered.

    Congrats on your order. :]

  7. ohh the gbt ones are so pretty~ can't wait to see the review =D

    OMG $25 shipping!!! wow... but your reasoning kinda makes sense =p

  8. @ Steph - I'll do a review of these lens soon but to give you a quick preview -- the purple ones are gorgeous and the green ones are HUGE...I look like a lizard O_O or a demon child xD

    ahha yeah, hopefully that will be the first and last time I ever pay so much for shipping ^_^;;

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  11. Thanks for reviewing this store~~ >___< I'm debating whether to buy from Pinky Paradise or another site~ So many!! But it seems that there might be an issue with those complaints you've mentioned >< They don't seem like good communicators D:

  12. Thanks for reviewing this store~~ >___< I'm debating whether to buy from Pinky Paradise or another site~ So many!! But it seems that there might be an issue with those complaints you've mentioned >< They don't seem like good communicators D:

  13. nice blog (:

  14. Horrible company. I waited for my contacts even after paying extra to get lenses here 3-5 days I still had not received them so I email them. The email says oh you still wanted them? Ummm oh did you refund me? No . I decided to cancel or I would file a claim with pay pal. What would've happened if I never questioned the location of contacts. Glad I ordered a day after I placed order with ths horrible company and those lenses came way before pinky . Order from candylense

  15. I ordered from them a month ago and kept trying to track my order that didn't exist until this morning! I hate this websites because customer service sucks and i'm not willing to wait another month to receive my contacts!

  16. Great review, thanks for sharing it here. You look stunning with circle lens

    just for your info. you can also check out more brand circle and colored lens at

    Enjoy and stay pretty
    : )

  17. Just ordered for the first time from PP in the beginning of the month, & was curious to see about their shipping times. I usually use eyecandy's (they're really great for 15mm prescription lenses, btw), but PP was having a sale. I ordered it on the 4th and it's now the 18th, just got standard postage, so I'm hoping it's soon.

    1. Have you recieved your's? I ordered from them on December 14th. We're over a month from then and I still have yet to receive my order from pink paradise. It's kind of upsetting me now.

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  19. They look lovely! * \ ( ^ o ^ ) / * ♡
    I really want to try the green circle lenses.


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