The Body Shop + Kiehls Sale Alerts


It's crazy late but I just had to make a quick post because of two amazing sales going on right now:

1.) The Body Shop is having their Semi Annual Sale, buy 2 Skincare products get 1 full-size product FREE and on top of that FREE shipping on ANY order (usually it's $50+).   The free shipping is just for President's Day Weekend (aka it ends 2/21).  Also don't forget, Ebates gives 5% cash back!  Sadly, it's no longer 10% cash back since that was just a promotion but still better than nothing :}  I'm going through a TBS phase right now and lemming the Wise Woman Eye Cream - anyone have thoughts on it?  It has great reviews on Makeup Alley.

You know the drill now
1.) Ebates (my referral link if you don't mind)
2.) Click through Ebates to The Body Shop to get 5% cash back
3.) Add 3 skincare products to cart (no coupon code needed for free shipping this weekend)

And you get 3 full size products w/ free shipping + 5% of your order back :D

2.) Kiehl's is a pricey brand, no question. But right now they're having the best sale I've seen from them so far.  Basically if you buy any Age Fighting product (the most popular ones below):

...and use AGEFIGHTER coupon code... get FREE shipping on any order (usually $50+) AND a full size Strength Deep Wrinkle Filler (which I'd give to my mom ehehe).  Luckily Kiehl's is on Ebates too for 4% back too.

You get 3 free samples with every order (you get to pick) + a bonus sample of Rosa Artica, which is a limited time promo for this new product I believe.

FYI I've been getting mixed news on the deadline of this offer.  My email says this promo code ends on 2/21 (aka the end of President's Day which makes sense) so I dunno when this will end really.... In case that promo ends early, use code JOLT if you purchase the Rosa Arctica to get Free Shipping + deluxe Midnight Recovery Concentrate & Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 50+ at Kiehl's (Ends 04/01/2011).   Obviously, AGEFIGHTER is the better promo tho ;)

So yep, just wanted to share these real quick before I go to sleep ^^


  1. Thanks for sharing this piece of information! Been enjoying all the review posts and videos u uploaded on ur blog but my internet's been a blardy bitch and the comment box won't work all the time! LOL


  2. ohhhh~ thxs for the code~ hahaha yeah, kiehl's is quite expensive. :) tehehe

  3. thank you! gosh i need this for the body shop! lol

  4. i love the body shop, and i was sooo sad when they discontinued my favorite scent (the spirit of moonflower). and i've heard so many good things about kiehl's! :D

    <3, Mimi

  5. I just ordered some kiehls stuff recently too and bought that serum as well! hope its good! my skin has been sooo dry...ugh

  6. I just ordered some kiehls stuff recently too and bought that serum as well! hope its good! my skin has been sooo dry...ugh


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