Merry (Belated) Christmas & Happy New Year!


Sooo I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas ^_^! As usual, I went on a cupcake-googling rampage looking for holiday dessert ideas again :)  The fondant decorations are so pretty and festive!

I'm too lazy to work with fondant but one day.... Maybe as a New Year Resolution ;)?

I found a couple New Year cupcakes (plus 1 cake) too.  The silver disco ball ones fascinate me....but look disgusting ><  Also I dug up my 2011 New Year Resolutions from last year, let's see how I did:
2011 New Year Goals List
1.) Procrastination! When something need to be done, do it right away!  
Hrmm....not really.  I think I got a little better, but I still have a way of putting things off to the last minute. This isn't going on my list again tho...I feel like everyone puts this on their list and it NEVER WORKS -_-

2.) Keep an updated address book. 
SCORE. Though I am still decided what the ideal electronic contact book is for me.

3.) Sleep by midnight, get a full 8 hours. (tho I'm having doubts about this one already...)
WAY TOO SUCCESSFUL.  I sleep far too much now -_-

4.) Keep up with this blog, strive to write more interesting posts and better reviews.
Hrmmm...ever since I've settled on my skincare routine, I think I've sort of lost interest in trying new products (aka no reviews).  Also this goal was way too vague.  I'm going to have to tweak this one to be more specific.

5.) Improve videos, make them more fun to watch, be creative...and start a vlog channel. 
Uh....seeing as how my YT channel hasn't been updated for several months  Though I did start a vLog channel ^_^!

6.) Take care of my health.  Eat more veggies and try to cut back on sweets (...though my blog indicates this may not happen ^_~).  Eat vitamin pills everyday (already doing this :D!).  Overall, adapt a more balanced diet.  
I do actually eat a lot more veggies and eat gummy vitamins everyday (Yum!)  If I could just bring myself to exercise...all would be well.

7.) Master writing in Korean.
 definitely not "master."  My handwriting is that of a 5 year old.  Gotta work on this more.

8.) Master speaking in Spanish and increase vocabulary.
What was I thinking? Mastering two languages in one year?  I'm deluded.

9.) Make nonprofit work and volunteering an integral part of my life.
Sort of sort of.  I volunteer regularly at an animal shelter now (yaaaaaaaahh) but I dropped the ball on donating.  This goal is too vague...damnit.

10.) Drink more water!  I hate drinking fluids (weird I know)...the need to pee just gets annoying :\ nic nic knows what I'm talking about ^_^. Yet when I do drink water I can really tell a difference in my skin....
Siiiiiii!!! I do :)  I drink a lot more tea, which is just as good right  :)?

4/10...not too good. Though I don't think it helped that I had way too many vague goals.  Now for 2012!

2012 New Year Goal List
1.) Fine tune my electronic address book.
2.) Learn how to use Final Cut Pro: take that class in June.  Make at least 1 video using new skillz :]
3.) Update blog at least 2x a week. And finish the Korea Trip 2010 series - good lord!
4.) Pass licensing exam by March.
5.) Finish Korean writing workbook.
6.) Donate $100 to H4H and $100 to another animal-related organization.  Continue to volunteer at least 3 hrs/m at animal shelter.
7.) Visit NYC in March.

That is it!  4 hours till 2012 - man, this year has just flown by quick as a blink. This blog is already...1 year and 3 months old ^_^ Have a good one everybody!

Happy New Year!


  1. Aw list of goals!  Good luck on your video editing class, that should be super helpful for vlogging.  I want to visit NY too one day.  Happy New Year!

  2. At least you completed 4/10 resolutions! I've achieved absolutely none of my mine from last year lol. Happy New Year's Elle!!

  3. Glad you managed to do some of your 10 resolutions in 2011!! a lot more than me XD hahaha good luck on your resolutions for this year :3

  4. your resolutions are so meaningful!! Hope you get them all done :) Happy new year!

  5. I am impressed X) I never do lists, however I have goals ahead of me but I don't really put them down on paper. My blog slowly turns one year also! I will have a giveway in mid January. Feel free to join!


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