Review: SkinFood Products, Part 1 of 2


I almost tore my hair out because the first time I recorded I had this static sound in the background :(  So I gave up for a few weeks ^^.....and then just finished it yesterday. I had to leave some of the old static-y bits in though because I threw away the packaging accidentally before I could re-record :P

This version has music in the background but someone commented it was distracting,
so I uploaded a Music Removed version, which you can view here :)

Skinfood Product Reviews, Part 1 of 2
1.) Mushroom Multicare BBcream ***recommended***
2.) Peach Sake Pore BBcream
3.) Peach Sake Toner
4.) Agave Cactus Prime Gel
5.) All Over Muffin Cake Finish

In Depth Reviews + Pics
1.) Mushroom Multicare BBcream 
Shade 1: Bright Skin
That's a pretty accurate look at the color of this BBcream.  It has a gray tint to it and I've heard some people say "who the hell would want a gray-tinted foundation?" To which I say, because it oxidizes into a perfect yellow-undertoned color.  I get a nice dewy finish and I have plenty of red acne scars so I shie away from foundations/bbcreams that'll make me look "rosy" because they inevitably seem to make me look blotchy.  On top of which, this BBcream provides solid medium coverage, decent oil control (must blot after 5 hours), and lasts for 5-6 hours flawlessly (unless you are sweating and stuff).  It lasts longer if you top it off with a setting powder.   This is a staple for me and is actually the BBcream I use daily. I highly recommend this BBcream, as it is my favorite, especially for those seeking more than light coverage, a slightly dewy finish, and have a slight yellow undertone (I am a NC20-25 for reference).

- Very natural, perfect for yellow-toned skin.
- Does not oxidize orange.
- Medium coverage, could possibly build to heavy coverage but looks a little cakey.
- Decent oil control.
- Dewy finish.
- Smells clean - like fresh cut grass.

- Squeeze tip can get messy. 
- Tiny color selection.

A little side note: This BBcream looks exceptionally light/almost ashy when you first put it on your face but give it 3-5 minutes to "set"/oxidize and the color will darken - this is the BBcream's true color.  This BBcream also doesn't oxidize orange (at least in my experience) and stays a nice yellow-undertoned color all day. Most BBcreams tend to be like this, they come out of the tube a shade lighter than the actual shade and darken a bit as it's settling.  So when you're testing out BBcreams, makes sure you wear it longer than 5 minutes to get an accurate color match.

2.) Peach Sake Pore BBcream

Wonderful scent but despite the description, I really think this BBcream is suited for people who have pretty good skin to begin with (aka with minimal acne scars and only want to perfect what they already have rather than complete coverage).  Good for filling in enlarged pores and adding a nice glow to your face.  I feel like there are faint gold glitters in this BBcream but that could be me hallucinating xD In any case, it has a warm peachy base.  This definitely does have better sebum control than the mushroom but that's kind of a must considering this is called Pore BBcream.

This is overall a good product but it honestly is a bad color match for me.  This has a warm peachy, gold undertone to it and I look like I am wearing a mask even with the sheerest coverage.  I would only recommend this to those with warm pink undertoned skin and looking for light coverage.

- Decent (though not amazing) oil control.
- Slightly matte-dewy finish.
- Good for those with warm peach-pink undertoned skin.
- Smells excellent.

- Expensive as other Skinfood BBcreams go.
- Very light coverage.
- Tiny color selection.

3.) Peach Sake Toner

For those curious, that's not the expiration date. Korea stamps products with the manufacture date and it's up to the consumer to know when it's expired (generally 1-2 years max).

Not much to say, great scent.  I find toners and primers to be a little gratuitous.  Nonetheless, if you're looking for a sweet scented primer, this is for you.  I commented that I didn't see any change in my face using this, however, my mom told me it may be because I don't even have enlarged pores in the first place :\  I guess I'm my own worst critic, I thought my pores were huge O_o  Anyway my mom (early 50s) has been using this and she says she thinks it works well on her ^_^ And I must admit she does have enlarged pores (at least larger than mine).  So if you legit are troubled with pores then I reckon you should try this out, it may work well for you :)  But personally, I will not be re-purchasing this.

4.) Agave Cactus Prime Gel

This is newer packaging than the one I actually purchased below. Mine came with a built in sponge.

I love the scent (aloe candy!) and the sponge :] It's utterly ineffectual in terms of makeup priming but it sure feels good on your face, all cool and clean feeling :]

5.) All Over Muffin Cake Finish

The second picture is a pretty accurate look at the color of the muffin. Really pretty in the pan :)

LT: No flash/fluorescent lighting RT: Flash.
Unfortunately, this is very powdery and not natural looking on the skin. The gold flecks are pretty in regular lighting but it looks like flour with flash :( Most disappointing Skinfood product in this bunch.

Part 2 coming up later this week :D!


  1. Thank you for the review! I have been thinking of trying the Peach Sake Pore BB Cream. I have problem with T-zone so if you say the oil control is pretty good I might give it a try. Anyway I simply love the Agave Cactus Sun BB Cream! I hope the Peach one will be as good as that!

  2. nice review, skin food seems to be good in terms of what they do but sorry the last one didn't work for you!! have a fab weekend hun

  3. I'm dying to try some of the skin food products they all look amazing xx

  4. See, this is why I LOVE my fellow bloggers... you guys give such great product reviews!! Love these! Keep 'em coming :-)

    Oh, and did you already put your city info in at LOCATION CENTRAL?

  5. Thanks for the review, I've been wondering if these are great.

    Sorry about the Muffin Cake.

    Have a wonderful weekend!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  6. SF bb cream (aloe) never worked for me, it was just heavily scented. I havent used bb creams in nerly 2 yrs now.

    SF packages are cute.. but they havent worked out for me just yet

  7. Thanks for the review! I was wondering, since you use the Mushroom BB cream daily, how are you finding it in terms of its skincare benefits? Does it actually whiten?

    Thanks again!

  8. @Anonymous I would say for skincare benefits - my pores aren't clogged with blackheads anymore and my skin feels healthier. This is compared to when I used to use liquid foundation and powder makeup.

    As for scar whitening (fyi "whitening" doesn't mean it'll bleach your skin, it means it will lighten unnatural hyper-pigmentation) I don't notice a huge difference. I mean, my acne scars are lighter now but I don't know if that's because the BBcream has suncreen in it or time is just healing it or the BBcream is really doing something to lighten the scar. It's one of those things that are hard to confirm definitely.

    Overall, however, this is my favorite BBcream - mostly because it's my ideal color match, has medium-high coverage, and has never broken me out. This is a popular bbcream tho (SF's MOST popular BBcream I think) so I think it works well with many different skin types.

    Hope this helps :)


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