Mini Black Friday Haul: LOFT, Lioele, R&R, and Ekilove


Hi peeps, I did a short haul video - my first - and I tried to keep it short and non-review like.  Do people even like to watch haul videos :\?   I guess we'll see ^^  Anyway, this is some of the stuff that's come in from my Black Friday shopping. Also I shall announce the surprise giveaway winner (and prize) on my next post!

Mentioned In Video:
Ann Taylor LOFT
Rock & Republic
Sephora Gift Card

No swatches but here is a look at my R&R beauties:

I will do a better review of these later.  More importantly, here is my EkiLove package!  Everything in Made With EkiLove is made by Eki of A Little Bit Eki. She's a pretty famous blogger as well, tons of reviews on Japanese cosmetics!

Eki is known for her lovely packaging (besides her hime jewelry and hand-sewn pouches.  I love the attention to detail :)

I've really been wanting one of her square pouches and she hasn't made them for ages so when I saw them (after making a feeble resistance), I pounced on one after my mom claimed my other EkiLove pouch for herself >_> ehehe

I got blue because I thought it suited me best personality-wise.  It came with a lot of goodies and I'm pretty intrigued with what I could do with the nail deco stickers...

I love the roominess of the pouch :D And her pouches are OOS right now but her Twitter says she will be adding some more pouches if you are need of a makeup pouch ~

This cost of one of her makeup pouches may seem a little steep but I think it's worth it since it doesn't expire or anything ^_^  I like how this pouch is all cotton so it can be washed if makeup spills inside.  One problem I had with her V-day pouch was that the zipper charm came off because the jump ring (connects the charm to the zipper) stretched out.  But I noticed for this pouch she used a much thicker, stronger jump ring :D All the seams are tight and even, no loose threads.  You guys probably know I have a weakness for things handmade and I like owning unique, one-of-a-kind items so for me the expenditure was worth it :)


  1. Oh, Elle. You are so darn adorable. I just want to pick you up and squeeze you. LOL BTW let me know how you like the R&R eyeshadows, ok? Such a cute makeup pouch, and the key that comes with it adds such a nice touch. Ive been wanting a fur sweater and bought one. I have yet to rock it.....I will one of these days.

  2. Haha. You're so cute & funny Elle! You seem so happy and kind of hyper in this video^_^ hehe! When u had hiccups ^_^ you're so funny. Elle, do you use your webcam to record videos? Im actually waiting for my camera in the mail and I hope it has a good quality for video recordings.

  3. You are so cute on video!! :D Totally loved it!! You gave me reason to want to get a fur thing too!! :) The R&R blushes are amazing!! :D

    Do videos more often! :D The camera loves you! :)

  4. I really love your look and great video:) the pretty and cute website is so cute. I really hope R&R restocks soon my addiction needs to end.

  5. The make up pouch is soo lovely! Great haul!


  6. elle i always love your beginnings/introductions in your vids.. makes me smile ! =D

    waves back atcha! hehe

    i just ordered me some R&R eyeshadows too!! hehehe. i ordered adrenaline and provacative. hehe. it came yesterday and i haven't even tried them yet.

    the pouches are soo cute! i know i've checked out her website once before, and all the things i wanted were sold out.. hmmph..

  7. liked the video =) but i do think that the sound is still too low though =( i like the pouch ^^, i have seen the products from eki =D and they are all so cuteeee

  8. I want that scarf! :]

    Lovely make up too, and nice hauls!

  9. thats a really lovely haul! again i have seen a lot of posts on R&R makeup!! the blush looks bight and pretty!

    the furry vest sweater looks very snug and warm :D

    ryc - yup its bimbimbap (sp) :D actually authentic because the restaurant in that place were really Korean :D

  10. the Ekilove stuff looks great! and R&R make up looks great, their packaging is soo shiny

  11. R&R eye shadows sound as great as the blush!
    I love your new Eki's pouch, looks super cute :)

  12. Wah I can't watch your video because I'm at work but I'll def. watch it at home. Nice R&R haul, the packaging is awesome. Aw I love Eki Love stuff, aw it's cute that your mom likes girly things too. My zipper charm came off too and the bow fell off, make sure to be gentle with her stuff. ^^

  13. Whoa you got a good amount of stuff! I thought black friday kind of sucked this year lol... i didnt really find anything i thought was amazing...

    Btw, please check out my blog, i am doing my FIRST giveaway ever! You can enter if you like :-)

    Check out my Giveaway!
    Confessions Of A City Girl

  14. Eki is sooo cute. i had no idea she made those! ill check the site out. because that pouch is so cute i want one!

  15. Elle, my love. You crack me up. And I completely agree with you on Edward's makeup. It's so obvious sometimes. Speaking of me changing my "wanna be" banner, you're so good at photoshopping. I might just send a few pictures your way and force you to make me a banner. lol

  16. You mention that I blend well. I actually think I need to practice more and learn to blend properly. :( I always see my flaws, plus one of my eyes is more monolid than the other so the results look good but when I close my eyes one side looks higher than the other. :(

    As far as the NYX lippies, I'd say that Pumpkin Pie, Snow White, and Tea Rose is my fav. Thalia looks ashy purple on me and B52 is a more wearable of Thalia.

    Speaking of Pho, Rich and I went to a Korean Pho shop this one time and the lady spoke korean to us and we just nod our heads and smile. Later she came to realize we weren't korean. LOL. And, I know you didnt just mention "peanut sauce". Girl, I'd kill for spring rolls and peanut sauce any day. LOL

  17. Oh and another thing, you mentioned that you were in Milwaukee? YOU WERE? For what? Milwaukee is so tiny although it is one of WI's biggest cities.

  18. Love your haul!!!
    You seem really happy with everything you got and I love the muffler thing and faux fur vest <3

  19. Your gifts are very cute! Want to have them! lol

    Another thing: I love the songs in your Ipod on your blog! I felt in love with Es Mi Amor by RBD, i didn't know this song until i came here and i can't stop listening to it, so a big thanks for this great discovery! <333

  20. @Mara
    ehhe stop stroking my ego xD so far R&R e/s aren't "as amazing" as the blushes but I've only used them once so that's hardly enough to form a real opinion....and I think I'll post the rest of my response on your blog cuz i wanna write like an essay xD

    The quality on Mac is not so good so you're not missing out :P the only good thing that I can watch myself as I'm recording ^_^

    @Rainy Days & Lattes
    I'm SOOOOO into fur right now :D and more videos? why your wish is mu command ^_^

    thanks~ R&R restocks every 1-2x a month so no worries ^^

    @Charming Vanity
    Ikr ^_^~?

    ehehe thanks and btw thanks SO MUCH for the swatches you did on twitter for me. I decided to get provocative thanks to u :)

    One day I'll figure out how to make the sound louder :( maybe I talk too it very bad?

    hehe thanks, I have a lot of scarves but I couldn't resist that one ^^ it's so white and fluffy~

    @Nic Nic
    speaking of food - I had the most amazing okimiyaki? (i know i'm spelling that wrong)...the "Japanese pancake" thing -- so good ^_^!!! I wish they had places around me that sold Japanese desserts tho :(

    @Pop Champagne
    ahah I have the hardest time photographing R&R stuff b/c everything is so reflective Xx

    I'm still playing with the e/s but I think the blushes are a BIT better so far~ the e/s aren't as blendable as I thought they'd be.

    my mom used to comment on how the many "useless" things I buy but she's stopped ever since I noticed a few things migrating over to her bathroom X_X

    @Confessions of A Confused City Girl
    Yeah~ I think Black Fridays are all that amazing xD plus I hate lines~

    @Donna Baby
    ehehe I know she's so adorable :) she has such cute cheeks ^^ And she just added more pouches so go look!!

    I tried valiantly to restrain from buying everything so I just bought what I was absolutely sure I would not regret xD

    wooooww I didn't know anyone actually bothered to listen to that playlist ^_^!! omg I'm so TOUCHED - i'm totally updating it now just for you xD and isn't RBD great?? I remember hearing the song during last year's New Year countdown in NYC and I was like....I need to get that song ^_^

  21. Wow you got so many fabulous things!

  22. @IndideOut Elle, in normal time, i never listen to the music on blogs but when the music started, i heard the rythm and then the voice of the singer (of RBD) and i was... Kiyaaahhh, i love it! XD
    I was a fan of Savage Garden too and i didn't know about their songs (Crash and Affirmation) on your Ipod and i like them too! <3

  23. cute haul =D I LOVE the FURRY VEST~ looks adorable on you~~~~
    i've been DYING to make purchases from pretty && cute but as usual.. shipping is KILLER ><
    minimum is $20 =0 *sniffles*
    jaded from R&R looks so pretty~~~
    and eki's make up pouches always look so pretty!!!

  24. You are so cute on video!! :D Totally loved it!! You gave me reason to want to get a fur thing too!! :) The R&R blushes are amazing!! :D

    Do videos more often! :D The camera loves you! :)


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