Christmas Eve today and Christmas tomorrow! ZOMG :D!!


Hiiii my peeps!  I've been a-thinkin about Christmas and wanted to do a quick post to revel in the merriment of the holidays! I can't believe Christmas is tomorrow!!  We didn't get a tree this year so I ran out and cut off a branch of the pine tree next to our house.  Well, technically the tree on our neighbors property *cough* but the branch was hanging over our lawn so....the branch belongs to us right?! to justify that to Santa.... But I just wanted to share some of the ornaments and other Christmas-y things around the house right now ^_^  We could only hang handmade/light ornaments this year because the branches on the...branch....were so thin eheheh ^^

And of course the finishing touch to a Christmas tree is...presents eheh ^_^

I couldn't shake the feeling that this is a not-so-subtle way of asking for gifts >< so I wanted till Christmas Eve to post this so my family (who reads my blog *cringe* >0<) wouldn't see it till it's too late mwahhaha!!   While it's nice to remember that stuff isn't what makes life really good, material goods are always a fun, easy way to motivate myself to work harder, so I'm gonna try to use this list as a semi-goals list ;)

The video quality is pretty crisp and while I'm not crazy about the picture quality (though anything is going to be better than the piece o crap I have right now) but it seems to be a nice balance between video and picture quality, which is the main sell for me.  I'll need to confirm whether I can hook this puppy up with Macs while I'm recording though b/c there is no way I can record without watching myself xD I tried to do this and ended up recording with half my face cut off :(

A chromakey green screen 
What better way to make video making even more fun :D?!

 A proper lip brush

But this is really up to me b/c I want a very specific kind that I'll prolly have to pick out myself ehehe My ideal lip brush would be flat, dense, come with a cap for portability, and have slight point for precision work.

Darn Petrilude got me hooked on these. The colors look so rich and pigmented but I'm already drowning in eyeshadows and let's be honest, where can I wear such luscious colors?

But the greatest gift I could receive and the one I want the most is:
That my family has a wonderful, stress-free, happy Christmas and a wonderful 2011.
Without them everything would be meaningless.

Have a Merry Christmas/Hanakah/Kawanza etc everyone!   We be baking some cookies downstairs (chocolate chip + toffee) so it's really feeling (and smelling!) like the holidays~


  1. Merry Christmas to you~! Did you see the canon s95? I just got one and it's pretty awesome and it's a little bit cheaper than the sony one. The picture quality is awesome.

    Your neighbor's branch makes a great xmas tree :)

  2. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Elle! <3

    Hehe you are so silly.. (but I would've done the same thing if the branch was on my property! =P)

    I think your camera takes some nice photos, your photos on your blog look good.!! Hehe.. I need a better camera too !! =(

    mm toffee coooookies.. yum !!!

    Merry Christmas again !! <3<3

    xo Siwing

  3. Merry christmas to you too ^^ yesss. the most important thing is that everybody around you is healthy and happy :) i agree..

    and !! you thief =p !! steeling your neighbors branch gnagnagna xD just kidding :P

    merry xmas x.

  4. Merry Christmas! Hope you get what you want ;)

  5. Merry Christmas, Elle. :) I can't believe you went out and cut off a branch...but hey, a girl's got to do what she's got to do. You're so festive....

    I'm so happy to have gotten to know you here on Blogger in the little time we've known each other. :)

    God bless you & familila.

  6. Merry Christmas lovely! x Looking forward to a whole new year of bloggin and totally adoring your style. =)

  7. Wishing you a merry merry christmas!!!
    Love those pictures hehehe :)

  8. Merry Christmas!
    I love your Xmas banner :)

  9. Merry belated Christmas <3

    oh elle... you crack me up
    stealing your neighbor's branch
    "how to justify that to santa"


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