Swap with Steph (aka ssushoo)!


Cutest packaging ever!
Awhile back *cough*July*cough*, Steph and I decided to do a swap. Steph and I met via YouTube (I swear I have not forgotten the existence of my poor channel ;_;) and she's a design student in Canada who does some great kpop tutorials.  My particular favorites are the kpop DUDE inspired tuts she does, partly because she does a great job and partly because I think it's hilariously indicative of how much awesome makeup guys in kpop wear ;)

Steph has already made a post+video (sigh...I'm sorry for the lack of video Steph...I'm such a fail) but here is my long delayed post.

I love international packages.... it's a weakness....
In a nutshell, Steph was going to Hong Kong and offered to pick up some goodies there while I, in the US, offered to send some US goods to her (Canada).  After waiting for several weeks her package arrived and just check out the loot :O!!

Green tea and Blueberry flavored Pocky = yummm. No icing yet very distinct flavors!
yeahhhhhhh~ I've tried most of these already and am ever-so-slowly prepping up the review posts.   The Blue Mask is a legit Boscia Black Mask dupe btw - it's great ^_^   And the deluge of masks, my god I love it!   And I love sweets almost as much as I love sheet masks :) Unforuntely, I ate most of them too quickly and forgot to take pictures along the way.  It didn't help that a certain brother filched some of them when I wasn't looking -_____-

Remember these candies?! From another Stephanie (of Julu Jewelry) coincidentally~

I didn't know there was a coffee version - it's basically a chewy coffee candy covered with coffee grounds. Mad good.

I'm pretty sure this is supposed to be covered with matcha powder ^^;; but I think its international journey and hot weather made the powder dissolve or something.  It was still as yummy as I remember tho :}

This is remarkably artistic looking picture O_o Though thank the lord I never have to take another SAT again ^_^  This was a nice, chewy green tea caramel if I remember correctly.  I would love to find this instores somewhere, I think this one was my favorite!

I don't remember what this one tasted like ><

Interestingly, of all the things Steph sent me, the thing I use the most is this:

Why so cuteeeeeee?

CUTE MINI MENTOS STAPLER!  It's like the size of my thumb and ever so adorable~

Speaking of, Steph also sent me a roll of Coca Cola flavored Mentos, which I have never seen in the US.  Unfortunately, I don't like carbonated drinks to begin with (they make my ears feel weird ><) so I'm being biased when I say...I didn't like the flavor very much >< BUT these Mentos actually fizz in your mouth so I am guess that these are pretty damn true to flavor Mentos O_o

And that is all for now~

Thanks again Steph ^_^!!


  1. Ooh they sell Coca Cola Mentos in Asian candy stores here. I don't like them but they're different. They also have mango, pineapple and orange Mentos. SO GOOD!

  2. I love them fizzy soda candies. Steph got you some great stuff and so much candy!

  3. Stephanies just have good taste in candy! ;)

  4. Great swap ^___^ haha love the masks ;D

  5. Looks like an amazing swap can't wait for the reviews :)

  6. Wow, what a big and awesome swap! The candies look so yummy! I love Japanese sweets so much!

  7. Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy sup lady :)?! Yes...! I've missed blogging a lot and am excited to start reviewing things properly again :D Thanks for sticking around despite my sporadic updates ^_^!!

  8. ahah great minds think alike I guess ;D

  9. Seriously? I've seen orange mentos but not pineapple - I love pineapple too! It strikes me as odd that companies tend to market fruity things in Asia and minty stuff in the US....Perhaps because Asia seems Mentos more as candy and in the US as a breath freshener?


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