Cupcakes Actually + I.M. Loopey


Another food post?!  I might as well become a sweet stuff food blog >< These are from bloody agessss ago.  I mostly wanted to post this because it reminds me of one of my all time fave Christmas movies Love Actually (which I'm sure is the point >_>).

Anyway, Cupcakes Actually is this little cupcake shop aka "cupcakery" >_> in Virginia (Fairfax Corner) that I've been to 2-3x to sample their wares.  Overall, their cupcakes are pretty moist and not over-poweringly sweet, a rather nice change from the sugary sweet sort of cupcakes that predominate the scene.  They swap out their cupcakes weekly so I'm not sure when these particular cupcakes will be up for sampling...but here are a few I snapped pics of:

Banana Split!  Twas a lovely banana nut cupcake, very moist and nutty, filled with banana and topped with a light whipped strawberry frosting.   I'm not huge on bananas especially in smoothies and cupcakes because the banana tends to overpower everything but this one was really nice :)  Very banana split-y without cloying fake sweetness.  If you see this one - give a try!

Actually Dipped Chocolate ('s the actual name). Ooohhh I could not resist getting this one!  It was a rich chocolate cupcake with whipped frosting that was dipped in milk chocolate ^^  I liked the concept of this cupcake a lot ahah and it was pretty yummy too. Recommended :)

Red velvet, Strawberry, Peanut Butter, Flourless Chocolate

I was impressed by Banana Split and the chocolate dipped cupcake enough to go back a couple weeks latter and picked up another batch :)

Simply Red - a typical red velvet with cream cheese frosting.  Topped with a chocolate heart.  It was ok but nothing to write home about. Boring imho.

Strawberry - very subtle light strawberry flavor.  Tasted pretty "natural" :) I don't particularly remember what the frosting was like but it's hard to go wrong with strawberry ahah

Peanut Butter - hot damn! I don't even LIKE peanut butter (I don't think I picked this one) and this one was STELLAR.  I don't remember what the cupcake bread part tasted like but that peanut butter frosting was amazing -- light, sweet and distinctly peanut buttery!  If you ever see this in Cupcakes Actually, you gotta try it!  I think it was filled with grape jam and the gummy bear is grape flavored too :)  The fact I still remember how much I liked this one even after all this time says something~

Flourless Chocolate - uh...I don't doesn't stand out in my mind at all so maybe it wasn't that good eheh

In real life news:
Man this week was exhausting O_O  I must be getting old or something, but I just don't have the energy to do anything but snooze and watch TV during the week....and during the weekends, I just sleep (more).  However - I actually recorded a video today zomg! It's been so long ;_;  Hopefully... it will be up before another 6 months pass ahah

In other random news, I was reading Dramabeans today (one of my all time favorite sites; many an hour has been killed reading the recaps...) and I saw this on their Take Care Us, Captain preview stills: 

Korea has got to start asking some native English speakers to edit their shit -__________-   It's even worse seeing HOW MANY Westerners there are in the background >_> Surely someone there speaks fluent English!!  But then again...I.M. Loopey?  Charles V. Bombastic?  Seems like an inside joke of an English speaker to who doesn't know how to spell 'sanfrancisco' or capitalize letters *sigh*


  1. ... I'm on A DIET. >.> 

    Thank goodness I'm drinking a smoothie that could be a cupcake. I love "gourmet" cupcakes. Something about them I just can't resist. 

  2. OMG. All that sweetness looks SO DAMN GOOD. I'm already eating whilst reading your posts ... but it makes me want to throw my food away and grab the food on the screen T^T I wish I lived where you are so I could try these cupcakes. Especially that peanut butter one.... *drool*


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