Zoya 3 FREE Polishes Sale + UD Naked Palette Re-stocked @ Sephora!


We have the best fans in the world! As promised, the code is listed on the image above. The code is good for 3 Free* bottles of polish. The code is now active. (Because we love you guys and didn't want to make you wait until the 4th!) The code will be active until January 7, 2011 at 11:59PM EST.
Huge thanks to Steph for giving me heads up about Zoya's 3 FREE Polishes Sale! This sale ends in 3 days so now's your chance to grab any 3 Zoya polishes for only $6.95 total ($2.32/each) - basically, all you have to pay for is shipping!   I've tried Zoya polishes before and they have an excellent formula, silky smooth and long-lasting (though it does vary a bit by color).  I personally recommend Trixie (a beautiful silver), Goldie (a true gold), Freja (a gorgeous gunmetal, my personal favorite), and Jo (a unique, delicate cornflower blue-lavender color that is perfectly opaque with 2 coats).

All colors are in stock so grab the colors you want Zoya now, code FB2011 at checkout. This sale is limited to US.

These are the colors I picked - What Zoya colors would you get?

The famous and ever-elusive UD Naked palette is actually IN-STOCK at Sephora.   It definitely has been the most-hard-to-get palette of the season so get yours now!  Also, UD Naked Palette is now being sold for $44 on Amazon by Urban Decay.  It should qualify for free shipping even if you buy on Amazon, just read the instructions carefully.  Amazon can be your backup place to purchase if Sephora runs out of stock (which they prolly will in a few hours).  Lastly, rumor has it that the Naked palette will be re-stocked at Ulta stores/online very, very soon. Don't forget to go through E-bates if you're buying at Sephora for 4% cash back! So, gogogo :D! Good luck!


  1. nice! but the zoya site seems to be down :(

  2. Excellent deals! I've been looking around for the Naked Palette during Xmas, big mistake! lol

  3. lol i already have my colors picked out, but the site went down.. must try again some other time.. =) hehe you got pretty colors ^_^


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