Korea Trip 2010, Part 15: Love Locks!


Gun-chun Reststop

I was really excited to do this post because this was an unexpectedly memorable moment during my time in Korea (almost exactly a year ago in June 2010...I can't believe I'm still writing this).   On our drive from Seoul to Busan, we stopped by this large, fancy rest stop called Gun-chun Rest stop.

Continued from Part 14: Seoul Food P0rn
To start from the beginning go to Part 1: Flying to Tokyo

A peek from the way we came:

And to the left:

Food!  This is only a small section of the eateries.  Where the roof ends is a porch/deck-like area (which I shall show you in a sec). But first, on the very end of this long building:

A pity I didn't take a proper picture of it, but this reststop building is very wide and long and in the middle there is a roofless section aka a wide deck.  While scenery is quite lovely, the real centerpiece of this place is this little love nest!

Sign says: Love Swing

Romantic huh ^_^? Lives up to the whole romantic image K-dramas like to give out ;)  As if it couldn't get more lovey dovey, the wall is covered with little love notes:

Love is....starting and ending with 'thank you.'
Love is....becoming one.
Love is....being considerate and respectful.
Love is....like tending a plant; you must nurture it.

In green: 
My heart hurts watching you be hurt.
It brings tears to my eyes.
Could you know of my love (for you)?

(must be one way love >_>)

Under the bear
Forever. Always. Don't change!

I must admit my cynical heart gave a little chirp of envy looking over the innocent, somewhat naive declarations of undying love ~ ;)  This seating area overlooks a pretty nice view too although my camera (as usual) doesn't do it much justice:

It was a dreary day so it didn't capture well, but the scene was very peaceful and relaxing even though there were quite a few people milling around.

And what's this?  If you look closely at the deck railings you will see....

Locks! They actually sell these in one of the little shops in the reststop building. Why?  Why for romantic couples to "lock" their love together forever ;)! (I guess declaring your love on a wall isn't enough).

Definitely among the most adorable locks I've ever seen.  The rust and worn writing 
shows that these locks have been here for awhile...I wonder if they are still together~

Joong-myo, In-hae 
Best!! (I think.  It's spelled weird)

Let's live well together.
SH <3 HK
Love you forever.

Jin-gook <3 Kyung-hwa
Pretty/beautiful love forever.

I love you.

Uncle. Aunt. Mom.
Enemy Jae-bum. (jokingly said I'm sure ^_~)
Going to the wedding. Don't fight.
(hmmm how random!)

I know there are lots of little love spots in Korea you can chain locks together :}

P.S. Best Love ended today!  But My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho was a tad better think ^_^  It's too hard to resist Lee Seung Ki's smile and Shin Mina's dimples :}

Totoro reference!!  That will never get old for me ^^

Can we say cutest couple eva :D!?  Speaking of, does anyone know where I can get that CHICKEN LEG PILLOW??? I MUST HAVE IT!

....yeah....^_^ So that's it for this post!  Been busy lately but will be back soon~ It was Father's Day, then my mom's Bday, then my bro's graduation *whew* But even though I do not say it enough - thanks to all the peeps who read/comment/etc my blog :)!    I am happy to be able to share this wee slice of my life with you.


  1. Very romantic^^ Been to the one at Namson Seoul Tower.

    I think Koreans really are good at showing their love :P

  2. i got mine from gmarket. it doesn't seem to be as big as the one in the drama, or as big as the suggested dimension of 100cm, but around 60cm. Still big enough~ quite cheap too. at 30 bucks i think it was?

    found a link: http://english.gmarket.co.kr/challenge/neo_goods/goods.asp?goodscode=197307962&pos_shop_cd=EN&pos_class_cd=90000001&pos_class_kind=T

  3. awwwww I love the lock concept!! i think it's so cute >< I would want to do that with my boyfriend one day!! hahaha~ that place really does remind me of a korean drama >< Like that one drama with the time capsule hahaha i forgot that name!! The chicken leg pillow looks so cute *__* I want one too!! I would hug it at night and probably want to munch on it though...

  4. i cant wait to get love locks with someone special... it'll be kinda pointless if it's done with every bf =p lol

    but the drawings are just too sweet ~ love it!!!
    definite k-drama aura

    ahhh i havnt watched my gf is a gumiho... my usual drama viewing portal (drama fever) doesn't work in HK >< AHHH wtf...

    but lie to me is so cuteeeeee~ sang heeee <3 lol

  5. I love this post, so lovey dovey it makes my heart melt. I would totally walk through there and just play some k-drama love songs lol

  6. awww I LOVED My Gf is a Gumiho. Lee Seung Ki is adooorable hehehe and I really loved Shin Mina in this too. I am currently watching Best Love. I didn't know Cha Seung Won could be this funny hahaha

    ahhh your posts make me miss Korea so much. I had so much fun when I went. ^_^

  7. OMG, the lock idea is genius and so cute. What a fairytale like rest stop. My bf's bday is coming up, I think i'll buy him a lock since we've been together for 6 yrs.

    As always I look forward to your korea trip posts. btw r u doing ok? you haven't been making much posts or video. :)

  8. The restaurant looks so cute! I've seen love locks in Korean dramas before - they seem to be very popular in most Asian countries it seems :D

  9. Ahhh yes. The love locks! lol. I've seen them featured in so many Korean dramas. It's like a "must" for the couples to put their names there. xD Thanks for the pics!! <3

  10. lovely post~! i thought those locks were a japanese thing

  11. Hehe, I've left a comment on your other blog instead of this one (somehow I got there by clicking the profile you used to leave me a message) :p Didn't pay attention for a second :p

    Thanks for the comment you left on my blog hun, it's been a while since I've been here (and yes, this blog looks a lot more like I remember compared to the other one ^^)

    I love the many looks of Korea. The big cities, and then the mountains and rivers. I like the variation :)
    Ooooh the locks on the fence! They do that in so many cities, and at first I was wondering why people did that, but then some friend told me about the "hearts locked together" thing. Cute locks btw, I want one of those ^^

  12. the love lock reminds me of the one in Paris i think!

    the drawings are very cute :)

  13. aww the place is like a k drama reference! and haha I totally did the totoro reference with a big leaf too when I went to taipei last month! :D

  14. Just found your blog, I love all the pictures. very cute! now following!



  15. I had no idea that this trip was from that long ago! It's always great to get a splice of vacation in my week.

  16. I LOVE KOREA :L im jealous of your trip ;P
    the lock thing is just sooo cute :D
    and i love My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho :))

  17. it looks like you're having fun.
    by the way, i shared an award with you: http://msodapop.blogspot.com/2011/07/ootd-maybelline-stylish-blogger-award.html



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