2011 New Year Resolutions + TAG: Ups & Downs of 2010


H A P P Y  N E W  Y E A R !

Another day, another year.  I'm not going to lie, 2010 has been a long one for me and  I'm very glad it's over.  However, at the same time this year has taught me a lot of things...the importance of holding onto your integrity even when the going gets tough, of growing up, of counting the blessings that I have, and how even in troubled times there is always something to smile about.  *insert cheesy music*  Nevertheless, I hope 2011 will be the beginning of better things and I'm ready to just dive on in~  But if I want things to get better, I need to start off on the right foot :) So here we go!

The Notoriously Hard-to-Keep New Years Goals List
1.) Procrastination! When something need to be done, do it right away!
2.) Keep an updated address book.
3.) Sleep by midnight, get a full 8 hours. (tho I'm having doubts about this one already...)
4.) Keep up with this blog, strive to write more interesting posts and better reviews.
5.) Improve videos, make them more fun to watch, be creative...and start a vlog channel xD
6.) Take care of my health.  Eat more veggies and try to cut back on sweets (...though my blog indicates this may not happen ^_~).  Eat vitamin pills everyday (already doing this :D!).  Overall, adapt a more balanced diet. 
7.) Master writing in Korean.
8.) Master speaking in Spanish and increase vocabulary.
9.) Make nonprofit work and volunteering an integral part of my life.
10.) Drink more water!  I hate drinking fluids (weird I know)...the need to pee just gets annoying :\ nic nic knows what I'm talking about ^_^. Yet when I do drink water I can really tell a difference in my skin....

And to everyone out there who takes the time to read this blog, you guys have brought me a lot of happiness in what has overall been a rough year.   I read every comment and always think how lucky I am to have this opportunity to share this small piece of myself with all of you :)

I pretty much stole this banner from Elisa ^^ Sorry!

I was so excited to do this tag since it's not strictly beauty related and just a great way to quickly hit all the high and low points of 2010.  Elisa from Memorable Days tagged me for this puppy (thank you!) and I'm glad I got it up just in time for New Years!

Ups of 2010
1.) This blog yo.  I've just learned so much from the whole experience... how to edit videos, improve speaking on the spur of the moment, how to put on makeup (properly), find my way around the blogosphere, getting to know a lot of great people....:)
2.) Graduating! No more exams!
3.) Hopping around Korea for a glorious summer.  I love traveling, though I don't get to do so as much as I would like.  It was wonderful seeing Korea for the first time (well, I was there when I was 6 but that doesn't count since I don't remember a thing).
4.) Being able to come home to my family and not having to leave again for school ehhe ^^

Downs of 2010
1.) Health/allergies.  Health-wise, this year has been a disaster for me.  On the surface, a lot of people have complimented me on "losing weight" but I only look smaller and am lighter because I lost a lot of muscle mass and ate very poorly.  I did not eat right during my last year in school, so I was sick quite often and my immune system suffered.  I developed several severe allergic reactions all this year...twice on my face and twice from food. I'm positive that I've become so sensitive internally because I haven't been caring for my body as I should have been.   I've been healthy and fit all my life (thanks to swimming), but last year without exercise, crazy sleep habits, stress, and a total aversion to cooking unless I was about to starve, I ruined the good health I've been lucky to have for so long.
2.) Being separated from many of my close friends. I miss them.
3.) And just a lot of little things that don't need to be rehashed cuz - it's a new year!

Technically, I should only tag 5 people but this is such a good tag...seriously....so if this strikes your fancy, definitely do it.  Tho there are a couple of peeps I INSIST upon doing this tag and you know who you are ^_~

2011, here I come....
I wish everyone all the best~
Here's to hopes, dreams and a beautiful future!

Review: Face Cleanser Comparison (Boscia VS Neutrogena)


This is actually a two part review because I figured the cleanser comparison should just be one video & post ^_^ Just to keep things tidier and shorter~

I'm on a serious Boscia fix right now - I was so impressed with the Boscia Luminizing Black Mask (review coming up in Part 2 aka the next post) that I binged on a bunch of Boscia products with the Boscia $10 off $30 off sale.   So there will a lot of Bosica reviews coming up ^_^ Anyway, this cleanser was my first try at a "higher end" aka non-drugstore, non-bar-of-soap for removing makeup attempt.  I was looking for makeup cleanser that cleans AND removes makeup in one step (I'm too lazy to do an oil-cleansing step and a cleansing step every day :P).

Bosica is all about no preservative, very gentle and as natural as possible - and while people can be just as a allergic to something "natural" as to something artificial - I had no breakouts and I felt this was a very gentle yet effective product.  I won't rehash everything I said in the video, but overall I think the Bosica Purifying Gel is a good cleanser for people with sensitive skin not on a tight budget.  This does remove all my face makeup in one step (BBcream, concealer, and setting powder), but this will NOT remove eyeliner (I tried MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack and Urban Decay pencil in Zero), so you will need to use eye makeup remover.  However, it does remove Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Liner and most eye shadows.  Otherwise, this helps you get as much makeup off your face as possible at once without irritation.

This bottle is rather small and one is tempted to use more than 1 pump at a time since it seems so mild, so this runs out in 2-3 months.  Speaking of, don't be tempted to use a lot of pumps...this cleanser is a clear gel and you need to lather it up first to get enough to cover your face.  Foam up your cleanser before you decided to use more. 

The Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser claims to:
Fresh Foaming Cleanser is a cleanser and makeup remover in one.
Removing makeup before you go to bed has never been easier. This dermatologist-tested formula effectively removes dirt, oil and makeup. It even removes eye makeup, without soaps or oils that can sting or irritate the sensitive eye area. No more raccoon eyes! It rinses completely and won't leave any pore-clogging residue. Forget the excuses and get refreshingly clean skin and complete makeup removal in one step. 
- Soap-free 
- Oil-free 
- Non-comedogenic (won't clog pores) 
- Hypoallergenic
I need to wash my face 2x at least to remove just BBcream, concealer, and setting powder.  It definitely does not remove eye makeup in general, though it does remove lighter eyeshadows.  It  does not irritate my face or cause breakouts, but I feel that it "strips" my face and is a little drying.  It doesn't leave a residue though.  What really turns me off this product is the scent (and appearance); it looks and smells like a cheap handwash soap you use in public restrooms :\  It doesn't seem to harm my face but the experience isn't that great.  Also, this doesn't lather any better than the Boscia Cleansing Gel.  This is a problem since Neutrogena's cleanser specifically advertises itself as a foaming cleanser whereas the Boscia cleanser is just a gel.  It's not a huge deal, but it irks me a little.

Anyway, let's just cut the chase and keep this post as short as possible ^_^

Overall, both are quite "usable" though I much prefer the Boscia - which I should considering the price!  However, even though the Boscia is effective, I still will be keeping an eye out for a cheaper cleanser that is comparable to the Boscia.  After I'm done with this bottle, I'll be back on the hunt for the perfect makeup remover + cleansing in one!  I have my reservations about finding my dream cleanser though :P there's a reason the "Asian skincare regime" involves double cleansing :(....

Korea Trip 2010, Part 9: The 63 Building


Continued from Part 8: Apartments in Seoul
Or start from the beginning, Part 1: Flying to Tokyo

This is long, pic-heavy post :D So brace yourselves y'all!

It was raining :P Hence the crap picture.

While I was in Korea, I was very lucky to have the opportunity to visit the Korea Life Insurance/63 Building in Yeouido, Seoul, Korea.  The names come from the fact that the HQ of Korea Life Insurance and other major financial firms are there and how it's 63 stories tall!  It was the tallest building outside of North America till 1985 and though it isn't even in the Top 100 Tallest Buildings anymore, it's still a major tourist attraction.  There is an IMAX theater, an aquarium, a wax-doll museum, world-renowned restaurants, and an art gallery.  Read the wiki page if you're ever in Korea because this is a definite must-see.  Not to mention the sheen on the building is beautiful, it's a molten bronze-gold even on a rainy day~ Just look at the pic I got off Google:

Isn't it just beautiful ^_^? Anyway, some trivia: there is an elevator called the Love Elevator (for couples only!), a private 1 minute ride up ;) You should definitely do this if you're in Korea with your boyfriend...eheh imagine everything you can do in a minute in a private glass elevator (ok I have a dirty mind xD).  Also the Korean drama, My Girl, shot a lot of scenes here :D

Korea Trip 2010, Part 8: Apartments in Seoul


Continued from Part 7: Back in Seoul
Or start from the beginning, Part 1: Flying to Tokyo

After stuffing ourselves, we rolled over to my aunt's apartment.  Pretty much everyone lives in apartments in Seoul (and Busan, the two largest cities in Korea) and they all look something like this:

Super-tall (20+ stories) apartment buildings dominate Seoul's landscape - it's one of the first things I noticed the second I entered Seoul.   Huge companies like Samsung and Hyundai build clusters of 5-10 apartment buildings like this and the "neighborhood" shares really nice walking paths, gated security, a pool, and other community complexes.  Naturally, some apartments/neighborhoods are more upscale than others but the principle are all generally the same - it's a lot of people crammed into one building. Seoul, Korea is one of the densest cities in the world and as a twinkie, I didn't realize exactly what that meant until I visited.  Everyone - including the wealthy - are truly packed in like sardines. I felt a little claustrophobic, honestly.  It's not like Japan where things are *ahem* small (I don't think I've recovered from the hobbit bathroom), but neatly spaced out.  Korea is regular-sized yet squished closer together somehow.   I could elaborate more on my thoughts about this topic but then this would turn into to anthropological analysis of Korean society xD

A Sweet Post-Christmas All Bundled Up!


I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!  Can you believe 2011 is just four days away!?  I spent most of Christmas all bundled up :D  This is the cozy, soft furry blanket that my dad got me~ It's so light yet warm and SO SOFT.  He bought it at Hanaro Food (yes, a grocery store) because he said he noticed I would always stop by to pet it xD  I have the best dad ^_^

Stellamor is apparently the "No. 1 blanket manufacturer in Korea. Other brands: Uno, Aroma, Safari and Stellamor." Their official website (English) shows a lot of really pretty prints (including Disney ^^), but Hanaro only had this old fashioned Oriental-rug print :P  This is an "acrylic mink blanket" and very easy to wash, much easier than a huge comforter, which is why this kind of blanket is usually used in Korea as an extra winter blanket to go between you and your comforter.   Apparently it can be used outdoors (as a picnic blanket) as well. It's a surprisingly light and thin blanket, so even a queen-size fits easily into a washing machine.  It was $39.99 for a Queen-size.

I got the blue colored blanket (it shows a red blanket on all the packages :P).  I wasn't crazy about the Oriental-carpet-ish pattern, but gosh darn - IT'S SO SOFT.    I washed it right after I opened it since it smelled like plastic from the packaging and there was absolutely no pilling and was still so soft!   Word has it that this blanket is popular since it's never supposed to pill or lose it's softness like fleece does. If you ever see this in your local market/K-town area, I so recommend getting this.  It'd be great for college students (warm, machine washable, very portable since it's thin and light) and I can literally see myself keeping this for the next several years (if not decades :D).  It's just a very high-quality blanket for a remarkably reasonable price.

Since it started snowing in VA today, I did some mini-hauling from the comfort of my home ;)   I picked up a few products from Boscia, Pretty & Cute and a few nail polishes from Ebay. Here are the sales I partook in:

1.) Boscia: A flat $10 off $30+ with free shipping with $45+.  You also get 3 free samples with any purchase (like Sephora ^_^).  I got 2 items that was exactly $45 after the discount, so that I qualified for free shipping.  Overall I was able to pick up both products for $22.50/each~ Not bad since this winter has been really dry and my sheet masks are barely keeping the flakiness at bay.  I need something intensely more hydrating so we'll see if the Intensifying Moisture Pack + does the trick :)  I got the Smooth Facial Polish as well because I can never resist exfoliating products, but this one is supposed to be very gentle - aka perfect for winter.  Ends 12/31/2010.  

2.) Pretty & Cute:  P&C has been bringing in a lot of new things from various brands lately, but I'm only interested in the new Lioele products.  It was a pretty small haul of mostly lip products and the new Lioele Princess nail polishes, which reminded me of beautiful Easter eggs ^_^  Perfect for spring I think!  I'll prolly review them quite soon since nail polishes and lip products are things that don't need to be used long to know if they're "good quality" or not. Ends 12/31/2010.

I also picked up some petit fours from Wegmans!  They came in a box of 8 with 2 of each flavor ^_^ I've always thought petit fours are the cutest thing so I couldn't resist these!  They're basically bite-sized cakes. Don't they look so cute lined up in a row like that :D?  I think the yummiest looking one is the 2nd from the left~

Green: My favorite! Green-tinted white chocolate on the outside and white cake with apricot and a buttercream filling. It's quite sweet but it tastes exactly as a petit four should I think!

Chocolate: It's coated in dark chocolate with chocolate cake and a "white icing" filling. It's good, not too sweet, but rather 'typical' tasting.

Lemon: Vanilla and lemon flavored coating with some kind of fruit filling, raspberry I think. I didn't like this one very much. I think the artificial color and flavor of the pink filling kind of threw me off...it's tart but not...satisfying. It's a weird clash of tastes, lemon and something tart. My least favorite.

Another Chocolate: Dark chocolate coat with yellow cake and a raspberry filling and rum I think. There was definitely some kind of alcohol in it cause it made my throat warm. I wasn't crazy about this one either because I don't like rum in my sweets.  While rum does add a certain complexity to the flavor of chocolate, it just wasn't subtle or pleasing here.

Sweet Pumpkin Pocky, a cute little spin off the classic Pocky I'd say~ I think it's was a seasonal flavor for Fall (Halloween).

Adorable packaging huh ^_^?

Flavor-wise I don't have much to say...it's not pumpkin per se, maybe a sweet pumpkin pie.  The wheat cracker stick is the same as all the other Pocky and the coating is a vanilla-pumpkin pie-esque flavor. The coating is very thin so the taste is quite subtle.  It's yummy, but nothing to write home about.  So if you don't get to try this, rest assured you are not missing out on much.  I just get a craving for Pocky every once in awhile so this fulfilled it :)

And that's all for now!  

UPDATE: And oh yes, today is Boxing Day!  This day is traditionally when people distribute gifts to the needy and public service people; and while everyone should knock themselves out hauling, don't forget to set aside a little something for your mailman/post office or drop off something at the Salvation Army~   I for one, know that my mail peeps deserve a little something....lord knows they lug up enough packages to my doorstep from Hong Kong/Japan/Korea ^_^

Christmas Eve today and Christmas tomorrow! ZOMG :D!!


Hiiii my peeps!  I've been a-thinkin about Christmas and wanted to do a quick post to revel in the merriment of the holidays! I can't believe Christmas is tomorrow!!  We didn't get a tree this year so I ran out and cut off a branch of the pine tree next to our house.  Well, technically the tree on our neighbors property *cough* but the branch was hanging over our lawn so....the branch belongs to us right?!  Hmmm....how to justify that to Santa.... But I just wanted to share some of the ornaments and other Christmas-y things around the house right now ^_^  We could only hang handmade/light ornaments this year because the branches on the...branch....were so thin eheheh ^^

And of course the finishing touch to a Christmas tree is...presents eheh ^_^

I couldn't shake the feeling that this is a not-so-subtle way of asking for gifts >< so I wanted till Christmas Eve to post this so my family (who reads my blog *cringe* >0<) wouldn't see it till it's too late mwahhaha!!   While it's nice to remember that stuff isn't what makes life really good, material goods are always a fun, easy way to motivate myself to work harder, so I'm gonna try to use this list as a semi-goals list ;)

The video quality is pretty crisp and while I'm not crazy about the picture quality (though anything is going to be better than the piece o crap I have right now) but it seems to be a nice balance between video and picture quality, which is the main sell for me.  I'll need to confirm whether I can hook this puppy up with Macs while I'm recording though b/c there is no way I can record without watching myself xD I tried to do this and ended up recording with half my face cut off :(

A chromakey green screen 
What better way to make video making even more fun :D?!

 A proper lip brush

But this is really up to me b/c I want a very specific kind that I'll prolly have to pick out myself ehehe My ideal lip brush would be flat, dense, come with a cap for portability, and have slight point for precision work.

Darn Petrilude got me hooked on these. The colors look so rich and pigmented but I'm already drowning in eyeshadows and let's be honest, where can I wear such luscious colors?

But the greatest gift I could receive and the one I want the most is:
That my family has a wonderful, stress-free, happy Christmas and a wonderful 2011.
Without them everything would be meaningless.

Have a Merry Christmas/Hanakah/Kawanza etc everyone!   We be baking some cookies downstairs (chocolate chip + toffee) so it's really feeling (and smelling!) like the holidays~

2010 Etsy Holiday Gift Guide, Part 3: Miscellaneous


Part 1: Intro + Skincare/Bath Products
Part 2: Jewelry

Here's the last part of this year's Etsy Holiday 2010 Edition Mini-series!  I planned on getting all these up before Christmas, but as usual, I'm cutting it a little close ^_^  If you order from any of these shops, they sadly will not arrive in time for Christmas, but at least you'll know about these amazing shops for when the next gift-giving occasion comes up! This post will be a real mashup of various things, from pillows to macarons....so enjoy!

Etsy: VintageJamie

Yes, pillows. I love pillows. I own too many of them :\ The ironic thing is that I don't even sleep with a pillow >< I just really like them.  VintageJamie is known for her Map pillows but I personally like her Orientalism pillows, which are inspired by hanboks and kimonos.    She also makes pillows with pouches and little cross designs.  Overall, I like the simplicity and classiness of her designs.  Her fabrics are understated but sophisticated and hit the fine line between being beautiful yet not "uncomfortable" looking. You can actually use these pillows and there's nothing better than something that is both functional and pretty :)

I ordered the most embarrassingly Korean pillow ever for my dad for Christmas last year (it's pretty much ended up as mine though eheh) xD  And the fabric quality and stitching was perfect.  Every seam is precise and tight.  No loose threads, no holes, no stains.  The fabric quality was weighty and the pattern edges were perfectly aligned.  The zipper on the side (so you can wash the cover), is practically invisible.  Simply superb craftsmanship.  The pillow I got was 18x18in.  It's a very good sized, perfect for display and use.  I would love to decorate my whole house with her pretty pillows.  Her large 24x24in pillows would particularly make great lounging pillows - when I own my own house I'm going to be hauling at least two of them. She "models" a few of her pillows with her kids to give a size reference and they just look so at home.

Cons are that she is expensive if you just want a regular pillow.  I paid $35 for both the cover and the pillow fluff (18x18), this price included shipping.  I personally didn't regret it but it is certainly one of the more frivolous purchases I've made.  For a decorative pillow, however, I think the cost is very fair. If you go to places like Bath & Beyond, you'll see that large decorative pillows generally run over $20 - and many of those can't be unzipped and washed.  Also, in my opinion these kinds of pillows tend to be made from really impractical, uncomfortable materials (gauze, glitters, tassels etc) making them downright nothing but decorative. VintageJamie's pillows hit the balance between decorative yet functional.   I think these would make a great housewarming gift actually ^_^

Jamie ships from Seoul, Korea and even though it's a pillow, she shipped the damn thing in a box filled with peanuts and wrapped in bubblewrap O_O She also included a large, beautiful handmade Christmas card.  She did not sign it so *ahem* I actually used it again since it was too good to waste ^_^;;

Etsy: Kukubee
Official website: www.kukubee.com

Patikym of HerroHachi (home of many-a quirky, snarky T-shirt) introduced me to this Etsy shop and I'm so glad she did! I was totally enamored with their very unique, slightly off-kilter yet incredibly charming printed designs.  Sadly, Kukubee just closed their Etsy shop for the holidays - right before I was going to order a sushi pouch too :(!  Not many pouch styles are available, they only offer pencil and coin pouches.   Call me crazy but I would so buy a makeup pouch with the sushi design.  Or a laptop pouch.  Omg, a padded laptop pouch would just kill me (and yes, I'm one of those people that lugs around her MacBook wrapped in a sweatshirt hoping not to drop it).  The prices are all very reasonable indeed, $12 for pencil pouches and $8 for coin pouches.  Since I have not purchased from this shop before, I can't comment on their services and packaging but I will say I'm going to snagging one of their sushi pencil cases as soon as they open after the holidays!

Etsy: Lunatiger

Known for her beautiful origami rose bouquets but she also makes a lot of adorable Swarovski charms. I have not purchased from her yet but I exchanged a lot of emails with her last year because I was thinking of purchasing a bouquet for Mother's Day.  A few reviews stated that the bouquets are a lot smaller than expected, but I suppose that's to be expected considering that these are origami.  Anyway, her bouquets look like they would just make wonderful Mother's Day or Valentine's Day gifts :)  I also know they do a ton of bridal bouquets, which I think is a great idea since you would be left with a beautiful memento :)

Etsy: Sparkles Kitchen

Lisa introduced me to this site and omg, I've been drooling over them ever since!  They look SO good and I have never seen such perfectly shaped macarons before.  This shop only sells macarons - a telltale sign of confidence in their product - and the 199/200 positive ratings pretty much speaks for itself.  They offer a lot of different intriguing flavors and it kind of pisses me off that they make if hard (ir not impossible), to try one of each all at once.  I have not purchased from this shop, but Lisa vouches for their deliciousness and being that Lisa is something a macaron-maker herself, I'm sure these little puppies are worth trying~

And on that note~
I hope you enjoyed this year's Etsy Holiday/Shopping Guide mini-series!  I've already come across quite a few more Etsy shops that I am lemming over, but I will introduce them to you another time :)

Review: FaceQ Red Pomegranate + CoQ10 Mask


Purchased at: Sasa

Cost: $12.60/10 pieces = $1.26/mask.

FaceQ masks are a lot cheaper than Silk Whitia masks, which are normally $3.58/mask, though with the current BOGO promotion, they are $1.79/mask.  If I am not mistaken, FaceQ is manufactured by the same people who make the famous My Beauty Diary Masks.  MBD go for ~$12.10/box of 10 while FaceQ masks for for ~12.60/box of 10 on Sasa, so FaceQ masks are ever-so-slightly more expensive.

Description: Face Q Red Pomegranate + CoQ10 Mask is made from 100% wood pulp with silk, it fit your facial contour twice as best as normal paper mask and rapidly infiltrate nourishment for your skin. Red pomegranate and Anthocyanin are two powerful anti-oxidant ingredients. It fights against dullness and dehydration. Chamomile extracts is also added to avoid further dark pigment formulation, helping skin to restore its natural glow. After application your skin will become supple, smooth. Its mild and gentle nature makes it suitable even after sun bathing, it will soothe and calm the redness due to long sun exposure.

  • Red Pomegranate extract: Improve dehydrated, wrinkled, dull and inflexible skin. Revitalize and helps skin regain luster.
  • White willow bark extract: natural exfoliating BHA with conditioning, excellent whitening effect.
  • Catechin: Fight against water retention and edema.
  • Camellia Sinesis: a natural antioxidant. Its content of White Tea Extract its two to three times more than green tea,
  • Morus alba extract: a whitening effect inhibition of pigment and melanin formation
  • CoQ10: anti-aging co-enzyme.  It is naturally present in every cell in the human body, but is reduced by aging and stress.  This reduction causes damage and wrinkles. More info.
Suitable for: All skin type / dry and delicate skin

Experience: The first thing that I immediately noticed was the fantastic adjust-ability of this mask.  The mask claims that since it's 100% wood pulp the mask will fit" your facial contour twice as best as normal paper mask."  I doubt it it's the wood pulp as much as the helpful little slits all around the edges of this mask though.  Regardless of the reason, this mask perfectly contoured itself to my face and my mother's, who has wider cheekbones.

The mask itself is thin, much thinner than Silk Whitia.  I prefer the thicker Silk Whitia, but I am sure that's just a matter of preference.  Like the Silk Whitia, this mask also comes with a lot of excess serum.  Some people have commented "too much" serum is annoying because it'll drip everywhere (I don't mind this at all), so if you're one of those people, then you will probably prefer the FaceQ masks to Silk Whitia (which is DRENCHED).   Since the mask is thinner, it "dried" a lot faster than Silk Whitia.  I also applied the excess serum all over my neck; the serum is more "liquid-y" than the more gel-like serum of Silk Whitia.

Fit: Excellent.  Far superior to the Silk Whitia mask in terms of adjustability.

Scent: Smelled like tart red apple.  I guess that's b/c pomegranates as a fruit don't have much of a scent ^_^ The scent was a little "tangy" and strong for my taste, but it's not a bad scent.
Texture: Paper-like, very thin.  I prefer Silk Whitia's thicker texture since it seems to retain more serum. However, it's not so thin that it tears easily.

Excess serum:  Plenty of liquid-y serum to use on neck.  Dries without crust, but leaves ever-so-slightly sticky residue.  I prefer the FaceQ in this respect, I was very disappointed how the Silk Whitia Soy Milk Whitening mask left a dried crust on my neck (not on my face tho, oddly enough) that had to be washed off.

Anti-oxidant ingredients fight against dullness and dehydration. Chamomile extracts is also added to avoid further dark pigment formulation, helping skin to restore its natural glowI did feel more hydrated but I can't comment on preventing dark pigmentation. I feel that such claims are useless since you'd probably have to use these masks everyday.

After application your skin will become supple, smooth. Yes, it did.
Claims to be mild and gentle nature makes it suitable even after sun bathing, it will soothe and calm the redness due to long sun exposure. It's supposed to be for delicate (sensitive?) skin but I don't think it is since it was definitely a bit irritating and not soothing.
Results: Not so good for me.   I do not recommend this to those with sensitive skin. It did not break me out but it was definitely a little bit irritating.  My face tingled uncomfortably with the mask on and when I took it off, there was no reduction in redness.  Therefore, I personally will never be using this mask again. The serum I smeared on my neck dried slightly sticky but left no crust like the Silk Whitia Soy Milk Whitening mask did.

I noticed my face was firmer and looked poreless, but I was a bit red and my face tingled even after I removed the mask.  Also my face felt very tight (not supple) and stiff.  My face was hydrated but not amazingly so.  Overall, was not impressed.  Although the Silk Whitia Soy Milk Whitening mask leaves an unfortunate crust, I prefer it far more.  However, my mother likes this mask very much.  She has some wrinkles, mature skin with large pores. Whereas I have small pores, textured facial scarring, and very sensitive combo (mostly oily) skin.  Since we have very different skin types, I think it is telling that my mom likes this a lot more than I do.  She says this really brightens her skin, makes her pores feel tighter, and makes her face feel clean.   Therefore, I recommend this mask for people with mature skin, large pores and wrinkles, especially since CoQ10 is an anti-aging ingredient.

My ideal sheet mask would give me results like the Silk Whitia mask without leaving the crusty excess.  In other words, I'm still on the hunt for my favorite sheet mask ^_^! 
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