Godiva Ice Cream Parlor Truffles


I have a peculiar love of taking macro pictures of food cross-sections (don't ask me why).  So of course when Godiva released a seasonal collection of chocolates that has me super-excited - it's called Ice Cream Parlor - I just had to take some pictures of it!

Limited Edition Ice Cream Parlor Truffles

Our limited edition Ice Cream Parlor Truffle Collection has expanded with 2 new delicious flavors, Banana Split and Black Raspberry, offered in the Boutique Chocolate Case. These truffles join your returning favorites such as Mint Chocolate Chip, Rocky Road, Neapolitan, Pistachio, Double Dark Chocolate, Lemon Sorbet and Pecan Caramel Sundae.

The website lists only 6 ice cream truffles but I know there are at least 10+ varieties.  It's been next to impossible to find a full listing of all the available flavors (either Google has failed me or Godiva needs to work on their SEO).  Whatever, this is a collection Godiva has done before so I'm sure there are many other delectable flavors floating around out there.

Neapolitan, Mint Chocolate Chip, Banana Split, Pistachio

My crap photography skills don't do them justice but gosh, these little babies just melt my heart....   I only got 4 this time around but I'm sure next time I pass the shop it'll be another four (or all the other flavors available ^_~).

Our Neapolitan Ice Cream Parlor Truffles feature a dual center of strawberry and vanilla ganache, enrobed in milk chocolate.
Neapolitan - It's supposed to be the classic vanilla, chocolate, strawberry mix.  I put this one first cuz it was my least favorite :P The flavor was so typical and aside from how purty the cross-section is, I didn't really enjoy this one.  It just tastes like any ol' chocolate+strawberry sweet.  The strawberry tasted really artificial too.  I don't really recommend this one.

Taste aside, the dual center certainly does photograph beautifully though doesn't it ^_^?  Also love the creamy consistency.

Not on website.
Banana Split - Milk chocolate+walnuts+strawberry+banana (the bottom).  The banana flavor was surprisingly strong in this one, and overall this actually tasted like a Banana Split.  I rather liked this one - the creamy banana taste was fairly unusual and made this taste authentically "banana-split"-y.   My bro said he thought it tasted bitter though, which I thought was odd.

Our delicious Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Parlor truffles feature mint ganache and Godiva chocolate chips, enrobed in a dark chocolate shell.
Mint Chocolate Chip - omg this seriously tastes just like a spoonful of warm mint chocolate chip!  If you like mint chocolate ice cream, you'll really like this one.  I will say the mint chocolate flavor itself is kind of prosaic (I mean the whole mint+dark chocolate thing has been done a million times) but the ice-cream-like texture really makes this truffle something special (to me).

Pistachio and white chocolate ganache is enrobed in a shell of rich dark and white Godiva chocolate, and sprinkled with crushed pistachios.
Pistachio - I don't actually like pistachios in nut form but I got this one because the lime green color charmed me so much~  Turns out to be probably my favorite among the four.  It just has that delicate, unmistakable pistachio flavor and the perfect whipped cream texture.  Twas delicious and is highly recommended ^_^

I hope you guys aren't grossed out by bite marks (because then you're probably barfing all over your keyboard now) :\  But I couldn't resist with all the funky centers ^^  Plus the texture of the cream centers were so exquisitely spot-on when it came to feeling like ice cream is melting on your tongue (albeit without the coldness).    Overall, I feel like the flavors can be a bit of a hit-or-miss and some of the flavors are definitely on the boring side :P  Real chocolate aficionados with a refined palate may want to pass on these truffles but for the everyday chocolate lover, these are definitely a treat :)   I'm no chocolate connoisseur and I suspect you can find far more complexly flavored chocolates out there.  But overall, Godiva definitely wins hands-down in the packaging and "charm" department.

*sigh* How could I have missed this collection before?

I'm particularly keen to try one of these truffle cones - it's $2.50 for literally one truffle (lord knows I'm paying for that thumb sized cone and little dribble of chocolate around the edges) but they are so frikkin cute!!  I have a bad feeling that it's going to become an obsession of mine to try every flavor xD

Well...enough of that :)  I hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial weekend!  My weekend was pretty chill...my fam went to a little beach in VA, grilled hotdogs and pork slices (how Asian), ate watermelons and cherries, caught a few crabs, and just relaxed in the cool breeze blowing off the lake.  I made a little vid which I may post later this week - it's really short but kind of funny because I basically made a twin sized bed out of one of the picnic tables ehehe

Review: My Beauty Diary Southern France Apricot Mask


Wheee....more My Beauty Diary~ This was a very scrumptious smelling mask.  This and the MBD Yogurt mask (though I didn't like it that much) are two of the yummiest smelling MBD masks. Though I must admit the yummiEST smelling mask to me is still the Silk Whitia Soy Milk Whitening mask...it smells like delectable cake ^_^;;

Purchased at: BonjourHK ($9.70) or Sasa ($12.10)

My Beauty Diary Southern France Apricot Mask softens, smooths and highly moisturizes the skin. Apricot extract from southern France provides excellent moisturizing effect. It quenches the thirst of skin, leaving dry skin keenly comfortable. The skin surface will be inscrutably velvety to the touch.  Added with extracts of highly moisturizing grain, such as oat, job's tears and hydrolyzed rice protein, it gives more in-depth nourishing and nursing effect to dry skin. The stratum corneum is fully soaked in moisturizing ingredients. It maintains skin’s suppleness, elasticity, fairness and clearness.
Suitable for: It is suitable for normal skin. It is especially recommended for dry skin and combination skin that tends towards dryness.

I had to increase the saturation to make the silvery text show :P 
As cute as MBD packages are, the shiny packaging is a pain to photograph ><

Experience: The scent was lovely from the moment I opened the package. A very sweet, apricot scent.  There was a mild cooling effect and the experience was very nice.  I think the soothing, pleasing scent had a lot to do with that.  After removing the mask my face felt refreshed, looked brighter, and was more hydrated.  Redness was generally down and I have never experienced any irritation.  Downside is that the effects of this mask aren't as obvious compared to the MBD Apple Polyphenol mask.  I dunno what it is but the Apple Polyphenol always gives my face this incandescent glow (I reckon from the mildly exfoliating effect of the mask).

The envelope packaging is a little blah - I think it's the pre-2010 packaging.

Fit: After a bit of research, word has it MBD updated the material and cut of their masks (though the ingredients/formula are unchanged) in 2010.  For me personally, post-2010 masks, which are thinner and cut with a lot of forehead space ^^ are the ideal fit for me.  I believe the Yogurt mask I tried was manufactured pre-2010 and was an awful fit.

Scent: Exactly as you'd expect. Like a sweetly spiced apricot. Very pleasing and mild.

Mask texture: Thin and silky.  Sticks well to your face a holds a lot of serum.

Excess serum: A dime sized amount as does most masks from the MBD Natural Key line have.

Claims: Soften, smooth, moisturize/suppleness, elasticity, fairness and clearness. <-- I would say this mask does everything it claims.  My face always feels softer, plumped (smooth), and more moisturized afterward.   

Overall Results: Definitely solidly in the category of masks that are good but not fantastic.  I'm not positive if I'd buy it again but it's something I would definitely recommend others try if they are interested in trying a couple MBD masks.  It's very gentle, smells excellent, feels good, and there was no irritation.  There was a slight cooling effect as well.  I would give this a solid 7/10.  If it were more of a unique mask and the results were startlingly good, I'd rate it higher. However, it does everything it promises so I can't complain too much :)

Review: Cosline Strawberry Yogurt Pack


I'm quite excited to review this mask because it is so cheap and I have become quite fond of it.  It's from a relatively unpopular brand, I suspect because of the un-cute packaging, so I went out on a limb trying it and I'm pretty glad I did :)

Purchased at: Sasa for $4.90

Description: COSLINE Yogurt Strawberry Yogurt Pack is a wash off mask which contains strawberry extract (850g), yogurt (170mg) and Vitamin C and E.  COSLINE Yogurt Strawberry Yogurt Pack promotes metabolism rate of skin, smooths skin and increases skin brightness.  The nourishing COSLINE Yogurt Strawberry Yogurt Pack also helps to keep skin elastic and moisturized.

Directions: Apply an appropriate amount on clean face, spread evenly and gently massage on the whole face beside eyes and lips. Wait for 15-20 minutes to absorb nutrient. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Packaging: Plain and foogly.  It's not hideous but come on - how cute would a strawberry shaped jar have been ;)?  What really irks me though is having to dip my fingers (or spoon) into the jar to get out the product.  AHHH I hate unhygienic setups like that!

Scent: Amazinggggg~ Probably one of the best characteristics of this mask is the delicious, vanilla strawberry scent.  I could sniff this baby all day seriously....this is the best smelling mask I've had the pleasure of smelling ^^  It's good enough to eat - sorta ;) - and doesn't taste half bad (don't ask me how I know that).

Texture: Exactly like Dannon or Activia yogurt, I kid you not.  Some reviews on Sasa have said if you goop on too much it drips - but personally, I've never had a problem with that and I'm pretty generous with the blobbing on of this mask.  It's like a slightly runny yogurt but it doesn't drip.  It also has little red beads in it (it's not strawberry seeds) that dissolve as you massage your face.  The beads dissolve very easily so it is not harsh on your skin.  It's pretty satisfying "crushing" all the beads ^^

Experience: Initially, I was put out with the jar set up :P....but yeah, I started blobbing this on my face.  Then I massaged my face (always up and out, never down!), taking my time to crush all the little red beads ;) The scent was lovely and the creamy texture felt cool on my face (also you can refrigerate this baby to make it even cooler). It felt very nice but it was annoying to have to wash my hands after the massage.  When you first put it on your face the yogurt is pinkish.  After 20 or so minutes it becomes clear - I assume it means it soaked into your skin.  Rinsing off is easy, it comes off like a charm and your face feels immediately much smoother.  The next morning my face was brighter but I had an oily sheen (hydration methinks) on my forehead.  No breakouts, itchiness, or irritation.

Effectiveness: For me this was an effective product.  My skin was soft and a tad smoother.  I've used this pack about 5-6x and I haven't had any allergic reactions or irritation in general.   I also feel like there was a mild exfoliation since my face was brighter - a very gentle exfoliation like the MBD Apple Polyphenol sheet mask.  There were no flakes but somehow I feel like there was some sloughing of the skin.  Yogurt has long been vaunted as a great acne deterrent and although I doubt this thing has real dairy yogurt in it (otherwise, it would go bad really fast), the idea does seem to play out well here.  I had a zit on my jawline and it seemed to help it go down.  At least it didn't irritate it ^_^

Don't expect miracles but to me this was a remarkably effective product for the price.  I'm sure there are more effective products out there in much more hygienic non-jar forms but for $5 this is a good buy.  It feels good, smells great, works at least a bit, and you get a lot of bang for your buck.  I don't necessarily think it's a must-have but I do recommend people try it if you're looking for a face pack or a dupe of Laneige's famous Strawberry Yogurt Pack ($22+ retail).   Note: Laneige's may work a bit better but I'm not the sort to invest much in wash-off masks :P  No matter how good a wash-off mask is, it's only on your face for 20 some minutes.

FYI the word 'pack' can be used interchangeably with 'wash-off mask' - these are usually in jars or tubes.   Just the word 'mask' = sheet/gel masks.   Of course there are exceptions to the rule but that's usually how it is.  Nonetheless, Skinfood has made it their business to be confusing with their latest line of "masks" (most of which are actually scrubs), which should be named PACKS since they are wash-off masks and scrubs :\   These are the new Ginseng, Acai Berry, Olive, Honey Red Orange, Acorn and Chocolate masks for the curious (scroll down if you want to look at them here).

Check out Musings of A Muse's review here.

Review: NYC Liquid Lip Shine in Fashion Avenue Fuschia


This was something PDXbeautiful (hi Julie ^^v) sent in the swap we did awhile back.  My experience with drugstore lip products have been on the lukewarm at best so I was really surprised how good this product turned out :D

Purchased at: N/A but you can get it most drugstores.  I've seen these at Walmart :)  According to the NYC website, it's priced somewhere around $2.49.

Packaging: Pretty decent, though nothing to write home about.  One thing I don't like very much is the applicator though:

It's basically....a flat stick. The shape makes it difficult to apply the color evenly on your lips.  All it can be used for is getting the color out of the tube onto your lips - after that you need to find another way to even out the color :\  It's small complaint though, you can rub your lips together and use a Q-tip for the bits that go outside the edges of your lips.

Pigmentation: The pigmentation is insane. It's like lipstick rather than a gloss!  It's great and I love the small purple microglitters in it.

Lasting power: Really good!  It lasts all day for me and through a meal.  The glossiness fades after a few hours but the color stains your lips for rest of the day.

This is my hand after washing it with soap and water - not bad at all yeah?!  And no worries about lingering staining, it comes off after a bit more washing and wiping with a tissue.

Scent: Like artificial vanilla.  It's not bad though and pretty tolerable.  It's definitely not as bad as other drugstore lip products.  People who are strongly adverse to fragranced products may still not like it though.

Formula: The great formula really surprised me!  It's totally non-sticky, smooth, richly pigmented and long-lasting.  The fake vanilla scent isn't very strong so to me it's not a big deal.   This is also remarkably hydrating - it doesn't dry out my lips and the color tends to fill in fine lines rather than emphasize them. Overall, this is a great formula and the best drugstore lip color that I've tried so far.

This is 2nd only to my all time favorite Etude House Dear Darling glosses.  Honestly, it's a bit like comparing apples to oranges though because this one has such crazy pigmentation.  Both are useful for different things - this one is best worn alone I think!

I love how it stains my lips pink all day.  Fyi though - if you don't smooth out the color after you blob it on with the crappy applicator, the color will look goopy (like in the center pic).

Highly recommended.  I use this quite often as it's easy to apply and and long-lasting.  It's one of my Top 5 favorite lip products and I like how it's easy to get and only $2.49! I would say that this product does everything it claims - great pigmentation and shine, hydration, creamy texture, and non-sticky.  The fact that there are 10 colors available is nice too - a good range of wearable colors.  This is my first NYC product and I am very impressed indeed.

PDXbeautiful's review here.

Asians in Commerical Advertising


Asian models have been showing up fairly often on the runway and high end fashion for years (yah!). Unfortunately, it's also quite well known than runway models (generally) need only be 5'7+, thin, and capable of walking the walk - the face is inconsequential since there's makeup and runway models are essentially, I quote, "human coat hangers."

To do commercial work, models need to have more "mass appeal" and be "mainstream pretty" - the "face" is definitely not inconsequential.  That said, it's nothing new to say that there's always been a distinct dearth of Asians in commercial modeling in the US; obviously this is due to (somewhat) equal parts Asians being a minority (thus not worth targeting) and a shortage of Asians that "fit" the look American brands were looking for.

I'm not particularly interested in writing a long-winded essay about the stereotypes of Asians in American society, I just wanted to write this post to say I've been seeing a sudden leap in the number of Asian models in commercial work for some quite well known brands :D!  To see Asians modeling for brands that are targeted towards mainstream American teens/early 20s (not niche markets or high fashion) shows how (forgive my idealism) truly diverse - or rather accepting - America has become.  Maybe 'accepting' is too optimistic a word, but at the very least there is now a need for marketers to to target the Asian demographic and embrace the fact that there are many definitions of beauty.

American Eagle Outfitters - heyyy an Asian chick, on the homepage no less :D  I thought that was pretty cool.  And a guy too!  The fact that an Asian guy is modeling for "rugged" style brand in a manly-man way speaks volumes for how far Asian guys have come breaking free of the old stereotypical nerdy/waif-ish/unstylish geek.  He's pretty hot ...too bad he's younger than me (21 :( ).  Oh man, these scamps get younger every year *sigh*
Jarah Mariano (IMG) - She's a reasonably popular commercial model already I think.  Her name has been floating around ever since her stint with Victoria's Secret.  She's pretty smoking hot and done a lot of commercial work with Abercrombie & Fitch, MAC, Armani Exchange, Sephora, Roxy Quiksilver, Redken, H&M, Avon, Old Navy, Dereon, Levi's, Pac Sun and Rock and Republic.... so I'm not surprised she's modeling for AE now.  She looks commercial.  She reminds me of a younger Hyori, with her...bust....tanned, sun-kissed skin tone, and the ability to balance cute with sexy very well so it's no surprise she's picked up quite a following in Korea too - though I bet the fact she's Hawaiian/Korean helps.

Jae Yoo (Major) - WHY HELLO.  6'2, ripped abs, SEXY LIPS - where have you been all my life?  He seems to be really new on the scene but he's already modeled on the runway and done print work for Calvin Klein and Vogue.  This dude has it going for him and I feel like we'll definitely be seeing more of him in the future (YESSS).
Also Hyoni Kang (one of my favorite models, her dimple is so cute) modeled for AE in the Spring/Summer 2010 AND Fall 2008/Winter 2009 campaigns - dost I see a trend?!

Ann Taylor Loft - I don't know the name of the model but her pic shows up a lot on the LOFT site.  She has that mature, professional look Ann Taylor seems to favor...so yeah :) I love Ann Taylor and browse there often and it's nice to see her pic pop up.

Banana Republic - HYONI KANG (Ford) I adore this chick, she has such a cute face.  She catapulted to fame after placing first in the 2008 Ford Super Models of the World competition and has been working busily since.   I honestly think she's one of the first Asian models to regularly do commercial work in America (forgive me if I'm wrong, I say that as a very casual observer of the modeling world).  She has great range in my eyes, she goes from couture to commercial so well ^_^  She's modeled for VS Pink, Lacoste, DKNY, AE, and Tommy Hilfiger.  And Target, you can't get more mainstream than that ahaha.  I've actually seen her campaign in-stores too so she's not being used for just print work in Asia, which is cool to know :)

EDIT --> Estee Lauder - Speak of the devil, I just coasted into the Estee Lauder site to look at some makeup for my mom and Liu Wen (Marilyn) is staring right at me :D!  I dug around a bit and this is for EL's S/S 2011 collection :)  I consider her more of an upper-end commercial model rather than...I dunno "mainstream" than the ones above (if that makes any sense at all).  But I couldn't resist mentioning her because she is so successful.  I distinctly recall the first time I noticed her - she was the first (East) Asian to runway model for Victoria's Secret!  Apparently she is the first Asian to be a face for EL too :}

Anyway, that's all.  Kind of a random post ^_^ Btw a great blog to track Asian models is....Asian Models :)  It's a fun site to browse, so check it out~

Have a good weekend everyone!

Review: My Beauty Diary Cooling Mask


I actually first tried this mask in a swap I did with Elisa and I'm so glad that she sent me this one to try  because I really liked it!  I got another box of 10 because I liked it so much and it's absolutely perfect for summer.

Purchased at: BonjourHK

Price: $9.70/10 masks

Description: My Beauty Diary Cooling Mask is enriched with cooling ingredient to wake up fatigued skin and restore skin radiance by boosting metabolism.  Marigold Extract is an ideal soothing treatment for skin damaged by UV rays. Skin is comforted and refreshed.  Perfect blend of green tea extract and ginkgo extract works to leave skin watery and translucent, while Hyaluronic Acid and elder extract intensively pour moisture into skin. 

Suitable for: For all skin types, particularly for fatigued skin or skin damaged by UV rays.

Experience: Scent was a little stronger than usual (not that strong though) and had the sharp edge of witch hazel and calendula (both are pretty pungent in their natural form).  Even though this mask does have menthol and peppermint in it, it smells more like witch hazel and calendula.  When I first put it on my face, it wasn't that cool but after 1-2 minutes it got suddenly much cooler.  I haven't had such an extreme cooling effect since the Skinfood Vita-A Gel Mask (still one of my fav masks).   It lasted for over 10 minutes and felt really, really good.  When I removed the mask my face was brighter, smoother, and refreshed.  It also made me feel more awake ^_^  I wouldn't say it was the most hydrating mask ever but my skin was still decently moisturized.  I have no complaints and my face felt very plumper, smoother, and awake.  Fyi calendula and witch hazel are great for acne-prone skin (though witch hazel can be a bit drying).

Fit: Quite good, like all post-2010 MBD masks :)  Perfect for me.

Scent: Witch hazel-calendula-ish with a hint of peppermint.  Very fresh and clean smelling.

Mask texture: Silky, thin, and smooth.

Excess serum: A little nickel-sized scoop.

Soothes skin <-- Yep. Especially if you have slight sunburn. Fyi, if you get a BAD sunburn (ei your skin is peeling) this might sting a bit - I don't know for sure but witch hazel can sting if your skin sometimes.  In any case, for mild sunburns, blotchy skin, and skin irritations will be soothed beautifully.

Lowers skin temperature <-- YES.  Works like a charm.

Softens skin <-- Face feels plumper.

Nourishes and moisturizes skin <-- It's not the most moisturizing mask ever but then this is a cooling mask not a moisturizing one necessarily.  It's not drying and that's the important thing.  
Overall Results: With summer right around the corner, this mask is going to be perfect.  I really like this mask because it's so refreshing. The scent isn't absolutely amazing but it's tolerable and not bad at all.  I highly recommend this mask especially with summer coming up and I've already repurchased a whole box so you know where I stand :)

Korea Trip 2010, Part 14: Seoul Food P0rn


This is a continuation of Part 13: Emergency Road Services + Samsung AnyCall MVs
To start from the beginning go to Part 1: Flying to Tokyo

So this really just a mashup of some of the food I ate in Korea...yum :}  Not much reading to do for a change ;)

This is a Japanese sushi restaurant on the top floor (6th I think) of Seoul Shinsaegae.   The whole 6th floor is a food court, if I recall correctly.

A little salad that seems to accompany most meals in Korea - Korean or non-Korean.
It's an amusing nod to Western salads but with a light vinaigrette and composed of mostly just iceberg lettuce, carrots, and other "mild" tasting veggies.

 Lunch special: Bento Box

We also ate at this place called Hana Restaurant, which specializes in dol-sot bap (rice cooked in a stone pot) dishes and tongkatsu (the Japanese fried pork cutlet).

It still amazes me how cheap food is in Korea. And no tipping is required either ^_^ To get an idea of the prices, just move the decimal three places (aka 5,000W = ~$5.00...actually less, more like $4.50).  So whole entrees are $5-7 :D

I adore stone-pot rice, it tastes so good compared to rice made in a rice cooker!  It tastes deeper and at the bottom and edges the rice is crackly (like a cracker) and after you eat all the rice, a waitress pours some water into the pot to lift off the slightly burnt/scorched rice making nu-rung-gi (누룽지)!  Asians eat scorched rice as a snack too - the Western equivalent is essentially a rice cracker.  Good stuff!  Scorched rice-flavored candy is really good btw - check it out next time you are in an Asian market ^_^

They also sell one-person (and bigger) sized stone pots at market places.  They are mad heavy but totally worth lugging home if you eat rice every day.  You can cook the rice in it on the stove just like a regular metal pot :)

Tong-kat-su (pork cutlets).  I'm not a huge fan of tonkatsu and this one was fried out of its mind (I like mine a little softer).  But the taste itself was pretty good :)

I forgot where I ate this but it was good stuff :) I love fat noodles, it's such a comfort food ^_^ I went to Busan after this for a few weeks and went around to a lot of museums/landmarks and took SO many pictures...I kind of dread picking through them ><

Continue to Part 15: Love Locks!

Review: SkinFood Aloe Vera Foaming Cleanser


Shops are pretty generous with their samples in Korea, especially SkinFood (or is it Skin Food or Skinfood?).  I've had this since Summer 2010 ^^ but I just started using it in February with my Youthful Essence brush (basically an ancient version of the Clarisonic Mia, which my mom bought in the 90s).  It works just great btw ;)  I'm glad I didn't buy the Clarisonic ^^  Anyway, I use this cleanser with the brush because it's a "foaming" cleanser and it's fun to watch it bubble up as I massage my face with the brush ^^

Purchased at: N/A. It was a free sample.

Cost: N/A.

A picture of the full size bottle.

Description: A fresh foaming cleanser with Aloe Extracts to soothe and hydrate the skin. Keeps the skin soft and calm after cleansing. Apply an adequate amount to damp hands. After making sufficient lather, massage your face gently following the skin’s own texture. Wash off with lukewarm water.

Scent: Kind of an artificial, clean soap scent.  The aloe plant doesn't have much a scent so I'm not surprised this cleanser has a very difficult scent to pinpoint ^^  But it's mild, fresh and subtle.

Appearance: The appearance is an opalescent cream with a tinge of green. It's very pretty actually ^^ I'd love to see a nail polish color in that shade ehehe

Texture: The texture is very creamy and smooth.  One thing I like about this cleanser is that it actually foams and it's not drying :)  I wouldn't say it's a hydrating cleanser but it doesn't strip the oils from my face and dry it out either.  I love how this creamy cleanser foams so nicely, especially with a brush!  It's very satisfying to see and feels very nice ^_^

Effectiveness: Though it seems to be a very gentle product, it does seem to clean quite well.  Once I used it without the brush and my face still felt very clean afterward.   BUT I have never used this cleanser alone to remove makeup so I'm not sure how this would work as a makeup removing cleanser.

Overall: This seems to be a decent cleanser.  I'd probably never buy the full size purely on the fact that I'm pretty happy with the cleanser I currently use (Boscia Purifying Gel Cleanser), but I can see this being used as a daily cleanser for people who don't use much makeup.  I also believe it's not very expensive online.   Overall, it seems to be a slightly above average product.  Not amazing but does exactly what it promises: a gentle cleansing with lots of foam :)

Also check out Mischievous Mack's review of this product.
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