Stila + Cherry Culture Sale and Rave


Hey peeps, I'm sure you guys have noticed by now I'm a sale-stalker -_- eheh Neway, this is part Sale alert part Cherry Culture = amazing customer service rave. But first things first (though I already twittered these):

TODAY ONLY (10/28/2010) Stila is having a FREE shipping w/ NO MINIMUM (it's usually a $50+ minimum for free shipping)! Use code holiday10.

And remember I was talking about the 10% Moving Sale Cherry Culture was having from Oct 21-26?  Well, now they're having another (better) sale:

This offer popped up the day after I placed my order on the Oct 26 and with the Moving Sale coupon I saved $5.10.  But as you guys prolly guessed, I was so dismayed to see a 20% sale so soon and being the cheapstake I am - I called and (shamelessly) asked if I could just get a refund since they were still 'Processing' my order (aka it hadn't shipped out yet, prolly b/c they're still in the midst of moving).  I plotted that if it worked I could sneakily repurchase and save another $5 *sigh* I'm so ridiculous but it didn't stop me from trying >_> But really, I didn't expect anything to come out of it (and if if nothing did, I would've been fine and still love CC) but I was bit curious how they'd respond.

I dunno if they are just used to dealing with cheapstakes like me or what but they just:
1.) said they were so sorry for the delay in shipping
2.) no, I can't get a refund since I confirmed the order
3.) but for the inconvenience they would apply another 10% off my order "to match the current promotion."  How did they read my mind like that O_O!?

Then they promptly refunded $5.10 as Store Credit into my account minutes later.   I actually felt bad because they didn't need to apologize for delayed shipping because they said it would be delayed ahead of time.  Furthermore, they actually refunded me more than necessary: If I bought everything with the 20% Halloween discount, I'd save $10.19.  But not only did I save $5.10, they refunded me $5.10 = $10.20.  Given, it's only 1 cent, but I appreciate that they prefer to be the generous side rather than stingy.  Needless to say, I am just completely won over....  And for those who want a peek at my order:

Yes, I got a Beauty Blender!  When I think about how many Single eyeshadows and Round Lipsticks that could've been, I kinda cringe but I couldn't resist the temptation to try it out.  Plus it's either that, buy a stippling brush or forever have slightly splotchy blush.  Fyi, this would be a good time to snag the Beauty Blender if you want to try it: $19.99 is the lowest retail price you're going to see for this product and if you spend $40+ to get free shipping and apply the 10% off ---- As you can see in my receipt, I got it for $17.95 (actually, even less than $17.95 b/c that receipt is just with the 10% off) wheeeeeee~


  1. Thanks for letting us know about the sale on Stila. I love the beautyblender! I don't really wear cream concealer or cream blush anymore (lazy) but it makes application so easy! :)

  2. I haven't followed you for long and you have got me buying so much stuff already. I've decided we can no longer be friends. LMAO.... I'm kidding. Thanks for sharing, I'm happy that if we are going to be addicted to makeup we can at least do it together and save some $$. :)

  3. had to google what the beauty blender was** lol.. cool.. i'll need to catch up reading reviews on it..

    anyways, they have such nice customer service!! lol.. i'd probably do the same thing if i were in your shoes.. =)

    thanks for the heads up on the stila sale. will check it out =)

  4. lol it's so cute how you're excited about all these deals =D
    i would be too, but *sniffles* most of them only apply to those from the states~

  5. @Kalmo: ahah my inability to apply cream is actually the exact reason iI got the BB xD ehehe hopefully it's as easy to use as you say ^^

    @Mara: ahhh...there goes our friendship xD Death by makeup~ But you made me cave and purchase the Boi-ing Concealer (erase paste was OOS) from Sephora's F&F sale so we're even ehehe

    @siwing: eheh glad to know I'm not the only one who'd regret $5 (but hey, that's 2 lipsticks ;) ) xD Actually right now I'm having another wave of regret cuz I could've gotten the UD BoS3 for as for like $45 if I got it with the Sephora sale and saved like $10-11. But live n learn I guess xD

    @Steph: eeheh thanks~ I'm such a sale-stalker ^^;;; awww do u live in Canada?


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