2010 Etsy Holiday Gift Guide, Part 2: Jewelry


I will posting a massive post later tonight of Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales I will be stalking (I'm still compiling them right now....god I love Thanksgiving break). So, stay tuned for that!  Thanksgiving then Black Friday, it's gonna be a good weekend -- w00t!  And my face is recovering nicely *whew* my face is flaky and dry but no longer the size of a melon ^_^  Thanks for all your kind words peeps :D

Etsy Holiday 2010 Edition Mini-series
Part 1: Intro + Skincare/Bath Products

Here's Part 2 of the Etsy Holiday 2010 Edition mini-series!  If you read my blog you'll know I'm just obsessed with earrings and Swarovski crystals.  I hoard jewelry like crazy >_> it's my weakness, moreso than makeup actually :( With makeup I can usually talk myself out of it and I tend to buy only exactly what I am looking for but...jewelry...no restraint whatsoever.

Etsy: Happy Cloud Moments
Etsy Supplies Shop: Happy Cloud Supplies
Blog: http://happycloudmoments.blogspot.com
Happily Handmade Swarovksi Crystal Jewelry....
Happy Cloud Moments presents happily handmade jewelry featuring Swarovski Elements such as crystals and pearls and sterling silver components. The general style is simple, romantic, feminine and just so sparkly. Of course, there are the bold and fun pieces too. I can customize the jewelry to fit you or create a piece from scratch just for you.
Happy Cloud Moments is without question my favorite Etsy Swarovski jewelry shop.  I have purchased a lot of stuff from her (I really should do a separate post on my HCM stuff) ^_^ Her whimsical style just strokes me exactly the right way...  She's been cranking out a lot of adorable autumn inspired pieces lately (I so dig the little autumn leaf and acorn charms) but she is known for her simple star earrings and star necklaces.  Overall, the packaging and the quality of her jewelry is just impeccable. There's breathtaking attention to details:

- always wire wraps bicones around the clasp to make it prettier (her trademark I think)
- wire wraps all the beads on her cluster earrings and bracelets
- puts wire wrapped beads on the ends of all her bracelets to finish them off

The fact that she actually wire-wraps ALL the beads on her bracelets just boggles my mind - it really is amazing when you consider how many beads go into a single bracelet.  Wire wrapping is much more labor intensive than just putting the bead on the chain with a single loop or using a jump ring (a metal circle).  Those semi into jewelry know what I'm talking about ^_~  Anyway, it takes skill and time to make tight wire wraps on each bead and major props to jewelry makers who do that.  Those twists ensure the bead is securely on the chain and it just demonstrates the jewelry artisan's dedication to jewelry making as a craft, not just as a money maker.

She also includes little freebies with jewelry purchases and everything comes in boxes with business cards.  I've also purchased Strawberry Brass & Enamel Bells and a Glow-In-the-Dark Stars (LOVE) from her supplies shop, Happy Cloud Supplies ^_^ I use them on my cellphone - I like the jangling ^^

Joyce is also having a 20% off Black Friday Sale right now so you definitely should buy something now if you see something you like!

Coupon expires November 26, 2010 11:59pm (EST I assume).

Etsy: beadpassion
Welcome to my shop! I'm a stay at home mother. I got hold of my first polymer clay few years back and instantly fell in love with it. Polymer clay allows one to explore his creative side with the independence of customizing desired items.
This was where I made my very first Etsy purchase actually ^_^  I own a chocolate, a donut and vintage pearl bracelet - one of her few non-food items ^.~.  I love them all - her polymer goodies are just mind bogglingly detailed and look so delicious!  She's known for her exquisitely detailed sushi and cupcakes but she takes custom orders too.  She actually made a customized miniature of my friend's wedding cake: the 2-layer cake was on a necklace, one slice for an earring and a fork for the other earrings.  It's a bit impractical as far as jewelry goes (cuz it's kiddish) but very memorable and a good keepsake (if I do say so myself ^^).   I'll have to show you guys my bracelets one day, they're just amazingly cute and when I wear them everybody wants a bite (literally). 

For those unfamiliar with polymer clay, it's surprisingly sturdy. I wouldn't say her pieces are "fragile" at all, they're hard, shiny - unless you request no coating - and have none of the squishy/pliable characteristics you associate with "clay."  While they can chip (it's hard to chip them though, trust me), since the color is not painted on (as in each colored bit is a piece of clay colored in itself), no white will show in the chip.  The style of jewelry could be seen as childish but I love wearing them because they're great conversation starters and just so cute.  I am just lusting after her California Maki Sushi studs.

The customer service is great and she includes freebies.  Packaging is pretty good, you can tell she tries but since she is based in Philippines, shipping to the US can take awhile and the box she sends things in can end up a little beat up.   But you can tell that's really the post offices' fault, not hers.

Etsy: Serenity Crystal Design

I remember coming across Trinity's Etsy page about a year ago, back then she only had a few Swarovksi pendant necklaces.  I purchased a simple pendant from her and I recall the service being quite good.  Then months later -  I come across her page again and omg, she's come a long way since then!  Her specialties are now beautiful handmade flower hair accessories but the real jewel in her shop is her gorgeous free-form turquoise necklace, inspired by Megan Fox.  It is just BEAUTIFUL and so fashionable, especially considering how chunky jewelry is in right now.  Not to mention I think this would just look amazing during the summer with a strapless dress.  Her Etsy feedback is perfect so it seems like her service quality is still impeccable.  Also for $40+ purchases she includes a 1 year free magazine subscription and free crystal earrings~ I am so lemming that Megan Fox necklace right now ><!

Etsy: Youniquely Chic

Captive Teardrops and Rainbow Swarovski Cascade but they are eye-catching in their own way.  Her jewelry has a steampunk vibe without being too crazy and I love how she incorporates crystals into the "machinery."  I like her gunmetal pieces especially, I kind of wish more people worked with gunmetal :( It doesn't tarnish like sterling silver (at least the ones I own for 1+ year hasn't) and while it doesn't look as "expensive" it has a sleek edge to it that I really like.  She holds a lot go Buy One, Get One Free sales - one every holiday - so those are the best time to pick up a few earrings :) 

Packaging isn't amazing though, just adequate.  If you want to give these as a gift, send it to yourself first ^^;; Tara is very nice though and she ships very promptly.

Etsy: Candybead

Uh, who doesn't know Candybead?  Pretty much the Swarovksi bicone beader on the net xD She's known for her bicone bracelets mostly but her Hello Kitty charms are super cute too.  I haven't bought anything from her before but I have been lemming over over her twisted spiral bracelets so long I just wanted to share this shop with you all ^_^.

Etsy: made with molecules

I have not bought anything from this shop but it's just too good to not include in this post because it's so ridiculously nerdy xD  Oh orgo... how I did love drawing my benzene molecules "just right"...sadly, the only thing I gained from that class is that I can now draw perfect hexagons ;)   Anyway, this shop is pretty darn famous online so I'm certain it can be trusted and the quality is good, even if I haven't seen it myself.  These would make a perfect gift for those who love science - or don't ;)  Have a friend who hated orgo, genetics or molecular bio? Why not tease 'em just a bit with some jewelry that is sure to evoke some "fond" memories?  The shop carries cellphone charms, necklaces, earrings, amino acids, base pairs and a lot of molecules that I needed to remember (but never did) for my molecular genetics exams *sigh*

Part 3 coming up next week ^_^!  If you have any favorite Etsy shops - let me know so I can check 'em out!


  1. great post! I've been loving swarovski jewelry lately and this is perfect! I love etsy.. I've only ordered once though..

    I'm looking forward to your Black Friday/Cyber Monday list!! It seems I'm so lazy to go this year.. Theres nothing I really want.. besides a camera.. but the one I want is not going on sale =(

  2. I'm so glad to hear of another jewelry artisan who wire wraps EVERYTHING. It takes significantly longer, but you get a VERY solid, strong piece that's long lasting. Checked out some of Happy Cloud's stuff, and I can feel happiness radiating from it. It's also something I try to give off in my work.

  3. haha the molecules are sooo geeky! but i like it :)

  4. ah, i kinda miss the etsy community.. there were some awesome people there! i know happy cloud moments, she's awesome too!! and yes.. i've "been around" the interwebz. haha!

    as far as fave etsy shops, it'd have to be two of my crafty local friends. check it out:


    you'll love their stuff, i'm sure of it!

  5. It's so great you're doing this, reviewing Etsy stores and giving these lovely artists credit for their hard work...

  6. What an awesome post! I love all your picks! Thank you for showcasing the wonderful talents on Etsy.

    I have been drooling over Candybead creations since I started on Etsy! I am always in awe of her beaded bracelets.

    Youniquely Chic is also a wonderful shop. Her pictures are always so professional and clean and her designs are very unique.

    I love the cupcakes charms in Beadpassion too. Makes me hungry just looking at them. Is 1am a bad time to start baking? :)

    Thank you everyone else for your kind comments!

  7. wow that Megan Fox necklace is SO GORGEOUS!! it looks just like the one she is wearing.

  8. haha the molecules are sooo geeky! but i like it :)


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