Review: FaceQ Grape Seed-Green Tea Mask


Purchased at: Sasa

Price: $12.50/10 masks = $1.25/mask

Face Q Grape Seed + Green Tea Mask with a unique micro-emulsion technology turns nourishment into micro-emulsion particles that are smaller and easier to penetrate into the skin, improving moisture replenishment. Mask is made from 100% wood pulp with silk, it fit your facial contour perfectly, rapidly infiltrate moisture for the skin, after use your skin with become supple with natural radiance. Formulated with all natural botanical extracts, grape seeds contain powerful proanthocyanidins antioxidant, can prevent the skin from oxidation damage, thus lose luster and flexibility. Grape seed also has synergistic effect with collagen and elastin, making skin a shiny and flexible, and prevent premature wrinkles and skin spots.
Suitable for: All skin types/mature skin.

Experience: I love the delicate grape aroma.  I really prefer this mask to the FaceQ Red Pomegranate + CoQ10 mask.  This one seems much gentler (perhaps since it's for mature skin?).  However, the results aren't ask gratifying as what I get from Silk Whitia Soy Milk and the MBD Apple Polyphenol masks.  While this mask does calm and soothe redness on my face, my face just doesn't seem as radiant :\  Also it's not as hydrating as other masks I've tried, though it certainly isn't drying.  

Fit: FaceQ masks are the most adjustable and fit the best compared to MBD to Silk Whitia.

Scent: A delicate grape scent. Very pleasing :)

Mask texture: The thinnest mask compared to MBD and Silk Whitia, very fine and paper-like.

Excess serum: Plenty for your neck and arms.  I get a good handful or two of extra serum each time. Like MBD, FaceQ serums do not need to be washed off and dry cleanly without any residue.

  • Hyaluronic Acid: Ample moisture replenishment. <-- It's not that moisturizing, but not drying either.
  • Grape Seed extract, Vitamin C and Bio-White: Calm and whitening effect <-- Does temporarily calm skin and take down redness.
  • Green Tea Extract and Japanese wasabi extract: Minimize pores and smooths skin. <-- Minimizes pores temporarily but I dunno about "smooths skin."  My skin doesn't seem plumper or anything.
Overall Results: I have no complaints about this mask - smells great, fits well, and works.  However, it just doesn't seem as effective as other masks I've tried.  I don't have much to say about this mask because it's so....mediocre in a way.  It does it's job and exactly that.  No disappointments, but no amazing results either.  However, it truly is a very gentle mask and I do recommend this to those with sensitive skin.  Also, this is a very reasonably priced mask and comes with lots of excess serum to use.  I will happily finish this box, but I do not think I will be re-purchasing simply because it doesn't amaze me. 


  1. lol, i also wanted to try this one out xD but uhm.. what the..? is it even thinner than the MBD masks?? I always thought that the MBD masks are quite thin >.<" lol.. I still want to try this brand out, probably going to buy the pink or blue one of faceQ hihi =)

  2. I've been wanting to try this brand out! Thanks for reviewing it.. =)


  3. i actually ordered this too~
    even though it didn't do least it's not disappointing XD haha

  4. sasa has some good prices.. but shipping.. ahhhh i would have to order 75$ for free shipping..

    great mask reviews~ keep em coming!

  5. i would probably love this mask too because i love the grape smell and taste!! (not that i would be eating this mask, haha)

    btw - yes, a tweetup is totally nerdy from the outside looking in!


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