Review: TonyMoly Products + Upward-Outward Face Massaging/Washing


I don't have many TonyMoly (English website) products :( I should've bought more while I was in Korea - they really have the cutest packaging ever!  Everything is in the shape of the main ingrediant ^_^ Coincidentally, the products you see below are among their most popular - yah, for being sucked in by adorable packaging!  I can't wait to try the Ice Cream Sunscreen sample I have :) I heard it feels like ice cream (aka cold, refreshing) on your face~

Sadly, I feel like TonyMoly products are getting harder to get in the US :( just completely dropped TonyMoly from its inventory 2-3 weeks ago! I was SO shocked, I had the Tomatox in my cart and one day it was just gone :(  BUT they do carry TonyMoly at YesStyle so that's good~  I tend to refrain from purchasing from YesStyle though because I feel like they tend to be on the expensive side but in this case, their TonyMoly products are decently priced (though Sasa was cheaper :P).

Translation of commercial clips:
At the beginning: "How old are you?"
At the end: "How old do I look?"
This TonyMoly commercial was advertising some kind of serum that smooths out your skin to make you look younger.  The girl in the MV is Narsha, from Brown Eyed Girls, best known for their sexy Abracadabra dance, and the guy is Song Joong Ki (Sungkyunkwan Scandal), an actor known for his baby face.  The "joke" is that BEG is known for being a "noona" group aka they're "old" as far as pop singers go (ages 23-29) and it's "trendy" in Korea  for guys to date older woman or rather, girls to date younger guys (if such a thing can even be a trend).   Anyway, that's what the MV is kind of poking fun at~ :)

In any case, I think I went pretty in-depth in the review video so I'll refrain from writing too much xD

TonyMoly BB Slim Pact Party Lover

Shade 2: Natural Beige

Super soft sponge!  Very easy to wash :)  I'm a NC25 (max NC30) and Shade 2 is a nice color.  It may seem a little white on application but when you blend it out it's quite natural.  It's not translucent although it is quite sheer.  Texture is creamy and blend-able although it can cake if you add to much (duh) and very moisturizing.  It does crumble sometimes though if you rub the cake too hard with the sponge :P But that started happening only after I hit the pan so it prolly does that since the cake is thinner and more fragile now.   It has Light-Medium coverage but you need to blend well and build up to it.

Overall, I really like this  little compact :)! It's so portable and convenient.  Perfect for touch-ups and has remarkably good coverage~  Recommended :)

TonyMoly Contouring Brush 

Nothing much to add beyond what I said in the video. Overall, I don't recommend it because it's just so typical and there's no way you'll be able to get this for a fair price if you need to import it.

TonyMoly Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream doubt this is one of the cutest peeling creams eva~!!  Besides the uber-cute packaging, this thing really got famous after a candid photo of a some k-celebrity couple lovingly massaging each others faces with this *sigh* started circulating the net (I searched everywhere for this pic >_< couldn't find it).  Anyway, now green apples are pretty much the symbol for "peeling" masks :P   Anyway, even with all the the hype - for once, imho, this little baby actually lives up to the hype :)!

It's quite gentle yet leaves a refreshing feel after you wash it off.  However, it's a gentle peel for reason - this is a massage cream - not an exfoliater, the exfoliating is just a bonus.  Very moisturizing and smells amazing - like sweet granny smith apples.  It's not a very intensive peel but it's ok because then even sensitive skinned people can use it.   Also the gentleness makes this is great for winter because if you over-exfoliate during winter, it will make most people very dry and flaky instead of silky smooth :P  And remember: this must be used on a dry-ish face!  It's not as effective if your face is soaking wet, so you can't use this in the shower :P

On Face Massaging & Face Washing
Koreans are big believers in face-massaging.  They believe that massaging your face helps circulation in your skin (more youthful complexion) and can even make your face smaller/create a natural face lift over time ^_^  I dunno about the latter but many celebrities swear by "face massages."   They do this by massaging in an outward-upward fashion with massage creams like Appletox.  I'd imagine that you'd have to massage your face every night to get a real effect :P but I don't think that means it doesn't work either. You should also wash your faces like this - splash on water and sweep upward and outward to rinse, never down.  While I don't know if this upward-outward massaging/face washing will really keep my face from sagging forever, better safe than sorry right ^_^?  Plus it kind of makes sense in a way....if you tug your face downward while washing, even for 15 seconds every morning and night - over a lifetime that adds up to a lot of time you spent making your face saggy, neh?

This Japanese lady was on a Korean TV show once to show how she washes her face.  She's famous for her amazing skin - and I must say - it is amazing, very firm and youthful!  Can you believe she's 52-years old?! She did an awesome demo of it on the show, she's tiny and super cute ^_^ I couldn't find the clip of the actual show I watched but the link above shows essentially the same thing.  Notice that she never tugs her skin downwards, she is always looking up, and uses only the gentlest foam on her face :) She also massages in tiny circles to stimulate circulation.  To rinse, she only dabs at her face to prevent pulling.  Both my mom and I switched over to this method after watching the show cuz it sure as hell is working for this lady xD

On the Korean version of the show they did a camera closeup of her face of a water droplet hitting her face.  The way the water drop hits your face demonstrates elasticity.  For example, when water hits a baby's skin the droplet tends to stay as one "drop," while on mature, less elastic skin, water "splashes" outwards when it hits your face.  Basically, this Japanese lady's face is literally soft as a baby's butt ^0^

I also reviewed the TonyMoly eggpore Shiny Skin Soap before.


  1. omg, the packaging of the tonymoly products are super cute!! I've never heard of the brand before and have never seen these products ^^ hope to see your reviews about it =D

  2. oooh Nice! There's this Korean store that sells Tony Moly products for quite cheap too! I tried their BB cream and I've always wanted to try the apple peeling cream! :D

  3. so cute!! i love the peach one !!!! ^___^

    i haven't heard of massaging your face until recently.. but you are right.. better safe than sorry! hehe

  4. This brand looks really good. Never heard of it before but I want to try after seeing it on your blog. Packagings are too cute.

  5. You are too cute when you tried to bite into the apple. LMAO. I really really want to try it. I'm sold on the packaging and please do us know about the egg products. They seem very interesting.

    I'll try to figure out how to get that box thingy and post it on my blog.

  6. TonyMoly really had cute packaging like you said! So tempted to make online orders but I have so much stuff that I haven't used yet. I love Narsha and BEG. ^^

    Thanks for the reviews Elle and the facial massage lesson. The lady really looks young for her age but the sound effects on the clip are making me LOL.

  7. Packaging is TOO cute! I'll have to go check out the products :]

  8. awwww the Apple cream looks really adorable~

  9. oooh the packaging is sooo cute! I wish i had bought some of their stuff when i was in korea...there is so many cosmetics there i was too overwhelmed haha!

  10. thanks for the tip for upward rinsing! :X maybe i've been doing it downward...hehe

  11. Wow, I absolutely love the containers! So cute :-)

  12. I've tried the peach cream but use it for my hands as the smell is just divine! Reminds me of lollies I used to eat.

    Have not tried the green apple though but will give it a shot. =)

  13. Ahhh I so want all of these products now lol. The packaging is ridiculously cute! It's too bad Sasa dropped the brand, cuz I really love shopping that site :(

  14. Thanks for the review!! I soooo wanna just fly to Korea and buy their products haha!

    Glad to have found your sit, following!

  15. joong ki is so cuteeeee, love him from running man!!!
    && of course narsha is gorgeous~

    the bb slim pact is most definitely party size, so cute~ great for touch ups
    i wish there were more shades available for bb creams/ compacts

    OMG LOVE LOVE LOVE the packaging =D lol definite sucker for those~
    can't wait to hear your review on the egg ones =D so excited !!!


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