Ebates 12% off + Being in K-Dramaland


Hi everyone! I hope that you all are having a good weekend.  The weather has been really nice this weekend in DC and I've been busily shopping for the past 1-2 weeks for spring/summer work clothes.  I'm not very adventurous when it comes to clothes, I tend to wear my "favorite" pieces over and over again xD But speaking of online shopping - I wanted to share this with you:

Ebates is having a 12% cash back promo for their 12 Year Anniversary!  Basically that's 12% off of The Body Shop, Sephora, Banana Republic (sadly, Kiehl's is not included), and quite a few other places.  That's 12% off on top of any discounts the individual store has :D   So if you haven't signed up for Ebates yet, now is good time since this 12% off thing is libel to disappear at any moment.  If you don't mind using my referral link, I would be very honored :} but if not, just take a gander through the Ebates homepage and you can sign up that way too~  I just received my Ebates cashback last month - it was deposited promptly into my PP and so now I can definitely say this site is legit.

TBS has been the place that has been tempting me the most though because their B3G2 Free thing is still going on.  Unfortunately, now it's restricted to certain items (before it was site-wide) but still it's a pretty good deal especially with the $50+ Free Shipping and 12% cash back :)

How to Get the Best Deal on THE BODY SHOP
1.) Go to the Ebates The Body Shop page.
2.) Click through Ebates.
3.) There is a Buy 2 get 1 or buy 3 get 2 free promo going on. No promo code necessary.
4.) Add as close to $50 to your cart to get Free Shipping.  No promo code necessary if your cart is $50+.
5.) Confirm purchase.

Sephora and BR don't have any particular sales going on but it's Free Shipping on both sites for purchases $50+.  This is heck of a lot better than Ann Taylor/LOFT who only offers free shipping for purchases $125+ (...how generous :P).

I've been in such a shopping mood lately so I just wanted to let you guys know about this!

On a different topic, who here has been watching 49 Days and/or Romance Town?  I'm so excited for the 49 Days finale :D :D :D [SPOILER] omg she woke up! Will she remember? Who is the last tear?! Maybe it'll be backstabby In-jung semi-redeeming herself! [/SPOILER]!  I also popped in to watch Romance Town which seems quite promising indeed and I am hearing many good things about Best Love...arghh!  I'll prolly just read the recaps for Best Love.....  My drama-obsession comes in phases - I watch 3-4 dramas all at once than take a break for a couple months ^_^   The last drama I watched in full was My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (LSK and SM were so darn cute :D)

It was a very easy watch with two very charming leads.  It wasn't as interesting to me as Chuno was (heartheart) but I fell under Shin Min Ah's spell of cuteness:

And with Lee Seung Ki being cute as a button too, I couldn't resist:

It's a "Totoro" reference!!!

He's got a million dollar smile that boy ^_^!   I think LSK+SMA are among my Top 5 Favorite Couples xD  They just suit each other so well :D  And speaking of Totoro...I want:

Anyway, 49 Days is SOOOOO good right now.  My heart is so torn between Kang and Scheduler and I'm actually very curious to see how this will end.   I love how fast this drama is moving - I hate it when dramas draggggg~ out the climax :P  After a long dry spell I'm back in crazy drama land and it's NICE PLACE TO BE INDEED!


  1. Thanks for sharing the deal Elle! I don't know if there's anything I want, but I'll definitely keep it mind. Hopefully that 12% promo will be valid for a little while :D

    I think I'll check out 49 Days - I haven't been watching any dramas lately and need something new to watch^^

  2. AAAAAAAAH, I'm watching 49 days as well and I'm loving that drama..!!! EEEEH.. She woke up, she woke up xD ~!! The tears must be from Song Yi Kyung and Seo woo !!

  3. AAh 49 days is driving be crazy!!! SO GOOD can't wait for the finale too! I just started on Best Love it's really good too gets you hooked really fast and so funny!! go watch it hehe

  4. u make me wanna watch! i haven't watched k-drama in a while... they are usually sad and i still haven't recovered from the heartbreaks from the last one...

    thanks for the info about the deals! i may have to look at sephora :D


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