Zoya BOGO Sale - Ends Nov 5!


I tweeted this yesterday but Zoya is having a great BOGO Sale, it ends in two days (Nov 5), so if you're looking to try a few polishes, now's the time!  Fyi, gunmetal grays and matte nail polishes are very vogue (mewhehe) for Fall right now and I have heard that Zoya is hands down the best place to get matte nail polishes.   Also they just have a gorgeous array of colors~

You are limited to 5 polishes/purchase but you can make as many purchases as you like :D  I'm not really a nail polish person, I prefer my nails short and trim but I've been wanting to own a few colors since I literally don't own a single nail polish.  Shipping is $6.95.

This doesn't show shipping, my total was $41.95.

I am without question a total nail polish noob, so I was literally just picking colors that caught my eye. I tried to pick a nice spread of neutrals, unusual colors (orange!), and the famous Goldie and Trixie, which I heard apply like true silver and gold foil.  I also picked up a matte polish, Harlow, a deep plum color.  At first I thought 10 polishes were a lot but Zoya has so many tempting looking colors ^_^! I'm seriously hoping that nail polishes don't become an addiction...><


  1. Oh I just placed my order too! :) It's such a great deal, overall it's cheaper than most drugstore np with the sale code. ^^ Nice choices btw. I have Ibiza but was a little sad that the sparkles didn't show up too much in real life but the deep blue is gorgeous. Can't wait for my package.

  2. Haha, that's probably true, but the truth is, you've never seen my real skin on my blog :) Sorry to disappoint, but I do use photoshop on a lot of my pictures... By the end of the week I'll put some pictures on my skin blog, then you'll see what I mean... (no photoshopping there)

  3. Oh my gosh, these are tempting!!!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  4. ohhh thanks for sharing! i love polishes cause they actually make my nails thicker and stronger... my actual nails are really thin =[

  5. I heard about this brand a lot but never get to try. Those colors are so pretty.

    Thank you for following :)

  6. It's a really great deal! Good choices on the nail polish :)

  7. oh that's a pretty good deal, some of those colors look very lovely as well!

  8. you seem to have picked a good selection of colors
    I probably would have added a nice shade of red =D

    can't wait to see your swatches ~

  9. @ steph - .....I KNEW I WAS MISSING SOMETHING -_________-


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