Beauty(InsideOut) Giveaway numero uno!


Giveaway closes: FEB 28, 2011 @ 11:59pm EST. Winner will be announced in March Giveaway video.
Prize for this month: Original Urban Decay Naked palette with the double-ended pencil.

1.) Subscribe to Habitat for Humanity YT Channel:
2.) If under 18, please ask your parents permission since you will need to use a credit or debit card to donate. everything is in USD. No international debit cards.
3.) Donate at least $5.00 USD to FirstGiving page here Open WORLDWIDE so long that you have made a donation.

Donating Directions
1.) Go to the FirstGiving page I've set up:
2.) Enter a donation amount of $5+ USD. Please to consider covering the small fee as well (it's only .77 for a $10 donation).
3.) In Display name enter your YouTube username EXACTLY.
4.) Enter credit card info.
5.) Done :)

Please do consider donating to Love146 (ending sex slavery & human trafficking) via Missglamorazzi's channel.
Missglamorazzi's Juicy Couture Giveaways (Supports Love146):

Donating directly to Habitat:
Charity Navigator Rating: Excellent,
Hi peeps :D It's Friday (thank goodness ahah)!  I've planning this for quite awhile so I am happy that it is finally up ^_^   so if you have time please check the video out ;) In a nutshell, I'll be giving away some of my favorite beauty products to one of the peeps who donated to Habitat for Humanity every month till the end of June 2011.   For this month, the prize is the original UD Naked palette (the one with the double ended pencil) + China Glaze Re-fresh Mint and Zoya Gaia polish.   Unfortunately, the UD palette did come with two little fingerprint smudges (a la the Sephora/UD controversy tho it looks like Sephora has been deleting angry comments -_-), but as you can see in the video, the smudges are very small.  

I plan on hosting these monthly giveaways for nonprofits indefinitely, it's just a nice way to mix charity work + sharing some of my favorite goods ;)   And I am also squeaking together another "non-donating" giveaway and I'll have it up soon :)  But yeah, in the meantime, look into volunteering at your area's local Habitat!  If you don't want to work outdoors, you can volunteer at Habitat Re-stores too, they are basically Habitat-owned shops where they sell refurbished sinks, cabinets (basically Home Depot stuff) for very low prices.

Or if you're a college student and can't volunteer regularly, consider joining a Global Village team!  You do have to pay out of pocket (plane fare + team fee ($100-200 covers food, group expenses) + spending money), but it's not bad considering room & board is free, you get to travel to a lot non-touristy areas, and be in a safe group environment.  The most expensive thing is the plane ticket, honestly.  You can fundraise and ask for donations; I ended up only paying only ~$1500 of the $3000 it cost to go to Zambia (and that covered EVERYTHING including some of the most gorgeous 6ftx6ft paintings I bought from a local artisan) and all I had to do was go around to my dad's friends with a donation letter ^^;;   Africa is the most "expensive" of overseas destinations, if you're on a budget, South America is significantly cheaper.   The GV application process is fairly simple, but a lot depends on the team leaders.  There is a mini-interview when you apply for a team but it's really just so YOU get to know what kind of person the team leader is :}   If you have any questions about Global Village, just let me know.

Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. this is really nice of you! good luck on your giveaway

  2. OMG! I did not know that was why your name was called InsideOut Elle! I too believe true beauty comes from within and I love your giveaway idea.

  3. This is such an excellent idea and I really love your vision of beauty tied in with altruism. I'm going to jump on board ;-)

  4. This is such a great idea not just that you're a big supporter of a great cause but that you've made the giveaway have a little bit more meaning (if that makes sense).

  5. It's never too late to see the world right? Wow, I've never heard of Global Village before but my interests of visiting South America has grown to the brim. I do want to see other cultures and lifestyles, and do charity work at the same time. You really are such a sweetheart :) I will be participating for your cause! :)

  6. OMG! I did not know that was why your name was called InsideOut Elle! I too believe true beauty comes from within and I love your giveaway idea.

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