Review: TonyMoly eggpore Blackhead Out Oil Gel + Silky Smooth Balm


Finally got around to reviewing these - eggs from the ever popular eggpore line xD There are three eggs in the line:

The whole family!

I don't have the tan egg in the middle - the Tightening Pack (Cosmetic Candy's review of all three) - but I hear it's pretty good.  Normally, these eggs are used in the order shown above to "maximize" effectiveness.  The white egg removes blackheads, the brown egg tightens your cleaned pores, and the golden egg is a MAKEUP (not a skincare) product that fills in enlarged pores/wrinkles/textured scars to create a smooth canvas for makeup.  I have no particular reason why I only picked up two of the three eggs...I think I just chose based on color ^^

Purchased: In Korea but these are easily bought online via Sasa ($12-$14.60) or YesStyle ($17-$18).  Sasa has better prices, as usual.

Packaging: Nice n' sturdy.  Each egg is pretty big, it can be a bother to store really.  Otherwise it's well-made and very cute.  However, I deeply dislike how I have to dip my fingers into the jars. I know I border on germ-o-phobic but considering the fact that blackheads stem from dirt, it just seems counter-intuitive to have pore-reducing products in a jar form where there is ample opportunity to infect it with dirt and such >.<  But that said - just wash your hands or use a spoon.

Also WHERE ARE THE SEEDS ;_;? In retrospect, of course they wouldn't include seeds with a makeup item but I found it strangely disappointing :(

Blackhead Out Oil Gel

Containing Egg elements and Magic capsules which remove dead skin cells and excessive sebum. The oil gel effectively purifies the whiteheads, blackheads, excessive sebum and trapped dirt in the deep pores. Pore trouble care solution helps to purify the skin, manages dead skin cells, provide nutrients and protects skin from further damages. It also improves various skin troubles with its unique lightweight jelly-like texture and helps to keep skin looking clean and clear. Camellia Flower extract soothe and calms the skin. - TonyMoly
Scent: Strong artificial flowers?  Not a bad scent but it's not pleasing either since it's quite strong.

Texture: Gel-like with an oil-y feel.  Or as TonyMoly says, a "jelly-like" texture.  Has little orange balls (TonyMoly calls them "magic balls" *oooo*) and grains of sand? in it.

Experience: It definitely has an oil slick feel to it.  The smell was quite strong out of the jar but faded after you put it on the face.  Below you can see my brother's nose (he is my perennial guinea pig ^_~) who has a blackhead problem on his nose :P He touches his face way~ too much.  Anyway, he washed his face and dried it.  The gel oil went on clear but while massaging for a bit, it foamed into a milky white. 

He said that there was no residue and there was no irritation. On the downside, we didn't see much change at all :\  Given the pics above was after only one treatment but still....   The blackheads look a little smaller, but I don't know if that's me hallucinating. My brother thinks it didn't change at all :\  We've given this 2 more tries after the pics above and I still didn't see any drastic changes.   My brother's blackheads are pretty severe in my book so I expected to see a more noticeable improvement :P

- remove dead skin cells and excessive sebum 
  • <--- It did remove as much oil and dead skin cells as it would've if I'd just washed my face with soap and water I think.
- purifies the whiteheads, blackheads, excessive sebum and trapped dirt in the deep pores 
 <--- it did remove some blackheads.  My brother doesn't have to any whiteheads but those are usually easier to remove.
- purify the skin, manages dead skin cells, provide nutrients and protects skin from further damages 
  • <--- This is something that you can only confirm over time and tbh I sort of doubt it.
- improves various skin troubles with its unique lightweight jelly-like texture 
  • <--- This IS a moisturizing sort of product since it has an oily component.  But "improve various skin troubles"? Sounds vague to me.
- helps to keep skin looking clean and clear 
  • <--- As would any product that removes blackheads.
- soothe and calms the skin  
  • <--- Uhmmm I guess it could but I wouldn't put this on irritated skin intentionally.
Eh...Korean skincare packaging can be so wordy -_-

I don't recommend this.  Given that my bro's blackheads are severe, the fact that we saw only minimal improvement (if any), I doubt people with fewer blackheads will be satisfied.  Overall, I just think it's an ineffectual product.  You'd probably get better results just steaming your face/massaging your face with a hot cloth.

Silky Smooth Balm

Art skin gel balm type primer conceals the enlarged pores, fine wrinkles and minor scars to give the skin a velvety smooth, soft and silky look. The combination of Porous powder and Selemin AN manages the excessive sebum and tightens the enlarged pores. Applying the balm helps the base makeup to be applied and glide on smoothly. In addition, Camellia Flower extract and Skin Growth Complex manages dead skin cells and strengthen elasticity of skin for an optimum skin-tightening effect. - TonyMoly
Scent: Very mild, delicate floral?  Not quite floral but it's very faint and pleasing.

Texture: Velvety, silky texture.  It's silicone-based so it has a smooth slickness when you rub it on your face.  Your face doesn't "absorb" this primer as much as it sinks into any pores/wrinkles and fill them in.

Experience: You use this after moisturizer and before foundation.  If you've tried the Lioele Secret Pore Rich Balm or Boscia Skin Perfecting Primer, this is pretty much exactly like those.  All fill pores nicely and set transparently so any skin color can use it.  You can wear this alone and it helps smooth out your complexion by filling in the "holes" that create "shadows" on your face (those with pitted scars know what I mean ^_^).  However, it will not cover colored blemishes though this does allow things like concealer and foundation to cover colored blemishes more easily since it creates a smoother canvas.  I think that these primers are prone to caking so just remember a little goes a long way.  And keep in mind, this won't fill in anything wider than 2-3mm wide.  I have some pitted scars around my temples and this does settle in those hollows but so "much" balm settles in there that it rolls off when I'm putting on BBcream or powder.  So, yeah.  This will only work on big pores and small scars.

- conceals the enlarged pores, fine wrinkles and minor scars to give the skin a velvety smooth, soft and silky look 
  • <-- I would say yes :)
- manages the excessive sebum and tightens the enlarged pores 
  • <-- arghhh...pores cannot "tighten"!  But yes, there was a tiny bit of oil reduction, prolly since all the pores are being blocked by this balm ^^
- helps the base makeup to be applied and glide on smoothly 
  • <-- Yes! Very much so.
- manages dead skin cells and strengthen elasticity of skin for an optimum skin-tightening effect  
  • <---uhmm...what? I'm not sure how this "manages dead skin cells."  I think over time this may strengthen skin elasticity and skin-tightening, but I'm not sure.

This is one of those products that I do think works pretty well but I wouldn't buy again for personal reasons:
1.) The effect of this balm is minimal on me because large pores/wrinkles aren't a problem (colored scars are).
2.) I'm too lazy to add an entire step to my makeup routine for what I think is a fairly minimal effect.
3.) I'm not crazy about the idea of using a primer with a silicone base every day.  I feel like my skin won't be able to breathe (tho I admit that could be me being overly paranoid).
I would recommend that people try this if they specifically have enlarged pores and/or fine (not severe) wrinkles.  Little ice pick scars would be nicely covered by this too.   If you have general acne scars (aka red spots) or deep, wide scars this will not work well for you; you will be better off with concealers.  If you have rough patches on your face this might work though I'm not sure since I don't have rough patches myself.

If you like the Lioele Secret Pore Rich Balm ($27.50) or Boscia Skin Perfecting Primer ($28), this is a very good dupe, especially since the TonyMoly primer is quite a bit cheaper.  The Lioele version smells a bit more fruity and the Boscia has its trademark clean scent.   All three fill in pores and minor scars quite well, a little goes a long way, and can be used by those of any skin color.  Honestly, after trying all three, besides the scent I'm convinced that these primers are all the same :\


  1. aw the blackhead out gel looked so cool. but thats sad it's not that great. >_< Thanks for the review Elle! <3 ^_^

  2. Thanks for the reviews! I love the packaging theyre so cute ><

    Check out my site, I'll be your personal shopper! ;)

  3. What's with korea and all the egg shaped products? lol I think holicka holicka has one right? Its cute tho I would probably be drawn to it cause its shaped egg XD

    haha that's thanks to my bro's DSLR that he never uses so I steal it for blog posts hehe although it seems to capture food better than swatches lol

  4. I've used bliv's blackhead treatment, and I love it. I've stopped, and my blackheads on my noise are back. sigh.

    btw, what the heck, the egg packaging is adorable.

  5. Thought of buying it when my bf went to Korea. Lucky didn't, seem like it doesn't work as what it claim..

  6. omg that egg packaging is SOOO cute.. but i totally agree with you it's super counterintuitive to have to stick your fingers in it.. i thought it was lipbalm at first hahaha..

  7. The packagings are so darn cuteee ^^ !!! would only buy it because of the packaging haha =p, too bad that the Blackhead Out Oil Gel didn't really have any effect =/ how pricey are these products?

    1. I paid w8 000 for the gel at Homeplus. Not sure if it was on sale. My nose felt very clean after I used it (the gel) and I like the egg smell of it. I will continue using it and see if it works. I have struggled many years with black nose pores, so I am willing to try anything and the pics the had of before and after looked really good and legit. I do think though that it is a product that shows results after a week of maybe more of every day use. Do be careful with the packaging though. It is really smooth and can easily slip out of ones hands. ( I have to go get another one tonight as I dropped the entire contents out in my shower. Don't try to close this products while your hands are still wet.)

  8. the egg packaging is adorable! haha i would totally get it too if i saw it in a store! :P

    its a shame it didn't work effectively... :(

    RYC: the heart shaped glitters were not that hard to remove since i soak a cotton pad with nail polish remover and slap it on to my nails for a few seconds before rubbing :)

    ps. Happy belated Valentine's day! hope you had a lot of fun! :)

  9. great review !! ^__^

    the egg is so cute !!

    lol about your brother being your guinea pig.. i didn't really see a difference.. but like you said.. its only one use..

  10. One day I will own a product from TonyMoly... hehe~ The packaging is so cute! I'm in love with it. :) Thanks for the thorough review.

  11. I've seen this a few times and I'm dying to try it out!!! They look so cute too! Your review was really informative :)

  12. aww the packaging is super adorable! and the gel looks so yummy. but it didn't seem to work on you =( how sad.

  13. aww i was so hoping it works when i started reading your post :( even clicked on the link lol

    what do u think is the best blackhead minimizer product? i dont have severe issue, but since i dont wear foundation i think mine are slightly visible...:/
    ooh maybe you should do something like "best product for..." but it is probably too much work lol

  14. i've been waitttinnnggg for this review =D
    yipee it's finally up!!!!
    && boo they don't work ='[
    at least you can use the containers as plant pots =D

    ='[ they look so cute thoughhhh~

  15. Eggs are so cute but the whole sticking your fingers in it. Lol. We will never let that go when it comes to the packaging of these products. Love reading your reviews.

  16. I can't help but be distracted by the cuteness of Tony Moly products ! Haha. I still have the tomato mask I bought when I visited Seoul. Was it just me, or was there a Tony Moly around almost every corner ? X-D Very nice review.

  17. ahahh yeah...and not just tonymoly. I feel like these shops tend to cluster together and compete...^_^

  18. Hi Elle,

    I just discovered this product and the salesperson was sharing with me that apparently there was a mistake in the instruction label below and that you should leave it on for 3-5minutes before massaging instead of immediately massaging for 3-5minutes. She was saying that that miscommunication was leading to alot of complaints and reviews that this product wasn't effective.. Your views?

  19. Hey daniel -- I don't know about a mistake on the label but perhaps it would make a difference.  All I know is that we tried it at least 4x and it didn't work very well (if at all).  My thought is that I really don't know how it would make much of a difference letting it soak in first would make.  Ultimately the Blackhead Out Oil Gel is just an emulsifying oil that helps the dirt "slip out" of the pores easier....perhaps letting the oil soak in a bit would make removing the blackheads a tad easier but in my case, we massaged the oil in for about 5+ minutes and the fact the difference was SO LITTLE makes me doubt an extra 3-5 minutes of waiting would've made a difference.

    If you try it using the "revised" method though and it works - please let me know :)

  20. Hi Elle,

    My blackhead issues aren't VERY bad, so I can't say there's been phenomenal results but it does seem to work. After leaving the gel on for about 5mins (usually more cos I always forget), it just takes a few rubs and I notice quite a number of small, white nodules appearing out of nowhere. At first I thought it was the yellow ball breaking down, but I removed the balls totally once and got similar results. I use this together with the pore tightener on my nose and I must say it has really improved the condition and size of my pores quite abit, considering ive only used it 4 times in the past 2 weeks.

    You might want to try again...?

    1. Daniel. Did you wash the product off your nose after the 5minutes, or did you rub it into your nose. I can't figure out just how to use it. Any advice?

  21. I hope I don't sound too cynical ^^ but I think rubbing one's face with ANY kind of oily emulsifier would remove some blackheads.   In general, I have never used any blackhead product that significantly removed blackheads except the Boscia Black Mask.  I am still a little on the fence about the Oil Gel but I have heard good things about the pore tightener (the brown egg).  

    Blackheads aren't much of an issue for me anymore because I do not touch my face habitually anymore -- but I am glad this regime is working for you! Unfortunately, I can't try this anymore as I gave it to one of my friends since she was curious about it.  If it works for her I shall let you know :)

    Thanks for your input - it's always interesting to hear how different skin react to the same products.

  22. Hi Elle

    just came across yr blog as i just returned from
    i didn't know we must buy skin care products in
    korea as others are quite expensive and the only things which are cheaper are
    their skin care products

    bought a little though which include this
    blackhead out oi geal- as I didn’t do any research prior before heading to
    korea. I didn’t know what to buy, just grab on what I think it might works for

    Tried once
    only and I gonna try a few times to see whether there is any improvement. Didn’t
    know need to get 2 of them as a complete set.haha.

    wondering can i order online for korea skin care products? as i will not fly to
    korea in near future. any website to recommend?

  23. Hey Janice :) ahah that's how I got my first batch of Korean products...I just picked up random stuff in Korea ;) I mostly picked things based on packaging eheh

    Yup, actually the TonyMoly Egg set is 3 (I am missing step 2, the tan egg). Each step does something different but I don't think you necessarily need all 3 to see results. The last step (the gold egg), is actually makeup anyway~

    The places I order korean skincare are usually bonjouhk and sasa, though I prefer bonjourhk. I avoid eBay. I always list where I got my products (unless I picked them up in Korea) in each my reviews so hopefully that helps :)

  24. Hey Janice,
    I swear I replied to this (i must be going crazy)...but just in case! I usually order my korean cosmetics from and I tend to avoid ebay :P and while I have purchased from other websites, I don't recommend them for the brands I use the most often (skinfood, etude house, tonymoly) since they tend to mark up a lot more than I like.

  25. hmm i have the blackhead out balm one and it works for me xD what i do is i rub it in for about 3-5 minutes and then wash it out with warm water. it helps if you did a steam mask before this too :D

  26. I have the gel. I bought it last night. The packaging looks so cute and I expected to get so much more product, because the container is so big. It turned out that the gel is only in the bottom part of the container. The egg shaped container looks cute, but is really awkward. I dropped the whole dang thing on my bathroom floor while trying to close it. The contents were all over the floor and walls. Total waste of my money. The container is really smooth with not much grip, so if you use this, be very careful not to handle it with wet hands. I am still not sure if the products is rubbed onto the nose and left there, or whether one should rinse it off. It foams up and I thought well, the micro granuals need to be rinsed away. Really not sure though. I don't read or speak Korean, so that really does leave me handy capped in this country.

  27. Definitely going to buy tony moly egg series!

  28. @Amanda Koker You are right that the packaging of TonyMoly Egg seems to be very cute. Although haven't tried this product and I hope this could really be as effective like what am using right. Will gonna try this product and let see how it goes on my skin. :)

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