Review: TonyMoly + The Face Shop + Missha


I think I only have one or two things left to review from my 2010 Korea-trip haul now :D They're all sunscreens and not "popular" items people want to know about so yahhh ^_^v  I also made a few small orders of more sheet masks (I know, I'm insane but I actually used ALL the ones I ordered last time and my skin has really improved from 3-4 months ago).  I purchased a number of masks from lesser known Korean brands like Cosline, Skinlite, and VOV along with the usual MBD and Silk Whitia.  I can't wait to review them but Sasa has been taking forever - almost three friggin weeks (they were exceptionally slow this time, it's usually just 2 weeks) but it should be here in a week or so.

For people who skipped the end ^^ there were some general announcements:
1.) Giveaway to win a UD Naked Palette (w/ pencil) ends in 10 days (2/28).  Minimum donation of $5, that's it :)
2.)  I've opened a little Blogsale (tab in the horizontal menu) with a few items I am weeding out.  Most of these products aren't necessarily bad - they just don't work for me and I figure it's better to let people who might want to try these for pretty darn cheap if I say so myself ;)
3.) I have v-log channel of ridiculousness.
4.) And...hi real-life peeps!  You guys know who you are ^_~  And uhhh, try not to laugh at me too much hehehe >0< Like at my overuse of emoticons @_@

TonyMoly eggpore Blackhead Out Oil Gel + Silky Pore Balm
Full review here.

The Face Shop Oil Blotting Papers

I don't like these.  I've seen these go on Ebay for as low as .99/packet (not including S&H of course) but even so, I don't think these are worth buying.  The famous Boscia blotting papers are just so superior, even at $10/packet.  The texture, feel, and paper-y scent of the TFS sheets literally makes you feel like you're blotting with brown lunch bags :\  The only positive I have to say about these is that since they're thick, they don't tear easily even when soaked with oil ;)

The Face Shop Gold Eyelash Curler

This is the eyelash curler I use at the moment but I'm not particularly fond of it.   It works and fits my eye well (much better than American brands) since it's flatter, but it is tarnishing and it's been less than a year :( And that is all I have to say about this.  Maybe the silver color will be fine but the gold one - stay away :P

Missha The Shining Stick Eyes
Full review here.

Lots of 'nays' in this batch review, unfortunately. I don't recommend the TonyMoly Blackhead Out Oil Gel, the TFS Oil Blotting Papers, or the TFS gold eyelash curler.  I recommend the TonyMoly Silky Smooth Balm only to those with small textural scars and wrinkles.  The only thing I do recommend for everyone to try are the Missha The Shining Stick Eyes.  However, considering how difficult it is to get in America, I'd add that you should only buy it online if you can get it below $8 USD at least.  Anything more, you may regret it since there have been people saying it creases a lot on them (why it doesn't on me I'm not sure).


  1. You order masks from Cosline, Skinlite, VOV, MBD and Silk Whitia? Wao.. that's a lot of brand. I only ever try MBD and skinlite nose pad. And i think MBD mask is just ok, and skinlite nose pad is great, did you try faceQ? I like faceQ mask, it fit better than MBD.

  2. @angel eheh yeah I guess so. You're right that the FaceQ masks fit the best but I think the MBD formula is better and more effective. To each their own ^_^

  3. OMMMMG you are sooo freakin' cute on vlog!! i love it!! haha.. you're skin is seriously amazing.. and so fair.. what foundation do you use??

  4. I Love your video reviews!^__^* They are the best from the whole YT!
    ( ^o^)/
    And I'm checking out your Vlog channel!:D<3

  5. I just ordered the Tony Moly egg pore thing from Sasa! I can't wait for it to arrive so I can test it out :D

  6. *Edit: Ahh I missed the part at the end where you said you don't recommend it - too bad I put my order in last week already or else I wouldn't have gotten it >.<

  7. Great, informative review as usual ;-D I'm always a bit iffy about some of these cute packaging brands cause' I don't know if it's a good quality brand or a mediocre one where they're trying to draw me in with all the kawaiiness ! Hahah -- it's always kind of odd & funny to find out people you know in real life are reading your blog or watching your videos ! I try not to think about it X-D.

  8. I love your comments and reviews :)
    Very neutral and honest comments that I would really love to hear about, especially those TonyMoly products...
    Just as I thought, they are pretty to look at but not practical enough! And now I learnt a lesson about pores, they won't open or close! stupid me x__X


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