Review: Cosline Strawberry Yogurt Pack


I'm quite excited to review this mask because it is so cheap and I have become quite fond of it.  It's from a relatively unpopular brand, I suspect because of the un-cute packaging, so I went out on a limb trying it and I'm pretty glad I did :)

Purchased at: Sasa for $4.90

Description: COSLINE Yogurt Strawberry Yogurt Pack is a wash off mask which contains strawberry extract (850g), yogurt (170mg) and Vitamin C and E.  COSLINE Yogurt Strawberry Yogurt Pack promotes metabolism rate of skin, smooths skin and increases skin brightness.  The nourishing COSLINE Yogurt Strawberry Yogurt Pack also helps to keep skin elastic and moisturized.

Directions: Apply an appropriate amount on clean face, spread evenly and gently massage on the whole face beside eyes and lips. Wait for 15-20 minutes to absorb nutrient. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Packaging: Plain and foogly.  It's not hideous but come on - how cute would a strawberry shaped jar have been ;)?  What really irks me though is having to dip my fingers (or spoon) into the jar to get out the product.  AHHH I hate unhygienic setups like that!

Scent: Amazinggggg~ Probably one of the best characteristics of this mask is the delicious, vanilla strawberry scent.  I could sniff this baby all day seriously....this is the best smelling mask I've had the pleasure of smelling ^^  It's good enough to eat - sorta ;) - and doesn't taste half bad (don't ask me how I know that).

Texture: Exactly like Dannon or Activia yogurt, I kid you not.  Some reviews on Sasa have said if you goop on too much it drips - but personally, I've never had a problem with that and I'm pretty generous with the blobbing on of this mask.  It's like a slightly runny yogurt but it doesn't drip.  It also has little red beads in it (it's not strawberry seeds) that dissolve as you massage your face.  The beads dissolve very easily so it is not harsh on your skin.  It's pretty satisfying "crushing" all the beads ^^

Experience: Initially, I was put out with the jar set up :P....but yeah, I started blobbing this on my face.  Then I massaged my face (always up and out, never down!), taking my time to crush all the little red beads ;) The scent was lovely and the creamy texture felt cool on my face (also you can refrigerate this baby to make it even cooler). It felt very nice but it was annoying to have to wash my hands after the massage.  When you first put it on your face the yogurt is pinkish.  After 20 or so minutes it becomes clear - I assume it means it soaked into your skin.  Rinsing off is easy, it comes off like a charm and your face feels immediately much smoother.  The next morning my face was brighter but I had an oily sheen (hydration methinks) on my forehead.  No breakouts, itchiness, or irritation.

Effectiveness: For me this was an effective product.  My skin was soft and a tad smoother.  I've used this pack about 5-6x and I haven't had any allergic reactions or irritation in general.   I also feel like there was a mild exfoliation since my face was brighter - a very gentle exfoliation like the MBD Apple Polyphenol sheet mask.  There were no flakes but somehow I feel like there was some sloughing of the skin.  Yogurt has long been vaunted as a great acne deterrent and although I doubt this thing has real dairy yogurt in it (otherwise, it would go bad really fast), the idea does seem to play out well here.  I had a zit on my jawline and it seemed to help it go down.  At least it didn't irritate it ^_^

Don't expect miracles but to me this was a remarkably effective product for the price.  I'm sure there are more effective products out there in much more hygienic non-jar forms but for $5 this is a good buy.  It feels good, smells great, works at least a bit, and you get a lot of bang for your buck.  I don't necessarily think it's a must-have but I do recommend people try it if you're looking for a face pack or a dupe of Laneige's famous Strawberry Yogurt Pack ($22+ retail).   Note: Laneige's may work a bit better but I'm not the sort to invest much in wash-off masks :P  No matter how good a wash-off mask is, it's only on your face for 20 some minutes.

FYI the word 'pack' can be used interchangeably with 'wash-off mask' - these are usually in jars or tubes.   Just the word 'mask' = sheet/gel masks.   Of course there are exceptions to the rule but that's usually how it is.  Nonetheless, Skinfood has made it their business to be confusing with their latest line of "masks" (most of which are actually scrubs), which should be named PACKS since they are wash-off masks and scrubs :\   These are the new Ginseng, Acai Berry, Olive, Honey Red Orange, Acorn and Chocolate masks for the curious (scroll down if you want to look at them here).

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I tried the same brand Honey mask. It was amazing for hydrating and nourishing skin. I was quite surprised for the result of a product in such an affordable price.

  2. thanks for review..
    i also want to try it...
    esp that strawberry

  3. wow, it REALLY does look like yogurt! I've tried a yogurt and oatmeal mask before and it seems to work nicely to exfoliate.

  4. really enjoyed your vids and now your blog.. Following you ;)

  5. the mask looks great, lol yeah skinfood did make it confusing!

  6. yes, I'd prefer it in a tube too ^^ the mask itself is sooo creamy, reminds me to strawberry yoghurt

  7. Hey, thanks for doing a review on this. I'm just wondering what kind of skin this mask works for? Because this brand has another tomato mask one and it has quite a lot good feedback too. I have dry to combination skin. Is this mask gonna work for me? Thanks =)

  8. Let's EAT IT, Elle. BTW I want to know how you know it tastes good? LOL, who knows, it might even be yogurt. :)

    Anyways, its always a great feeling when you find something actually worth the price you paid for or less. :)

    Great review, i don't buy too much off of sasa but if I do this is definitely on my list.

  9. I've always wanted to try Cosline masks due to the dirt cheap price! this sounds like a great dupe for the Laneige version.

  10. Ah, you just reminded me that I should put on a face mask to relax.

  11. hey good blog, can you visit mu blog?

  12. This mask looks really does look exactly like strawberry yogurt haha :D

  13. This mask looks really does look exactly like strawberry yogurt haha :D

  14. really enjoyed your vids and now your blog.. Following you ;)


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