2NE1 "It Hurts" (아파) CL Inspired Looks


2NE1's "It Hurts" MV came out a couple weeks ago and I was so intrigued by the funny lower lashes I had to do it :D  CL is my favorite 2NE1 member actually~ she's so coool!!!  She's one of the few celebs I would love to be friends with...but for now I'll content myself to being her stalker fan ^_~  I actually did two looks in this tutorial, which is why it took me so long to edit ><

Products Used:
Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation in Buff 150
Benefit Boi-ing Concealer in Medium
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencil in Zero
MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Liner in Black
NYX False Lashes in 114
Revlon Fantasy Lengths False Lashes in 91003 Flirty
(yes, I forgot mascara again) 
NARS Laguna Bronzer
R&R Contrived Pressed Blush in Foreplay

Look #1 - Nude Lips:
NYX Round Lipstick in Circe

Look #2 - Bejeweled Eyes & Red Lips:
Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Perversion
Maybelline Color Sensational Lipliner in Red 50
NYX Round Lipstick in Snow White
Tony Moly BB Slim Pact Party Lover in Shade #2
C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine

My skin was still healing from the hives I got a few weeks ago so putting on makeup was little unpleasant :P  Also I was really tired so I think my voice was really monotone ;_;

And I didn't take any pics of the first look because....I forgot >< (kind of like how I always forget to put on mascara) but I did snap a few shots of the second look.  I feel like shouldn't have smoked out the eyes so much and that the jewels aren't exactly in the right place... :P but oh wellz, live and learn ^_^ For those curious my earrings are from The Limited and were a gift from a friend.  The faux fur jacket is my mom's ;) although I did just purchase a gorgeous faux fur lined cardigan from Ann Taylor LOFT's 40% off Black Friday Sale! I'll show you guys when it comes in because I think I'm going to love it. 

My camera was in one of it's unpredictable mood swings and for once it was good - I love the lighting and saturation in the first one!   I don't know how or why it turned out that way (I'm such a camera noob), usually it overexposes on auto-focus, but that one time the camera and lighting just came together exactly how I wanted ^_^  And yep, that's actually all my hair xD  Even curly it's about 3 inches from hitting my butt....it looks like a large rat died in the shower every time I wash my hair :\  I keep telling myself I'm going to cut it but I just never get around to it.

Here are some screencaps of CL wearing the looks I did:

The second screencap is about the closest you get to the red lipstick look the whole MV.  CL's overall look here just made the whole MV for me - she just looks so beast!   The boots, the fur, the Amy Winhouse-esque bun.... Here's the actual "It Hurts" MV with both looks below to see the coolness in action~

However, like I said, I don't feel like I was spot-on as I could've been with these looks :\  Now that I'm studying the eyes again, smoking out the eyes so much made it turn out less "edgy" and more 50s? Nonetheless, here's a close up of my eyes:

I so dig the funky lower lashes ^_^ I'm really into the whole "decorating the waterline" thing because it's kinda pointless for me to put a lot of color on my upper lid.  I have hidden double folds (when I open my eyes wide I'm pretty much mono-lidded) so no matter how much e/s I put on, it usually ends up tucked underneath :P eheh that's another reason I'm constantly eyeballing CL's makeup is because she rocks a lot of monolid looks.

Yuppp, I think that's all I have for this post~  I can't believe it's already December, my god!  It's just friggin' crazy, time is flying for this year (I feel like I say this every year).  But you know what they say...When you're 10, life moves at 10mph. When you're 30, life moves at 30mph. When you're 50...and so on (until you "crash" that is ehehe). So, yep~ that's all for now :}


  1. how time flies, eh? december already! you did a great job with the look! i always admire girls that can put on falsies with such ease. i always fail with mine. haha!

  2. so pretty! i love the bold look! ^_^

  3. Thanks for the tutorial. You didn't sound monotone to me, I tend to not watch people who sound like they are hyped up on sugar anyway :P

    I love that bold look, you definitely look like you have model material in you! :]

  4. I really like the way you shaped your lips! So dolly and cute :P

  5. Elle! Sorry for the lack of comments, been busy with school. ^^

    I looove 2ne1 and the song "It Hurts." Minzy is my favorite member but I know everyone loves Dara for her good looks haha.

    You edit your youtube videos so well, I love the intro. You did a fantastic job in both looks, love the fur collar. The contour section was really helpful. Glad your skin is healing. The photos are so glam and professional looking, great job.

    Merlot is only sold at Walgreens as far as I know or online. ^^

  6. I have so much to say about this post, so I'll just randomly number them off.

    1. I love 2NE1. I have not seen this MV yet and now the song is stuck in my head.

    2. Thanks for finding the MV that has subtitles for those who does not understand Korean.

    3. I think you did a wonderful job and you look so glamourous. It's unbeleivable how similar you look like CL. Especially, the red lips.

    4. I have to say that this is my FAVORITE post from you ever since I started reading your blogs.

    5. I'm so jealous of your long hair. I hate you ELLE. I've been saving my hair for the longest time and it's just to mid back. I want YOUR hair. Let's trade? LOL

    Alright I'll leave it at that. I don't want to bored you with my random thoughts. :)

  7. you look so much like CL.. =) gorgeous!

    the eyelash trick on the bottom lashes really makes the eyes look like her eyes.. ! =)

  8. you did a good job with the eye makeup!! do you always get inspired :)?

  9. i like dara and bom! hahaha! :P

    i really like these kinds of vid tuts, this way i know we can all look like celebs! ;)

  10. wow! i love that look 2ne1's makeup looks are always so awesome!

    yeah i know so expensive! i don't even know what i was thinking...I give into hype so easily...

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  12. wow you pulled off the look by cl really well!!! :)

    Nopes, i don't go to cooking school but I did cooking as one of my subjects though i'm dropping that next yr hehe (:

  13. wowww!

    honestly, I think your interpretation is even prettier than the original!

    a great success =D!

  14. I think you do look like her! Love your look :)

  15. Nice tutorial =D And I really love 2ne1 ^^ ! Their make up is so inspiring =D ! and btw. which edit program do you use for your video?

  16. love the tutorial <3
    looks absolutely amazing
    love the first wing and second red lips~
    makes me want to get snow white more and more!!!

  17. I love the look ! I've never tried decorating my lower lashes but will have to try ! ;-D Hahah and I agree, the year has passed by so fast !! I think perhaps your theory on life's pace (at 30, 30mph etc) is quite correct ;-b

    Hope you're having a fantastic December so far ;-D

  18. your makeup looks exactly like 2ne1's looks!!! identical i tell you! greta job :)

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  20. OMG. I 100% know that you are much more beautiful than CL! You look wonderful in that look, and great tutorial. You should me a professional model!

  21. first off, you look GREAT! I love the cat eye, i can never do it :-/

    Second, those girls are gorgeous! I love the song "Nemo apa, apa~"
    So good!

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  22. wow, really nice! I like the tut :D
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  23. OMG. I 100% know that you are much more beautiful than CL! You look wonderful in that look, and great tutorial. You should me a professional model!

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