On Korea + Allergy Update + Awards + Macaron Lovin'


UPDATE @ 5:40PM:
I know this post is already a mishmash of many things but for those who aren't aware:
On the 23rd, North Korea fired onto Yeonpyeong Island, located just south of the maritime border with a civilian population of about 1,600 and a military presence of 1,000. Two South Korean marines were killed, while 16 soldiers and 3 civilians were injured. This act of aggression comes eight months after the sinking of the South Korean Cheonan ship that killed 46 sailors. Read more in the following articles (in English) from Joongang Daily, Reuters, and New York Times. - Dramabeans
Especially nowadays, people are becoming more aware of South Korea through Kpop, k-dramas and movies but the fact remains is that those things reflect only one facet of Korea.  The glamorous, happy image K-entertainers portray tend to overshadow much of the troubles that continue to plague the Koreas.  The Korean War continues to this day (no peace treaty was ever signed), families are still separated by the DMZ, and no matter how far South Korea goes economically, North Korea remains its unpredictable brother that holds it back.

Anyway, I won't get into my political opinions right now but I hope that this encourages and challenges the people who say they "love" Korean culture to start looking beyond the glossy images of Korea's singers, dancers, and actors and see Korea as it truly is, warts and all - and to love Korea even so.

***And just to clarify, I'm not trying to single anyone out for not being all "into" global politics or something ^_^ I was just in a philosophical mood after seeing my brother's friends gawking over Suju & SNSD while having no idea what else is going on in Korea :\  I'm sorry if there was any misunderstandings ^^~ *sigh* I need to watch myself when I get up on my soapbox ><

* * * * *

Hi, everyone~
I'm sorry I have been really slow on reviews lately but my skin really needs a break (for reasons I'll explain below) so unfortunately, here's another filler post :(  For people waiting for the concealer video, I still have to film the last bit and with my face being so friggin' annoying I haven't been able to do it yet >_>

Anyway, remember my post about what I thought was a pineapple allergy?  Well, the good news is that I'm not allergic to pineapples (or the Skinfood Pineapple Peel in general) :) The bad news is that I'm allergic - for sure - to this:

I could choke on the amount of irony written on this jar....

I got a sample of this with my UD BoSIII palette but forgot about it till now.  I remembered that I had used this for the first time on pineapple day but honestly, this moisturizer is known for it's gentleness that it didn't even occur to me it could be this.   Basically,  by two days ago my skin had pretty much returned to its old self.  I figured I could finally start moisturizing again (I always cut off lotions/makeup when my face is having a flare-up) and after washing my face with Theragenics Tomato Carrot Soap (not allergic to this b/c I've used even when my face was recovering) and used a Skinfood Pumpkin Gel Mask (I also used this every night while my face was recovering and it helped it heal, so not allergic to this either), I put on the Philosophy Hope In a Jar.  My skin felt tingly (I thought in a good way) and I went to sleep.

When I woke up in Monday, I had broken out in hives again.  Today my face is swollen and much worse so than last time; the itchiness has also intensified.  Unfortunately, this is not surprising since it's said allergic reactions get worse each time your exposed to the allergen again.   It'll take a good 3-4 days (perhaps longer this time) before it goes away.  
Water/Aqua/Eau, Glycerin, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran Oil, C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, Glyceryl Stearate, Peg-100 Stearate, Octyldodecanol, Cetyl Alcohol, Stearyl Alcohol, Lecithin, Tocopheryl Acetate, Retinyl Palmitate, Arachidyl Propionate, Ethyl Linoleate, Ethyl Linolenate, Citric Acid, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Salvia Officinialis (Sage) Oil, Triethanolamine, Limonene, Linalool, Diazolidinyl Urea, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Propylparaben.
I googled "Hope In A Jar allergy" and the only page I came across fingered lavender as the culprit.  I admit I've never put lavender on my face but I'm wary of jumping to conclusions because I have put on the Bath & Body Works Lavender Chamomile Sleep Lotion many times on my body with no problems (well, a year or so ago).  Either the lavender concentration in the lotion isn't high enough or I've developed a lavender allergy or my reaction isn't to lavender.   Bottom line: I doubt I'll ever figure out what I'm allergic to specifically but no more Hope In A Jar for me.  This is really disappointing to me as I wanted to try Philosophy's Microdermabrasion set and now I'm wary of it.

So that's where I am right now and why I haven't been in the mood to test out and review any makeup :(  Ugh....not a good way to start Thanksgiving break...

Now on to the happy stuff :D~~~

My weekend got a really nice start when I found out suki pooki tagged me for this award ^_^   I was especially moved because even though this is a beauty blog, I like to write about a lot of other things as well and I worry if that's really a good thing ^^  So thank you suki pooki!

1.) Thank and link back to who gave you this award.
2.) Share seven things about yourself.
3.) Pass it along to seven other blogs of which you've recently discovered and leave them a note to tell them of the award.

7 Bits of Trivia
1.) My feet are small - I wear 5.5 - 6.5 to my 5'6 height.  Maybe that's why I'm clumsy xD?
2.) I used to collect stickers and I still have them! I have a couple really cool ones...fuzzy, glow-in-the dark, holographic....
3.) I cut my nails when I'm stressed out. You can literally judge my stress levels by my nail length.
4.) I brush my teeth in the shower.
5.) I've never broken a bone.
6.) When I yawn, I cry.  I dunno why, tears just come out ^^
7.) My cousin in an actor in Korea (really :D!)  And yes, he still acts in dramas and movies, maybe you've seen him on-screen once ;)

7 Versatile Bloggers
1.) 6ixx
2.) Ice Pandora
3.) Happy Cloud Moments
4.) Peacefully Folding
5.) Worship at the House of Blues
6.) Exotic Japan
7.) All Things Marie

Needless to say this was just a cherry on top of my weekend ^_^ Elisa Lee of Memorabledays tagged me this award - thank you ^_^ Even better, there are no rules ;) just tag-a-fy 15 lovely people~ Fyi, if you already got this, that's why I didn't tag you ^^

1.) Mara
2.) Cambo Soup
3.) Siwing
4.) Asami - her nailsssssssss!!!
5.) Pop Champagne
6.) PDXBeautiful
7.) 52 New Days
8.) Occasionally Cute
9.) Clover Beauty Inn
10.) Sarah Hassan
11.) Msodapop
12.) Sisi Sparkles
13.) tuttifruttibeauti
14.) Beauty & the Scientist
15.) wuguimei

And on to the last sweet thing~

Mini macarons!  I was talking to suki pooki about these ^_^  I got this from Wegmans and it's the first time I've tried these.  I don't remember how much they were and though I remember thinking they were a little pricey, I totally don't regret buying them because they're just so doggone cute!
A macaron.... is meringue-based: made from a mixture of egg whites, almond flour, and both granulated and confectionery sugar. The confectionery is characterized by its smooth, domed top, ruffled circumference (referred to as the "foot"), flat base, mildly moist and easily melted into mouths. Connoisseurs prize a delicate, egg shell-like crust that yields to a moist and airy interior. The macaron is commonly filled with a buttercream or jam filling sandwiched between two macaron cookies.
I'm not a good judge of these since it's the first time I tried them but they were indeed delicately crisp on the outside with a moist, fluffy interior.  They were delectably sweet and I finished these in one sitting ^^

Pistachio - I don't like pistachios normally but it tasted very good as a macaron ^^ I actually think this was my favorite :D

Lemon - tastes just like a lemon!  The lemon ones seemed more 'moist' than the others for some reason but it still tasted very good, if a bit on the sweet side rather than tangy side.

Chocolate - SO SWEET even to me.  It was like a bite of triple layer chocolate cake!  But they were good, oh so good. Very moist and rich!

Strawberry - how can you go wrong with strawberry ^_^?  It was very good but the flavor a little artificial for my taste.  Not "subtle" just in your face strawberry (flavoring).

Vanilla Bean - very sweet, though not as much as the Chocolate one. It tasted very "natural" if that makes any sense - it was good :D

Lisa also introduced to this friggin amazing macaron shop on Etsy, Sparkles Kitchen.  Omg they look so good O_O and so many unusual flavors!


  1. Sorry to hear about your allergies. You can always go to the allergist and get it check of what you're allergic to. At least you'll be aware and know what you can and cannot use =]

    Oh the macaroons looks yummy. They look so fluffy soft. The ones I had always seems hard -_-" I guess they weren't fresh? lol

    Feel better soon!

  2. Aw I'm so sorry to hear about this hive breakout and the allergies! A lot of people like "natural" ingredients and scents but they can be just as irritating as other compounds. I've tried the Microdermabrasion Kit (deluxe sample) and it ain't all that! LOL So you're not missing out, I hope you recover soon and get new gentle moisturizer.

    Congratulations! I think the award is very fitting because you write about a lot of interesting things.

    Wah cute tiny feet and you're two inches taller than me. I've never broken a bone either. Oh I'm so curious about your acting cousin. I'm very into k-drama haha. What are your favorites?

    Thank you for tagging me for the One Lovely Blog Award!

    Macarons are expensive but super tasty! Pistachio is my fav too. :D

  3. Take care of your skin:)
    Macaroons make me craving now.

  4. Eventhough this sounds awfully wrong: I'm glad you now know where your allergy came from. Keep treating your face with lots of care so that it heals again... And it is in fact true that allergies get worse everytime you get them, so I think it's indeed best to stay away from the Hope in a Jar-moisturiser...

    Sure you're a versatile blogger! This might be a beauty blog, but you do tell us about yourself... At least, I have the feeling like I know some things about you ^.^ (in a non-stalkerish way)

    You used to collect stickers? Me too!! And I still have them, just like you! They used to hand out lots of stickers when I was younger, for example in cereal boxes, and really cool ones with glitter and glow in the dark... Yeah good old days...

    Congratulations on both of your awards and OMG I would die for one of those macaroons!

  5. ouch! the hives sound painful! I actually tried that moisturizer too and did not like it at all! Well, at least u know what it is now. maybe you should check out the ingredients and watch out for those in other products.

  6. boooo!!!! at least you now know exactly what to avoid!!! >,<

    i used to be a HUGE sticker collector too especially when i was younger and i was really into Sailor Moon. I was quite proud of my 300 sticker collection, haha!

    *mmmm* macaroons... i havn't had them in a while (or ever?) but i hope to be able to incorporate it in my wedding reception! i love the bright colors!

  7. Oh my goodness, I can't believe your cousin acted in the very famous and popular drama You're Beautiful! I watched that earlier this year, everyone loves it. Great for him!

    Wah Autumn Story is super sad. My favorite is Super Rookie with Eric Mun, very light and funny but resonates with young people out of college. (actually I'm still in but I can relate!) My second favorite is Coffee Prince. I'll def. look up Chuno and Joseon X-Files. I'm watching Fugitive Plan B but it's really bad. T_T I only watch because of Rain haha.

  8. Eeek! another breakout :( sorry to hear that again!

    I used to collect stickers when I was young too, don't have them anymore though :/

  9. awww, i hope you get better with the hives. maybe try putting aloe gel on it?

    stickers... wow that brings back a lot of memories! actually i still have a few, but it's like nothing compared to how much i used to have lol!

    those macaroons look delicious, man.. i'm hungry...

  10. praying for korea right now...

    Wow.. who would've known Philosophy products can cause allergic reactions and such? I've never tried anything from Philosophy but always heard it was very gentle..

    I used to collect stickers too!! Hehe.. My mom sent me my sticker collection. lol. I have soo many !!
    When I yawn, I cry too!!! OMG.. ppl are always like.. "ARE YOU OKAY?!" and i'm like.. i just yawned... my inner tear duct is also very sensitive.. and also my waterline.. i tear up when i put eyeliner there..

    Thank you for the award =D

    You know I've actually never tried macaroons.. I have no idea where to even get them... I don't think I've ever seen them at a bakery or a restaurant.. they look like colored krabby patties! lol..

  11. 1. I'm so sorry to hear about what is going on in Korea. I completely agree and understand where you are coming from. Makes me admire Koreans even more for the strength they have everyday, superstar or not.

    2. I can not believe you broke out in hives b/c of "hope in a jar"....my skin is not sensitive but I will not be trying it out anytime soon. I do know that I don't like the way it smells.....that's for sure.

    3. Thanks so much for tagging me....I'm sure we were all numbered randomly but I can't help but feel good inside that I'm #1.....LMAO

    4. I've never had macaroons before.....is that weird? I really want to try them now b/c they look good and are so colorful.....almost too good to eat.

  12. I had the exact same reaction to Hope in a Jar! My face got all swollen, red, itchy and hot!! I don't think it's the lavender as I have used other products with lavender in them...I stay away from all Philosophy products....sorry your skin is not feel well :( Use a cucumber mask to soothe!

  13. Oh no, sorry to hear you had to go through another allergic reaction again!! Hope it's not too painful and you make a recovery soon <3 But on the bright side, at least you know what's causing it!

    Mm, those macarons look so sweet :)


  14. hope your skin gets better... let it heal - its more important :)

    i am really curious who your cousin might be??

    congrats on your blog awards!

  15. Hi! I found your site through googling Rock and Republic blushes and after reading a couple entries decided I'll be bookmarking and hopefully commenting often!!

    My boyfriend is from South Korea and was really heated up today about what happened! I was on livejournal when the news broke, and it was very interesting to see the different reactions from people all over, but there was a consensus that people who were immediately freaking out about their idols were idiots.
    Sorry to hear about your allergy D: That's no fun. Those macarons look amazing!! I'm going to the Etsy shop right now :P

  16. Hey sweetie, just letting you know I tagged you in my latest post!


  17. Argh... at least you know that you can use the pineapple peel again (looking on the bright side).

    Looking forward to your videos!

  18. Aww, at least you've found out the culprit now. Hope it'll heal soon :)

    Who's your cousin?? :D

    I'm loving macaroons too! They're the best dessert ever!

  19. Hey there, you have a very nice blog ^^ I love it! aww the maccaroons look so good! yum yum~~ that sux that you had the allergy, glad you figuered out what it was and got better, idk if i could if i were you!. well, i'm following, plz check my blog out too ^^

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo
    Vote for me to make my dream come true! Thx a million!

  20. the situation in korea is unfortunate, praying for the families that lost loved ones and korea

    oh dear... hives again >< that really sucks!!!
    but at least you know what you're allergic to...and can stay miles away from the product
    can't you go to the dermatologist or doctor to check what you're allergic to, so this won't happen again with another product...?
    "I could choke on the amount of irony written on this jar...." lol elle you're so funny XD even though the situation itself isn't
    ( i have a sample of this in my sample basket... i'm scared to try it... maybe i should do a test patch first?)

    Congrats on your awards =D

    OMG yummy macaroons, they look so good, pretty and cute~

  21. aww, hives again? man i hope you're alright.

    oh my goodness, you tagged me! ^_^ i didn't even know. i've been seriously hoping for one of these awards for the past few days. that's weird; maybe i had that feeling or something. thank you so much!!! you just made my day ^_^

  22. Oh wow, your cousin is an actor in Korea? Who is he? :O

  23. Thought I was the only one who is allergic to Philosophy product. Bad thing I changed the whole skincare routine with their products and I think you could easily imagine what the result was. Just so terrible.

  24. Haha, I didn't know about this award, thanks Elle :-P

    And now I'm hungry ! Those looks so delicious.

  25. Oh wow, your cousin is an actor in Korea? Who is he? :O


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