Review: My Beauty Diary French White Lily Mask


A special collection in celebration of the Taipei International Flora Expo, this limited-edition face mask harnesses the skin soothing and whitening qualities of the lily for a noticeably radiant and fairer complexion.
Purchased at: BonjourHK

Welcome to my new My Beauty Diary source!  It's significantly cheaper than Sasa and carries more products.  They even have some Holika Holika items :)!! If you want to try HH items, their Bulgarian Rose line is their newest release.  I personally find their Strawberry line the most tempting though ^_^  I'm toying around with purchasing some HH items.  There seems to be a dearth of HH reviews and I'd like to be one of the first to get on that (eheh that's what she said ;) sorry I can never resist a naughty joke ^^).  Anyway, if anyone wants me to reviews some more Holika Holika (some HH reviews I did before), let me know so I can include one or two in my next batch.

Their shipping was quite fast all things considered.  It took ~2-3 weeks and everything came neatly bundled.  The downside is that their minimum for free shipping is $99 USD and otherwise has $10 S&H no matter how little you buy.  Keep in mind everything is not cheaper across the board - just generally.  You still need to do some price comparisons and they have no re-stock product alerts (GAHHH), which is really annoying. Also their website navigation is uber clunky, they have no product descriptions (a real hassle when trying to pick new products to try -_-), and you are strictly limited to 2 of each item :P  I would say overall, BonjourHK has a slightly wider brand selection and good prices but terrible site design, which really does ruin the overall experience.   Nonetheless, I recommend you check out this site out! Their Laniege items are the cheapest I've seen so far and they have a couple Korean brands unavailable elsewhere.

Price: $7.60/5 pieces = $1.52/each + S&H. So yes, these are more expensive than the Natural Key line, which run about .20 less per mask.

Description: Whitening, soothing.

Suitable for: All skin types.

Experience: Lovely scent when I open the packet.  I get the cooling sensation that I love with sheet masks (probably b/c of the serum not because white lily is cooling or anything xD).  The experience is very nice and what I especially like about this mask is that it does exactly what it promises and does it well. As soon as I take off a mask my face soothed, brightened, and (temporarily at least) whitened (since the redness is down).  And just to clarify, by "whitened" I mean "even skintone."  My face definitely looks more luminous and it's nice to get such a good result from what seems to be gentle mask.

Fit: The BoB masks I have are the same shape as the MBD Natural Key line masks.  It has 2 slits around the chin and while there has been confusion over the number of slits (if anyone knows why let me know), the mask fits well on me.  Rinny has said the MBD masks she's tried has 4 slits and I do know that MBD has been changing the mask cut so don't assume your mask is fake or something if it has 2 or 4 slits. 

Scent: A very delicate, light lily scent. I'm not crazy about floral scents but it's such a mild, delicate scent I don't mind it at all.  It has a very clean undertone.

Mask texture: Soft and silky. It's a hair thinner than the MBD Natural Key line, much like FaceQ masks actually. But these BoB masks seem more absorbent than the FaceQ masks somehow.  Anyway, it's nice and sticks to your face well.

Excess serum: *sigh* I know I'm unique in my preference but I like my masks with a lot of excess serum (aka drenched) a la Silk Whitia masks.   In that sense, the BoB series has even less extra serum than the MBD Natural Key line.  This is keeping in mind that overall, MBD has the least excess serum compared to Silk Whitia and FaceQ.  BUT on the upside, all MBD masks are still very wet so don't worry about that :) the BoB series is no exception, it has plenty on the serum on the mask itself and since the masks holds the serum well, all the serum ends up on your face :)   As I've said many times before, it's a personal preference thing.

Claims: Like I said, this mask does everything it promises well.  Very soothing and gentle.  Redness goes way down, no irritation, and the very light floral scent is soothing xD  I don't know about long-term whitening but it definitely temporarily whitens/evens my skintone.  My skin feel very smooth, plumped, and refreshed afterwards. 

Overall Results: I really like this mask. I'm going to say right out that it's one of my favorites and in my top 5 sheet masks overall.  Not bad considering I've tried over 15 different sheet masks so far (I know I am insaneee ><).  I am surprisingly fond of the French White Lily mask scent; floral usually comes across as heavy and musty to me but this has a very pleasing, clean scent.  Overall, I highly recommend this mask.  Of the three Blooming of Beauty series masks I've tried this is my favorite.


  1. nice review, love the fact that the mask does everything it promises well. Very soothing and gentle. Redness goes way down, no irritation,

  2. I'm glad you reviewed this! :D I prefer excess serum as well! You are not alone! You should def review the HH masks if you ever come across buying it :) MBD seems to be the staple mask across the blogosphere at the moment :p

    I'm going to check the site now :D

  3. sweet!!! i was waiting for this!!!

    LOL i love "that's what she said" jokes =D

    i just checked out BonjourHK today... definitely hard to navigate... and the language kept on changing on me too ><

    sounds like a lovely mask to try!!!
    good to know not only is it in your top 5 but also does everything it claims ~

  4. nice review! lol 15+ isn't insane :D not for a beauty blogger at least XD

  5. Thanks for reviewing this Elle! I was compiling a list of things to get from HK in the summer and now I'm definitely adding this to my list :P

  6. @StephI know that site navigation is so bad -_-

    @Priscilla ahhh you're going to HK :D so jealous!! I would to love to visit one day~ definitely let me know how your trip goes!

  7. I'm glad you reviewed this! :D I prefer excess serum as well! You are not alone! You should def review the HH masks if you ever come across buying it :) MBD seems to be the staple mask across the blogosphere at the moment :p

    I'm going to check the site now :D


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