Episode 4: The Price of Gold


I just noticed that the intro for each episode is different depending on the story! This time there is a winged fairy, episode 3 it was a troll, and in episode 2 there was a unicorn ^_^ And no, I don't know if the fact I noticed that is actually a good thing. Anyway, we get introduced to a new character this time. Tis Cinderella! I initially thought that Kathryn Nolan might be Cinderella (the blue and blond hair threw me off) but I guess not.

Rumple is back to so yahhh -- he's so bad ass! I want to dunk him in the bath every time he's on screen but by gosh, he's a fantastic villain :)

Episode 4: The Price of Gold

Three fancily dressed ladies (no doubt the stepmother and two stepsisters) mount a carriage to go to the ball as fireworks explode in the night sky. Cinderella watches longingly, dreaming of escape from her life as a drudge. But today's her lucky day as her fairy godmother shows up!

The fairy godmother shows her her wand and says it can make all her dreams come true. Unfortunately for the fairy godmother, this is her unlucky day and in a blinding flash of light she's vanishes in a puff of smoke! A dirty hand picks up the wand of the dead fairy.

Yup, Rumple is back. This must be before the days he got pitched in jail because right now he's clearly roaming free (and slightly better dressed). He tells Cinderella that she should thank him for killing her fairy godmother because "all magic has a price." Cinderella, desperate to escape her miserable life, says she will do anything if Rumple teaches her how to use the wand. Pleased, Rumple says that all she has to do is sign on the dotted line, which Cinderella does eagerly.

Jeez, look at that fine print. Rumple clearly moonlights as a lawyer.

No reading the fine print for her I guess (of which there is a lot). With a flick of the wand Cinderella is transformed into a veritable princess, glass slippers and all. Rumple merrily sends her on her way telling her to watch the clock.

In Storybrooke, Emma walks Henry to the bus stop as he ponders the need for code names. Emma tells him to just call her Emma. After Henry gets on the bus, Sheriff Graham drives up and offersher a job as deputy - perhaps she wouldn't mind staying awhile, setting down some roots *winkwink*

Always one to ruin a good cup of cocoa, Regina swans in and remarks that she doesn't mind Emma walking Henry to the bus since it all comes down the number seven - the number of addresses Emma has had in the past decade. She knows Emma never sticks around in one place too long. She should consider a clean break since Henry will be hurt when she leaves again.

After she leaves, Emma spills her cocoa :( and Ruby lets her use the laundry room.

Here we meet a 19 year old Ashley Boyd, pregnant and living the life of a maid. She expresses her anger about how nobody thinks she can care for her child when it's born and this strikes close to home for Emma since she had Henry at 18. She tells Ashley to take her life into her own hands because there are "no fairy godmothers in this world."

As Mr. Gold closes up for the night, a strange expression crosses his face, but he continues to lock up and leave. Moments later, Ashley breaks in.

I think this is the mobile that hung over Emma's crib in the fantasy world.
:P creepy...

Clearly the odd expression on Mr. Gold's face as he was leaving was him having a premonition of some sort. He shows up behind Ashley and asks her what she is doing. "Changing my life!" With that, Ashley sprays him with mace, takes something from the safe, and flees.

At Regina's humble abode, Madam Mayor is primping to go to a Saturday morning city council meeting. She tells Henry to stay inside (aka away from Emma) and that she'll be back at 5pm. Henry, being Henry, waits impatiently for her to leave and promptly runs out of the house >_> Regina should just tie him to the bed, seriously.

At MMarg's house, Mr. Gold comes to visit. He requests Emma's help finding Ashley, who has taken something precious from him. He wants Emma to find her because going to the police will ruin Ashley's life and also he doesn't want to say what his stolen property is. Emma agrees to help for Ashley's sake and Henry bursts in.

Henry is a little reticent around Mr. Gold and asks Emma if she knows which fairy tale character he could be. Interesting that Henry seems to know just about EVERYTHING yet hasn't figured out that Mr. Gold is Rumple. Doesn't the fairy tale book mention him? He seems like such an important character. Makes me wonder if maybe Mr. Gold is one that put the book in circulation. Anyway, Henry guilt trips Emma into letting him look for Ashley with her - "I just want to spend time with you!"

Doth I see Jasmine in the lower right corner :D?
Cut to Cinderella, blissful on her wedding day to Prince Thomas. Prince James and Snow are guests of the wedding, already married themselves.

Ella is warmly welcomed by the royal family.  The King is eagerly anticipating grandchildren and Snow tells her what an inspiration she is - she's changed her life. Then Rumple crashes the party (though nobody seems to be able to hear or see him except Ella).

Ella is unhappy to see him but admits that she has received everything she desired. He then names his price - her firstborn child.

Ella packs but her husband returns early from his hunting trip. She confesses that is leaving because she foolishly made a deal with Rumple before they met. Now she is pregnant and he wants their firstborn.

Thankfully, her hubby understands. He says though magic may have brought them together initially, it didn't create their love. He says the solution is to force Rumple to make another deal, though Ella fears the consequences.

To gather intel, Emma and Henry go to Ruby, Ashley's friend. She tells them that Ashley's boyfriend dumped her and hasn't spoken to her since he found out about the pregnancy.

Ruby's car is being towed and Ruby tells the workers to be careful since they almost shattered her good luck wolf charm O_o is SHE the wolf? Who is the wolf? Maybe the guy that MMarg had a terrible date with since the wolf lusted after Red in some versions of the story?

Anyway, we also find out that Ashley has two stepsisters and a stepmom she doesn't get along with - Henry immediately draws the (correct) conclusion that she's Cinderella. Ruby defends Ashley, saying that she is ready to be a mom. She's taking night classes and working hard to get her life together. In any case, Ruby suggests that they talk to the ex.

Sean Herman is Ashley's ex and lives with his wealthy father. Unlike the fairy tale version, the father is not warm and welcoming. He's the one that broke them up. The father is very domineering and though Sean is clearly concerned, the dad sends him away. He then tells Emma that he is the one that found Ashley the deal - someone is going to buy the baby from her for a great deal of money. Emma is horrified and quickly realizes that the baby is the thing of value that Mr. Gold wants from Ashley. Emma is determined to let Ashley keep the baby if she wants - even if it means breaking Mr. Gold's deal. Henry tells her nobody has ever broken a deal with Mr. Gold and why doesn't Henry still doesn't know he's Rumpelstiltskin??  Even tho he does seem to have an innate dislike of him....

Love how the wallpaper is woods a la Little Red Riding Hood :)

Emma returns to Ruby's place, annoyed that Ruby didn't tell her that Ashley had sold the baby, though Ruby says it's because it was none of her business. Then Emma sees the good luck wolf charm on the counter and she realizes Ruby sent her to Ashley's ex to give Ashley a chance to drive away in Ruby's car. Ruby refuses to talk in front of the "mayor's kid" and Emma sends him away - Henry being remarkably cooperative for once.

Ruby then tells her that Ashley's trying to go to Boston and left about 1/2 an hour ago. Lo and behold Henry has smuggled himself in her car! He's convinced that something bad is going to happen to Ashley since Storybrooke residents can't leave town. They need to hurry and find her before something happens so Emma doesn't have time to take Henry back home (to his great pleasure).

The two princes, Grumpy, and Ella walk through the mines that they have built to be Rumple's future prison. When she asks how they will get him into this prison they tell her of their plan. Rumple's greatest strength is also his greatest weakness - he can't resist making deals. And luckily (or unluckily), he wants to deal with Ella, as conveyed by one of Snow's blue birds.

What Ella will do is tell Rumple she is actually pregnant with twins. If he wants both babies, which he will, he'll have to sign a new deal. When he signs the deal he must use a red quill that the Blue Fairy created, which will make him magically impotent and allow them to imprison him. All Ella needs to do is get him to sign with the quill. Ella is frightened at the thought of using more magic because that too may come with a price. However, her hubby comforts her saying he will pay any price to ensure her and their child's safety. Drawing strength from seeing the prison that will soon hold Rumple, Elle decides to do it.

Henry and Emma find Ashley's car crashed at the side of the road. Emma is on the ground uninjured but on the verge of giving birth. Racing back to Strorybrooke, Emma asks Ashley if she truly wants the baby. If she keeps it, her life will change forever. Emma admit she wasn't ready to have the baby (Henry winces a little hearing this) and that running away will never be an option again. Ashley still wants the baby.

Ella meet Rumple and tells him of the twins. In exchange for twins, she wants the promise that her husband's lands are made fertile again. Rumple immediately agrees - so eagerly that Ella is taken aback by his enthusiasm. If he wants both children then all he must do is "sign on the dotted line."

Something I gotta say - if everyone knows Rumple can see into the future - one wonders why someone would try to trick him...won't he see it coming?  Rumple even comments on the "pretty quill" (which sets my alarm bells ringing) and reminds her again that all magic has a price and that if she should say, try to use the quill to imprison him (cue me groaning) - her debt to him would only grow. Is she sure she will be happy with the new contract? Ella soldiers on and asks him to sign regardless. With a knowing smile (sighhh), he does.

As soon as he signs, he is frozen. But even as the king's men surround him, his smile does not fade.

Rumpelstiltskin: No one breaks deals with me deary. No one. No matter where you are, no matter what land you find yourself in. I assure you, I will have your baby.

At the hospital, Henry wonders why Emma is the only one who can leave Storybrooke. As for Henry, he left but he came back and he's only 10, he has no choice (this explanation doesn't sit well with me. He seems to be making a lot of choices on his own and his actions brought Emma in the first place...but whatever). He calls Emma the savior because she can choose to come and go as she wishes. The doctor (an Asian lady, Mulan perhaps :D?) tells Emma that Ashley is fine and had a healthy six pound girl. Then Mr. Gold shows up and thanks Emma for bringing back his merchandise.

Ella worries if they really won but is comforted when hubby tells her he picked out a name for their baby girl - Alexandra. She suddenly has pregnancy pains and he runs to fetch her water from a well. The pains pass and Ella calls out for Thomas to return - but he's gone, leaving behind nothing but his cloak by the well.

Furious, Ella confronts Rumple, who's sitting in a cage. Rumple claims he knows nothing but sneeringly reminds her that all magic has a price and it looks like "someone just paid." James tells her they will find Thomas but Rumple triumphantly tells her that until she pays her debt and her baby is his - she will never see Thomas again.

Emma tells Mr. Gold not to take the baby. True to form, Mr. Gold tells her that they have a contract and nobody breaks a contract with him. If Ashley does, he'll have to involve the police (since Ashley broke into his shop) and baby will go to the foster care system - a place Emma didn't enjoy too much herself. Emma is pretty fierce in this scene when she coolly challenges him to press charges. She suspects that Ashley broke in to steal back the contract promising him her baby. She bets that the contract isn't entirely legal and she wonders what other secrets about Mr. Gold would come out if they went to court.

Do I detect a frisson of fear on Mr. Gold's face :D? In any case, he recovers quickly, even voicing admiration for her spunk and her lack of fear towards him. But he's not going to just tear up the contract. After all, contracts, deals are the "very foundations of a civilized existence." Interesting way to put it...and not necessarily wrong.

He makes another offer - if he lets Ashley keep the baby, Emma will owe him a favor - yet unnamed - in the future. Though suspicious, Emma accepts the deal. While I sigh over the trouble this will cause later, I can't blame Emma for doing it :\

Henry and Emma tell Ashley that she can keep her baby.  Thankful, Ashley tells them her baby's name is Alexandra. Noticing that it's almost 5pm, Emma and Henry race to get him home.

In another part of town, Regina is getting redressed from what was clearly not a Saturday morning council meeting. She was having a liaison with a man that's currently in the shower. She tells the man to pick up his socks, which are under the bed.

On the drive home, Emma tells Henry she wants her code name to be Pumpkin, in honor of Cinderella. Henry has a better name in mind for her (oOo Must know!!), but coyly adds he's not sure if she's ready yet >_> gahhhh Henry gets home in the nick of time, accidentally leaving a shoe on the stair (Cinderella!). He pretends he's been reading all day and Regina is none the wiser and scolds him not to leave shoes on the stairs because someone could get hurt.

At the hospital, Sean comes with a gift - baby shoes - which are a perfect fit. He's back for good and they reconcile.  Emma has brought a happy ending back to one fairy tale couple :)

Stars seem to be a bit of theme with Emma...the star candle, the key chain thing. Hmmm...

Emma calls Sheriff Graham to accept the job offer to be deputy. When she inquires whether Regina would be okay with this, he says he doesn't care, it's his department. He says he'll see her Monday. He really does sound a little flirtatious.

Then we see Regina's lover who left his socks under the bed...

...it's Sheriff Graham.


The last twist was fabulous - I didn't see that coming! It's odd that they make it seem like Graham has a thing for Emma tho (even Regina commented on it) - but I wonder if it's genuine interest or a plot. I didn't peg him as type to want to have a fling with such a hard-nosed woman like Regina...but then if he likes Emma, who's also pretty tough herself (though not heartless)...maybe he just likes girls with a bit of edge. Naturally, the next question is who Graham really is - a devoted follower of Regina under the guise of a rebel or someone who is truly going through a change of heart. Accounting for how Graham is a "follower" of Regina yet has a soft spot for Emma makes me think he's definitely the Huntsman - specifically, the Huntsman who let Snow White go free.

And I was happy to see Rumple again - he's one of my favorite characters! I like how the fairy tale version is the stereotypical, crazy, evil villain but his Storybrooke counterpart is slick, soft-spoken yet no less wicked. I guess the message is that evil can have many faces and the Storybrooke version actually scares me more with his facade of politeness.

The Cinderella storyline was pretty entertaining but I want to see more Snow and Charming ^_^! And for god's sake why can't Henry just tell Emma who her fairy tale counterpart is >.<?!


  1. I've seen previews for this show and this looks amazing, but it's always on when I'm not home, I think Im gonna have to catch up on rogers on demand if they got them on there!

  2. Wow your recaps are very detailed. Thanks for all the effort! I can't wait to find out more!


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