What theee~ (How to fix the blogroller.com redirect)


I must admit I have sorely neglecting my little blog for the past several weeks ;_;  but I do dearly love blogging and miss my blog friends.....so imagine my shock when I popped into my blog and it kept redirecting to blogroller.com!   I pretty much spent all of today battling a trojan on my work PC so seeing my precious baby in what looked like the clutches of another evil piece of malware almost gave me a heart attack.  After a quick (and frantic) google search I read that one of the "gadgets" (the stuff in the sidebar) might be "hijacking" my site and that the solution was to delete them one by one to figure out which one was hijacked.  Well...I ended up deleting ALL of them and to my dismay IOE was still redirecting.   I thus nervously ventured into the HTML....

Turns out that the fix is MUCH easier than I thought:
1.) This is not a malicious hijacker, just a snippet of code gone haywire. It was a legit "easy to use service to manage your links and buddy lists on your weblog" but unfortuntely shut down a few weeks ago.  What this means is that a buttload of blogs that had this code embedded in their Blogger started automatically redirecting to a blogrolling.  But fear not - tis a simple solution!

2.) All you have to do is remove a single line of code from your HTML (search blogroller).  It's the first snippet of code under the <head> tag for the curious and precise. Ta-da! No more redirect!  If you have any questions about feel free to ask :}

3.) As for the people going on about site-hijacking gadgets....they are not correct :\

Of course I've also spent the last half an hour re-adding my gadgets instead of working on my neglected reviews -____- ....so yeah....now all I have to post is this semi-coherent ramble just to let the 2 readers I have left know that I am alive :}

FB me Danielle!

As a finishing touch for this random post - I was at Fairfax Corner a couple weekends back and saw this!  I was like -- oooo I'm so popular!  Then I remembered I'm not even on Facebook -_______-  aha but still, I got a kick out of seeing my name up there ^_^

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend!

P.S. East Coasters - hurricane, earthquake...take care peeps!


  1. Hi Elle, you've been missed XD  I got sucky trojan problem too couples day ago, spent a day to flat them all =/ yucks..

  2. glad ur back!! and hahaha that photo is quite funny. and interesting that you're not on facebook!! i think you're the only person i've come across that isn't...other than like my parents LOL

    hope you had a great labor day too bb! XD

  3. what an odd bug. Glad you found the fix :D

  4. D'awww-- your full name's Danielle? That's such a pretty name! :3

    And yeah-- the redirect thing was suuppeerr annoying for some other blogs I found via Google image search. -_-'' Hopefully those bloggers find out about this simple HTML fix soon.

    Can't wait for those reviews!

  5. Elle! I've missed your posts! I was wondering where you had gone :) Glad to see you are semi-back to blogging and that you managed to fix that bug. That's good that it was a relatively easy fix instead of being a trojan or virus or something.

  6. ahah I'm pretty much on everything except FB ^_^ hehe i do miss fb-stalking though I must admit ;) *sigh*


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