Review: My Beauty Diary Cooling Mask


I actually first tried this mask in a swap I did with Elisa and I'm so glad that she sent me this one to try  because I really liked it!  I got another box of 10 because I liked it so much and it's absolutely perfect for summer.

Purchased at: BonjourHK

Price: $9.70/10 masks

Description: My Beauty Diary Cooling Mask is enriched with cooling ingredient to wake up fatigued skin and restore skin radiance by boosting metabolism.  Marigold Extract is an ideal soothing treatment for skin damaged by UV rays. Skin is comforted and refreshed.  Perfect blend of green tea extract and ginkgo extract works to leave skin watery and translucent, while Hyaluronic Acid and elder extract intensively pour moisture into skin. 

Suitable for: For all skin types, particularly for fatigued skin or skin damaged by UV rays.

Experience: Scent was a little stronger than usual (not that strong though) and had the sharp edge of witch hazel and calendula (both are pretty pungent in their natural form).  Even though this mask does have menthol and peppermint in it, it smells more like witch hazel and calendula.  When I first put it on my face, it wasn't that cool but after 1-2 minutes it got suddenly much cooler.  I haven't had such an extreme cooling effect since the Skinfood Vita-A Gel Mask (still one of my fav masks).   It lasted for over 10 minutes and felt really, really good.  When I removed the mask my face was brighter, smoother, and refreshed.  It also made me feel more awake ^_^  I wouldn't say it was the most hydrating mask ever but my skin was still decently moisturized.  I have no complaints and my face felt very plumper, smoother, and awake.  Fyi calendula and witch hazel are great for acne-prone skin (though witch hazel can be a bit drying).

Fit: Quite good, like all post-2010 MBD masks :)  Perfect for me.

Scent: Witch hazel-calendula-ish with a hint of peppermint.  Very fresh and clean smelling.

Mask texture: Silky, thin, and smooth.

Excess serum: A little nickel-sized scoop.

Soothes skin <-- Yep. Especially if you have slight sunburn. Fyi, if you get a BAD sunburn (ei your skin is peeling) this might sting a bit - I don't know for sure but witch hazel can sting if your skin sometimes.  In any case, for mild sunburns, blotchy skin, and skin irritations will be soothed beautifully.

Lowers skin temperature <-- YES.  Works like a charm.

Softens skin <-- Face feels plumper.

Nourishes and moisturizes skin <-- It's not the most moisturizing mask ever but then this is a cooling mask not a moisturizing one necessarily.  It's not drying and that's the important thing.  
Overall Results: With summer right around the corner, this mask is going to be perfect.  I really like this mask because it's so refreshing. The scent isn't absolutely amazing but it's tolerable and not bad at all.  I highly recommend this mask especially with summer coming up and I've already repurchased a whole box so you know where I stand :)


  1. Hi Elle! This mask would be perfect for the summer! For one of those super hot dry days. Hope all is well.

  2. i've tried this too when my skin got irritated and red.. it worked good!

  3. Ooooh this is great for future reference, it gets hot here in Australia! Although it's super cold for us now... normal sheet masks are 'refreshing' enough!

  4. I used this one during winter, lol thought it was too cold back then xD bút it's great for the hot weather now =D..

  5. Hey Elle! Just wanted to say that I love your mask reviews! They're always so detailed and helpful.

    Quick question - if you were going to name your top 3 beauty masks for acne prone/oily skin, which would you pick? I've tried a couple and want to invest in buying a bigger selection but I don't want to end up choosing a dud! Thanks!

  6. thats nice esp for the summer, man that stuff is cheap where you live! its like 15 bucks on sale where I live lol

  7. Absolutely wonderful!
    I'll introduce this blog to my wife. :)

  8. o man i actually have this but haven't tried it.... gonna try it tonight :)

  9. Sounds like a nice mask! I really need something like that right now. Is the shipping from Bonjourhk expensive?

  10. Im in need of new masks to try, this could be the one for summer.

    BTW I love Bonjourhk but they never restock their items and I swear the website link never works anymore. I always have to google it. Weird.

  11. I have mask sample of this! can't wait to use this when it gets hotter XD

  12. I LOVE THIS MASK!! This is a must have for my summer hols....I dont go away without it x

  13. this mask doesn't feel very cool when you put it on but after a minute or so its AMAZINGLY cool, really good!


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