Review: Benefit All You Need Is Gloss Set


I mentioned these in my February favorites video and promised here they are :D!  I'm still perfecting how to take swatch photos since the macro on my crappy-ass camera only works if the lighting is (I kid you not) PERFECT >_>  I have since discovered that using the bathroom counter under the skylight around 2pm results in the best pictures.  While I'm super pleased how the pictures I take there turn out, this means I can only take pictures on the weekend -_-  *sigh*

What it is: A limited-edition set of six Benefit lip glosses.

What it does: This glitzy gloss set includes three double-ended wands for a total of six shimmering shades. Glide them on with the soft cushion paddle for the ultimate luscious-lip look.

Purchased: $15.00+3.50S&H on Ebay, retailed for $28 @ Sephora

Packaging: Benefit is one of those brands that I feel like is limited by their odd (and mildly cheap) packaging.  Like cardboard?  The gloss tubes themselves look fine but Benefit's penchant for cardboard a la Bella Bamba, Dandelion Luminzer, and Hoola Powders visually cheapens the deal I think.  I'm nor crazy about how they stamp big, flashy prints (like the huge lips on this one -_-) on some packaging either.  I know Benefit is going for the whole retro vibe and on the whole they do a good job but on some of their stuff it comes off as so tacky :\

Anyway, the tubes themselves are well made with doe foot applicators. The only complaint I have is that I wish they stamped the gloss names onto the tube instead of using stickers (which are already falling off).

Scent: In the individual reviews because each tube has their own.  Overall, scent is not a problem because either it's fruity or very light :)

Texture: NOT STICKY :D No complaints, all of them are very smooth and light.  The darker, more glittery colors are actually hard to remove :P

Lasting Power: In individual reviews. Overall, Almost Famous and Back to the Fuchsia last the longest.  24k and I'm With the Band fades fast but leaves a nice shimmer behind.  Who Are You Wearing and Life On the List both have essentially no lasting power.  Definitely the most useless tube in the bunch.

Swatch on LT are three swipes, swatch on the RT is one swipe.

This is how the glosses are paired:
Almost Famous/I'm With the Band
Back to the Fuchsia/24k
Who Are You Wearing?/Life On the List

- 0.1 oz Almost Famous (copper penny)
  • Burnished bronze with gold sparkles.
  • A delicate, pleasant fruit candy scent.
  • This stuff lasts a long time, most long lasting in the set. It stains your lips almost. The downside is that it doesn't go very well with my lip color. I think it'd look better on someone warm-toned.
- 0.1 oz I'm with the Band (golden pink shimmer)
  • A peach with fuchsia undertones and gold shimmer.
  • A pleasant fruit candy scent that's identical to Almost Famous' scent.
  • Not long lasting at all :(

- 0.1 oz Back to the Fuchsia (sparkling fuchsia)
  • A gorgeous fuchsia with purple and silver sparkles.
  • Essentially scent-less.  I can smell a hint of fruit (and plastic from the packaging) if I'm literally sniffing it but it doesn't smell like anything really.
  • Color fades but purple sparkles remain.  Second most long lasting gloss in this set.  It's my personal favorite ^^ it adds a nice tint of color to bare lips and is a nice topper.
- 0.1 oz 24k (sexy gold)
  • A yellow gold with golden sparkles. It's a really nice gold when you put it on but it fades fast :(
  • Essentially scentless.
  • Color fades but gold sparkles remain. Tbh I would've liked a more "chrome/opaque" look but I understand that this is much more wearable :}  I wish the gold tint lasted longer tho.  It fades to just a gold shimmer pretty quickly.

- 0.1 oz Who Are You Wearing (passion fruit pink)
  • I would describe this as a bubblegum pink.  It's creamy girly pink gloss.  Either someone in the naming department dropped the ball or the stickers were misplaced >_>
  • A fruit scent that is fainter than Almost Famous/I'm With the Band.
  • Not long lasting at all :P In fact this whole tube is useless because it fades fast leaving behind essentially nothing :\
- 0.1 oz Life on the A List (bubble gum pink)
  • A light, creamy peach with very faint gold shimmers. 
  • A fruit scent that is fainter than Almost Famous/I'm With the Band.
  • Not long lasting at all - fades even faster than Who Are You Wearing?  

I really like Back to the Fuchsia and 24k, that one tube is a keeper.  Almost Famous is nice but doesn't match with my skintone.   I'm With the Band, Who Are You Wearing, and Life On the List are too sheer to be of any use.  I could have done without the third tube entirely.  Basically, this gloss set is straight up a 50-50 mixed bag.  I don't regret getting it because .1 oz is a good size for me (I never finish full-sized tubes) and I got a nice mix of colors.   It's very convenient too!   I'd recommend this cause for pete's sake they're selling for SO LOW on Ebay -_____-  I actually paid a lot more than I should have ($18.50) :P While I was looking for it that was the lowest price and now there are a bunch selling for as low as $7 -_-;;


  1. Great review! I was tempted to buy them during xmas but when I swatched them at a sephora, I wasn't too happy with it. They don't stand out that much for me (with million of products on the market these days). I like the combo of Who are You Wearing and Life on the A List the most. Very girly and versatile. Too bad they are not long lasting at all :(

  2. Nice review! Although I'm not a crazy fan of glosses the colors are nice. Seems pigmented enough for glosses also.

  3. Great review ^^ ! I like the life on the list the most. too bad that it's not really long lasting =(

  4. Great review now I want these I love lipgloss :)

  5. Thanks for the great review! I've never tried any of Benefit's glosses, but the colors look really pretty in this set. And for about $3/color for a brand name gloss, it's a pretty good value. I'm tempted to pick up a set for myself, but I still haven't gone through any of my Tarte glosses from the holiday set >.<

  6. Great review!! Super pretty glosses...I want! :D

  7. Another great review, these glosses are so pretty :)

  8. Great review! so detailed!! the glosses are super pretty and good deal too.

  9. I'm so sad that the Life in lust is not long lasting or the pigmentation of it looks so-so. :( From the swatches it was my favorite. I do like "with the band"...overall great lipgloss set and for a bargain!

  10. the only one i like is life on the list..but because it's so sheer.. there's almost no point in getting it...

    && i love how time specific you are on good lighting lol

  11. Sounds like a nice formula. I've tried a bunch of Benefit products before and have never ever left a counter with something because the service is so poor ;-x I really like the shade I'm With The Band though ! It reminds me of orgasm blush haha -- pity the last power is terrible !


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