Review: My Beauty Diary Damask Rose Mask


Whee~ here's the last Blooming of Beauty mask I've tried.  It's probably my second favorite of the three, but in terms of's my #1 :)   And to respond to Joyce, yessss I got the maximum of 7 Zoya polishes (aka I got 14) from the Zoya BOGO promo!  I spent so much I even qualified for free shipping -_- but ultimately, 14 polishes for $56 =  $4/polish w00t!  I plead temporary insanity but lord knows I AM EXCITED.   I've heard a lot of complaints about the Sunshine collection's formula but I don't care, I love sparkles so I think I got all the colors except for Rica ^_^v  Overall, though I would say I've seen better collections - all three Zoya collections for Spring were so...dupable in some ways.  I dunno. For people who missed out, no worries.  Zoya does a lot of excellent promos, some are BOGO free on the entire website so this promo, in the big picture, was not actually all that great. Lastly, I've been wrapped up in a lot of stuff lately, hence the ever-so-slow updates and lack of blog-hopping/commenting :(

Purchased at: BonjourHK

Price: $7.60 USD/5 masks = $1.52/mask + S&H

Description: Brightening, moisturizing, improve skin radiance.

Suitable for: All skin types.

Experience: I was so excited about this whole "ice cream in a mask" idea.   When I opened the packet I got a whiff of a very sweet rose...if that makes any sense.   It was a pretty mild scent so even as a not-crazy-about-rose-scented-things person, I liked it.   Whilst I had on this mask, the experience was quite nice.  Nice fragrance, mask stuck on well, no irritation.  Afterward my face looked brighter and more radiant.  My face felt moisturized and all in all, it was a good spa-like experience.  Downside, I expected some kind of massive cooling effect (ice cream anyone?) and this mask was just cool when I initially put it on and that's it :\  In other words, it was only cool on my face for 5-10 minutes because's just wet.  Given, redness did go down but regardless, I was looking for a cooling effect a la Skin Food Vita-A Gel mask.  Speaking of, I have yet to encounter a face mask as wonderfully cooling as those SF gel masks (they're a close contender for my #1 mask of all time actually ^_~).

Fit: Cut and size are identical to the MBD Natural Key line masks.  2 slits around the chin and as I've said 100x before, MBD masks happen to fit me perfectly so the fit was excellent.

Scent: A sugary sweet rose.  There's really no other way to describe it. Very mild and pleasant; tolerable to even those not nuts about rose scented things :)

Mask texture: Smooth, silky, very absorbent, a hair thinner than the regular MBD Natural Key line.

Excess serum: Mask itself is well drenched but there is only about dime sized amount of excess serum for your neck.

Claims: Brightening, moisturizing, improve skin radiance.  I would say this mask does all these things. It mostly temporarily brightens and improves radiance.  This mask is moisturizing, yes but it's not SO moisturizing I'd recommend this for dry skinned peeps.  As an oily skinned person though, this was just enough hydration.  In any case, if you're looking for moisturization in the Blooming of Beauty line, apparently the Sunflower mask is the way to go. Overall, I'd say this mask does what it claims to do.

Overall Results: Quite good, it does everything it promises and the experience of using it is always nice.  I have no significant complaints about it other than I wish it had an more tangible cooling effect to play into the ice cream theme.  That's just a nitpick though.  However, even though this mask is a good 8/10 at least, I probably would not repurchase this.  I say this because personally I have enjoyed other masks more and the price tag is too much for results I can get from (ever so slightly) cheaper masks. I literally use sheet masks at least every other day (minimum 3-4x a week) because they have made a huge difference for me.  I know this sounds like a nutty investment to others but it's what works for me.  Hence I need quite a large hoard of sheet masks to get me through the months and those few cents add up for me fast.   While the results of this mask were nice, I just happen to like other masks more (which I will discuss in my Uber-Ranking of Sheet Masks post... which I will finish soon, God willing).  This mask didn't blow me away by any means but I don't regret buying a box to try at all :) 

Overall, I do recommend people try this mask for themselves.  It's a fun, sweetly scented, gentle, effective mask.  Price isn't too bad at all either, very reasonable on BonjourHK.  Don't expect miracles, but it does the job~


  1. Is this the new packaging from MBD ? I never seen this packaging in Malaysia before. Can't wait to try it soon ^^

  2. You're welcome Elle^^ and thank you so much for your comment :) i'm so happy to read that and that you're satisfied with the ring^^
    have a beautiful day :)

  3. i recently bought some MBD masks from a blog sale and i believe this variant is included in the lot i purchased, i cant wait to try it! im not crazy about rose scents too! but i can tolerate it if its mild :)

    thank u for this review! now i know what to expect! i love brightening masks :D

  4. waah, $7.60 USD/5 masks is cheap xD I waaaant this, do you know where can I buy it online?

  5. i want to try this ! lol looks "yummy" but sucks that it didn't give much a cooling effect. i love your mask reviews and will look back on it when i finally decide to order =D

  6. haha i can't believe u got all those! i m waiting for another promo so i can get the yellow (pippi?).

    we need to meet up and do a swap! or we can just meet up and do our nails with each other's nail polishes :D

  7. hahah i can't wait to try this one.. and i also wanted to do the ranking mask post =p since I've tried loads already xD

  8. Deff wanna try this out, an ice cream mask? thats some whack idea :L Id probs try to eat it :L
    Another very useful and informative post :))

  9. Hehee, the ice cream scent turns me on! =)
    I need to start using some masks, I haven't used one in months!

  10. I was intrigued when I saw the Coldstone sign... lol! Thanks for the review dear, and I can't wait to see your nail polishes ^_^

  11. @Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린 Hey hye rin :) I always link the page where I bought it under Purchased at. Just click on "BonjourHK" in my post and it'll take you directly to the page.

    @siwing ahah glad they're helpful :D I'm so obsessed with sheet's a diseaseeeee. I saw your tweet about BonjourHK tho - i'll respond to that on twitter.

    @Joyce SERIOUSLY. I went nuts xD! ehhe u and your yellows ^_^ yesss a meet for nails and swapping...eheh so girly :}

  12. ou lala~ "Uber-Ranking" sheet mask post~ i'm excited =D

    this mask doesn't really appeal to me... i mean... the whole ice cream should be cooling bit makes sense, but the fact that this mask doesn't offer it... kinda sucks...

  13. O: Ice cream in a mask? That DOES sound super-cool (heh heh... pun intended. 8) )

    And overall it sounds like a nice enough mask--- still makes me want to get that super-cooling gel one, though. C:<

    Awesome review, as always~~

  14. Skin Food masks aren't very popular here in Korea, but after reading your review I really want to try them out! Please check out my blog as well!

  15. Haha man you keep posting about My Beauty Diary and it makes me wanting to try out some sheet masks. I just got one from The Face Shop so I hope it is good.


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