Godiva Fall Releases~!


Hi everyone~  Long time no see (as usual >_> ehhe) It was mad cold this week - it actually snowed today!  I don't remember the last time it snowed this early in the DC metro area....perfect weather for just snuggling up in my favorite blanket ^_^   I'm loving the change of the season because I am liking this winter's fashion this year ahha This winter I've been digging black tights with subtle patterns, faux fur (drooling over this), and chunky sweaters :D 

Anyway, the one-piece-free-a-month shtick Godiva Club has going is genius because every time I go in to pick up my one freebie I end up with a little gold bag filled with 3+ of the latest releases.  Which I'm sure is the whole point but it's ridiculous how I KNOW what they're doing but I still fall for it. Every month. Without fail.

This post is a little late in how some of these aren't still being sold in Godiva shops anymore >_> but yeah.... any excuse for snack/dessert porn....

Awww I forgot to do a cross section of the Pumpkin Cheesecake one...ate it too fast ahahah
Strawberry Creme Tart (pink) - Tastes more like raspberry to me...like tangy raspberry and vanilla though I could barely taste the latter.  It was a nice mix of tangy+sweet :)  Recommended.

Crème Brûlée (white) - just a mouthful of white chocolate and milk chocolate.  Doesn't really taste like  a crème brûlée....no subtlety. Did not like.  But it's pretty to look at though...I dig the contrast of the two halves~ I also expected more out of the crackly sprinkles (burnt sugar I imagine), but the whole truffle was just cloyingly sweet.  Not particularly recommended.

Caramel Apple Tarte (chocolate + green drizzle) - this actually tasted like apple spice :) It was a little artificial tasting but quite distinct and accurate with the caramel apple flavor! Recommended.

Pumpkin Cheesecake - This was one of the half-half truffles :)  One half was filled with cheesecake, the other half was pumpkin.  It was great because it actually tasted liked pumpkin cheesecake!  It was very yummy despite the garish orange coating. Recommended - this was my favorite of this batch!

A seasonal favorite returns! Our wickedly delicious Pumpkin Patch Truffles are filled
with creamy pumpkin-spice ganache and enrobed in milk chocolate. The perfect treat on a cool fall day.
Pumpkin Patch Chocolate Truffle (here) - Isn't the packaging SO cute?!  Too bad it didn't taste half as good as it looked :( It tasted like milk chocolate with a very slight pumpkin spice flavor.   Weird because the filling looks so "pumpkin-y"....but yeah.  Practically no flavor whatsoever.  I didn't particularly like this one...it was just very boring :P

It would have been perfect if they got the Pumpkin Cheesecake truffle with the packaging of the Pumpkin Patch truffle, especially since the Pumpkin Cheesecake truffle was the definite winner :)

And since November is right around the corner, I get my November free chocolate soon :D ahah I'm especially excited to go to Godiva this month since I bet all the Halloween theme products will be on sale ;)

Review: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Sao Paulo & Antwerp


So yeah...my attempted Zipia haul was a huge fail ;_; eheh oh well, it's probably a sign that I need to stop shopping ^_^;;   If anyone is interested, let me know...because I just think I'm going to hold off until then :| The thought of going through a survey exhausts me *sigh*

Also, question: Do you guys prefer having full posts on the homepage of the blog or do you prefer clicking "Read More"?   I've just been thinking have Page Breaks would allow me to have more entries per page and might cut down on image loading...what do you guys think?

Baked n' Wired Cupcakes + Zipia Buddy?


Hey guys :)!  First off, thanks to all the people who continue to visit this increasingly sporadically updating blog - tis truly much appreciated ^_^  Secondly...apologies for this frankly useless post ^^  Clearly, desserts are always running through my mind....

Anyway~ these babies are from Baked & Wired, another DC cupcake shop.  The pictures don't show how utterly HUGE they are - they are the size of my face I swear.  You can easily split one cupcake between 2 people.

Left to right: Teresa's Bday (maple icing), Mocha, Pretty Bitchin'

The good: the flavor of each of the 3 I tried were SO STRONG (yes, I ate all of them by myself and yes, I ate 2 of them and one sitting and almost died).  There was no questioning the flavor of each cupcake and as a whole, the cake parts were moist and very dense and rich. 

The bad: dude, I love icing and sweets but the icing on these things were pure sugar.  Don't get me wrong, it's good icing and I like how they don't skimp but holy mother of god...it's just very sweet.  Definitely not for those who dislike sweet stuff.

Twas helpful how they wrote what each flavor on the underside of the lid.

These are vague recollections since I ate these awhile ago:  Pretty Bitchin' was a peanut butter flavored one - the icing was like eating peanut butter+sugar.  Mocha was MOCHA; it tasted it very (artificial) mocha-ish for sure and a little subtly wouldn't have hurt. Teresa's Bday was my favorite I think, the maple icing was delicious~ In general, I can remember being overwhelmed by their size, sweetness, and in-your-face flavor.  I think they were a little too sweet for me tho....a little more subtly and a little less frosting (I can't believe I just said that) and they would've made these a lot yummier.

On a totally random note - is anyone interested in doing a Zipia haul with me?  For those who don't know what Zipia is, it's a wholesale clothing site that sells Korean street style clothing.  The price, since it's wholesale, is pretty decent for the quality (better than Forever21, on par with H&M, not as good as The Limited/Banana Republic).   It's the only place I buy Asian clothing because YesStyle strikes me as painfully expensive and most other places *coughwholesaledresscough* are better left ignored.   The downside is that you have to purchase a minimum amount of $300 and while I love clothes, spending $300 in one sitting for street wear, non-work clothes makes my stomach flip.  I normally buy Zipia via a soompi survey but I figured I'd post here first because I don't feel like waiting.

Peeps in the DC/VA/MD area would be ideal so we can do away with the extra leg of shipping (and we could meet up maybe :D).  But if you're in other states and don't mind covering the me-to-you shipping, please feel free to join this impromptu Zipia haul!  Obviously, there wouldn't be a service fee for anybody ^_^  I just wanna haul some Zipia baby~! I'd like to order sometime in the next few days/this week fyi. So yep, if anyone tis interested, let me know (via post below or email me at insideoutelle at gmail com).

Brrr...it's getting pretty cold over here - keep warm peeps!

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