Hair chop!


Ta-da!  I decided to chop off most of my hair over the weekend.  Originally, I planned on just cutting it to my shoulders but one thing led to another and suddenly I had a bob!  I haven't had hair this short since the Disastrous Bob-cut of 1998, but I have been feeling persnickety lately and just wanted something DIFFERENT.

Looks like a little cat's paw sticking out of my head :|

Ultimately, I will be growing it out about 1-2 inches to match Hairstyle #11 from this post.  Partly because the people who voted in that poll liked that haircut the most :D and partly because I want to be able tie back more of my hair.  Right now I can only make a ponytail with half my hair :( :(

More Buzz Bakery Cupcakes


Cookies & Cream, Lemon/Vanilla, Chocolate, Red Velvet, Coffee, Marble

Yahhh almost Friday! A partner brought in more of these sinful cupcakes to work and I ate one at 10:30 am because I have the restraint of a 5 year old :(  This is my second time I've tried Buzz Bakery & Lounge cupcakes and lord, they are as decadent as they were the first time.

The one I tried was the their signature Cookie Monster/Cookies & Cream (upper left corner).  Surprisingly it was not the typical chocolate chip cookie I expected!  The mini cookie on top is in fact a cranberry studded oatmeal cookie!  The frosting was a rich cream and didn't have much flavor beyond being decadently sweet.  The cake part itself was a rather odd mix of chocolate chips, oatmeal, and raisins.  There was a mouthful of cookie dough in the center which was a (very) sweet surprise.  I feel like they were attempting to add a twist to the typical chocolate chip cookie dough thing but sadly, I must admit, overall I thought this cupcake was a little weird O_o....  It was unique, but weird.  I liked the surprise cookie dough center but the whole oatmeal cookie monster thing didn't leave me wanting more.  And once again, I feel like Buzz cupcakes = sugar overload.  Hello Cupcake in Dupont is much yummier in my opinion.  HC cupcakes are smaller, lighter, and less in-your-face-sweet :P but I seem to be in the minority here because Buzz Bakery has higher Yelp ratings :\

Down the (Miniature) Hobbit Hole


I'm a creature with short attention span and consequently have way too many interests - one of which is building dollhouses.  I posted a peek inside the living room awhile back:

I have a relatively small eight room dollhouse and the attic floor still isn't done.  I've had this dollhouse for....over 15 years and there are few things in this world I value more.  It's one of the 5 things I'd take with me if my house were burning down (never mind how impractical and crazy I'd look lugging out a dollhouse out of a burning life sized house).    My dad built my dollhouse out of a kit and it's always been a dream of mine to design and build a ginormous dollhouse from scratch!  Locations in fantasy books always particularly inspire me - Mercedes Lackey, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings....

And someone actually did it!

Maddie Chambers starting posting pictures of her amazing miniature recreation of Bilbo's Bag End a couple years ago and they went semi-viral due to the sheer size and detail of her work.  I saw in on Geekologie while I was still in college (god I feel old) and have semi-stalked her ever since just see the updates she added as time went on.  Now her little creation is traveling around the world supporting children's literacy ^_^  Goes to say that you should just do what you love I suppose :)

You know what is even crazier?  Maddie isn't the only one to make crazy detailed replicas of Bag End.  A livejournal user, Obelia, made a hobbit hole too!  I don't want to split hairs but I like this version even more :D  I love the cozy, plaster walls :) Go here to see the many pics of the interior.  She even decorated the place for Christmas!  I think she built the dollhouse in 2005 (when I graduated high school) and I still remember how amazed I was seeing all the little details. random but

Episode 13: What Happened to Frederick


Okkk I feel like an idiot. I can't do the Episode 12: Skin Deep recap because it's expired on Hulu :P That's what I get for abandoning recaps for so long.

Anyway, this episode reveals what King Midas meant in Episode 6 when he said, "Be careful, remember what happened to Frederick." Overall, I enjoyed this episode because I love it when a series loops back to something they alluded to in previous episodes. We also see the reason behind Princess Abigail's bitchiness and casts an even more sympathetic light on Kathryn.

Episode 11: Fruit of the Poisonous Tree


Oh ho thought I might've gotten sick of OUAT? Not yet, my friends! Not yet! Thank goodness for President's Day weekend. It will be lovely to sleep in and leisurely recap the show within 24 hours of airing instead of spasmodically recapping a week later after millions of recaps have already cropped up :P  I am kind of sick of not knowing when the story will end though.  Season 2 is all but confirmed and I HATE the fact they'll no doubt drag the story out until they have squeezed out every last penny, storyline or no storyline.  I already feel like they are dragging on the David/MMarg thing painfully and a little movement on people remembering their fairytale half would be nice.  It's getting very soap/drama esque in Storybrooke....

This was Genie/Sydney Glass episode. Nice twist at the end and tho I was disappointed to see no Aladdin or Jasmine, it was still a fun little episode.

Awesome manicure from History of the Salaryman!


I don't so much watch k-dramas anymore as much as I read them ;) I love reading recaps and with my current addiction to Once Upon a Time, Castle (Nathan Fillian!), and What Would You Do + work + studying, I can't squeeze in a k-drama at the moment. But that doesn't stop me from religiously reading Dramabeans recaps every week ^_^ Anyway, in the History of the Salaryman episode 14 recap, Yeo-chi (Jung Ryeo Won) was sporting such an awesome manicure I just had to make a quick post xD It reminds me of all things crazy, happy, Easter with an!! I love the contrast of her nutty nails with her formal work attire...ultimate cool. The nerdalicious glasses and kiddy ring are just cherries on top. I could do without her red hair tho >_>....


That is all.

No wait! One more thing! My Milk Toof, a little blog that follow the adventures of 2 milk teeth (seriously), has started updating regularly again :}!!! The little stories are super cute and original - check out!

Ok, that's really all.

(More) shoes from Target!


MORE SHOES from Target! My last Target shoe haul just fueled the addiction xD I'm someone who gets sick of shoes easily so buying cheaper shoes that I can wear for just a few months works just fine for me. I also love not worrying about ruining them in the rain and happily being able to throw them out when they start to smell, a HUGE phobia of mine. The fact that I'm someone who is chronically getting stuck in the rain in inappropriate shoes doesn't help; I think I've ruined 3 flats AND my beloved furry boots ;_; (so not water resistant) in 2011 slogging through the rain.

So yeah - I'm all for saving up to buy nicer things except with shoes ;) So long they are comfortable, the cheaper the better. In that respect, Mossimo is my brand of choice when it comes to buying shoes for everyday, casual wear. *sigh* Mossimo makes the best flats ever!

Price: $12.99

I mostly got these because of the rave reviews. FYI I'm not big on animal print, but since my work wardrobe tends to be shades of black and gray, I figured I'd give these a shot.

Fit/Sizing: 6.5 fits me perfectly. I have no complaints about these comfort-wise.

Material/Quality: There isn't much padding around the sole (it's quite...flat), so some may not like that. There is also minimal traction on the soles. The print is bright and crisp - almost cartoon-y. The fabric texture is smooth and fine. For $12.99 the quality is very good.

Overall: I returned these after a day. In my case, it was not a question of comfort - these were very comfortable! What didn't grow on me was the cheetah print. It's just not me :\ Update: ahhaha I love how everyone loves the cheetah flats XD oh man....I am so uncool ^^;; 

 I prefer the subtle metallic bronze flats. I also own these flats in black, which I probably won't do a full review on since it'd be repetitive. So, quick mini-review:

Mini Review: I also got these in 6.5, very comfortable and true to size. My only qualm is that up close the material looks rather fake. The metallic bronze flats have the perfect leather texture, these black ones have a granulation that looks distinctly non-leathery. But this is only when I am literally staring at the flats. I ultimately kept these because they were so bloody cheap, super comfortable, and come on, you can't go wrong with black flats! These are hands down the cheapest, most comfortable black flats ever.

Not very true to color. Pic turned out a little washed out and blurry.
Price $29.99

I bought these because I wanted a something that was super easy to slip on in in the morning, keeps my toes warm in the winter, and decent enough to wear during work instead of heels on causal days.

Fit/Sizing: I got these in a 7 because I usually size up a little for boots. I wear these with socks so the fit is perfect.

Material/Quality: The sole is a little thin for boots but it works fine for me. I forgot to treat these before I wore them, but they didn't let any water through when I walked through some light rain. The material is a nice, soft suede that has enough structure to stay up. There is rouching on the side that keeps it fashionably wrinkled ^_^ The inside is thinly lined with faux leather. The only real con is that the material is prone to scuffing, which you can see around the toes in the all the pics :P That is after wearing these for about a week. Ultimately, I don't think the material is very durable... I also have doubts about this surviving a heavy rainstorm.

Overall: Overall, appearance and comfort-wise I like these a lot. They look great with skinny jeans and leggings. I also wear these often with tights + one piece to work and it's a pretty cute look :) I just don't like how scuffed they get. The upside is that so far, the scuff marks have been easy to rub off, but it's a bit of an annoyance.

I like these because they serve my purpose, but what keeps me from wholeheartedly recommending these is the price. At $30 it's not that cheap and I actually think you could find a better quality pair for a slightly higher price. I would just recommend these for people who want to try out the ankle boot trend and want something comfortable. Otherwise, I say dish out around $60-70 for a pair made out of nicer (aka real) leather.

Last but not least....

Happy Valentine's Day!

Can't wait for all the valentine's day chocolate to go on sale tomorrow (ehheh) ^_^

Pet Peeves of a Extreme Commuter


Omomo I have not updated for 7 days! Already my New Year resolutions are faltering :( Anyway, this is kind of a random post, but I felt like taking a break from reviews/OUAT recaps ^_^ This is dedicated to all you beauty loving commuters out there!

I am what they call an 'extreme commuter,' as quoted from Penelope's blog:
...the average commute in the US is 25 minutes each way. Newsweek describes the population of people who travel at least 90 minutes each way as "extreme commuters".
While Penelope is an extreme commuter two days a week *pause while I scoff* I am an extreme commuter five days a week. I wake up at 7, am out the door at 7:15am to drive by car to the bus stop. This parking lot is the bane of my existence because unless you are there by 7:30am on the nose, you have to park in the adjacent neighborhood, which is a five minute walk to the bus stop. The bus comes at 7:35am and drops us off at the metro station. From there it's another 35-40 minute bus ride into the heart of Washington DC. The last leg of my journey is a 10 minute walk to from the metro to the office building. I usually arrive around 9:15-9:20am. In total, my commute from my front door to my desk is 120 minutes one way. In a nutshell, I'm commuting at least 3 hours a day/15 hours a week/60 hours a month...basically I spend 30 days a year commuting.

Believe it or not, I don't hate commuting, I actually like it. You know that person sleeping with their head down, drooling slightly, all the while maintaining an iron grip on their bag and standing upright? That's me. I get a good 2 hours of sleep in on the bus and metro everyday ;) I also read a lot of books and since I've essentially memorized the metro schedule/commuter habits, I'm usually able to find a comfortable place to sit by the time I hit Rosslyn station (psst...the first car is always the most empty when traveling out of DC to VA). Overall, commuting suits me just fine - except for a couple things...

My Commuter Pet Peeves

1.) People who intentionally sit in the aisle seat.

This is the interior of an actual metro car. The polite thing that most decent people do is sit in the window seat, so that the aisle seat is open to other riders. As the car slowly fills up, this Seat Hog will pretend to be oblivious to the fact that someone may want to sit in that empty window seat until someone is forced to personally ask him/her to scoot over *sigh*

2.) People who refuse to put their bags in their lap/on the floor.

A variation of the Seat Hog are the people who put their bags/coats in the seat next to them so that nobody can sit down. Sadly, these offenders are usually women with ginormous Coach/LV tote bags. I understand doing this if the car is mostly empty, but this is an unpardonable offense when it's rush hour. Put it in your lap, woman!!!

3.) People who listen to music via ear buds but the music is SO LOUD, you can hear everything anyway.

I really wonder if these people are blasting music through their earbuds that loudly on purpose or if they are actually deaf. I'm guessing deaf because if I can follow every word of Maroon 5's This Love when the idiot is sitting 5 rows away OVER THE SOUND OF THE TRAIN RUMBLING, you know the music is being played by someone who can't hear a damn thing. Most people are too passive (me included) to tell the obnoxious brat to turn down their music, but I tell you, one day I will rip their headphones off and stuff where it really belongs.

4.) People who listen to music with their headphones around their neck.

This is even worse than #3 because it's so blatantly clear the music listener knows their music is loud enough to be heard by other people but don't give a flying f*ck about it. Ugh. You are literally forcing people to listen to your favorite kind of music, which usually sucks, under the assumption that if you like it, everybody should like it. Or worse, you just don't care. I may like Wonder Girl's Me, In, but it will be a cold day in hell when I blast it loud enough to be heard by others on the metro.

To people who do this: you look like an idiot who doesn't know that headphones are made to go over your ears when you are listening to music.

5.) (loud) cell talkers + (loud) conversationalists

You know what I find especially interesting about these people? Every sentence is prefaced with "I can't hear you very well but..." Oi...I understand picking up a call to quickly say you'll call them back, but there is no reason you should be holding a 15 minute+ call when you can't even hear each other. To clarify, I don't care if you talk on your cell or to each other, but keep your voices down. If I can hear you on the other side of the are being way too loud. This especially grates my nerves in the morning when all I want to do is sleep.

....and that's it ^_^   Slightly off topic, I don't think I'm as uptight as some commuters....especially this one (Role Mommy). If you couldn't guess from the title, it's written by a mom and it is heavily biased towards that fact.  I get that she's probably trying to be humorous, but some of the things on her list are just...strange:

1. Do not under any circumstances take your shoes off on the train and stretch out your odor eaters on the seat in front of you. <-- I've never seen this happen but I guess it's sort of gross. But not really (to me). I'm not as foot phobic I guess.

2. If you choose to sit in a six seater and five talkative women nudge their way in so they can launch into their early morning coffee klatch, make sure your bags are off the seat and do not roll your eyes when they cover 10 topics in 33 minutes. Besides, you may learn a thing or two if you decide to eavesdrop on the conversation. <-- What?! Are you SERIOUS?! I agree with the bag-clearing bit but having to endure 5 "talkative" women is just something else. So basically, you're saying it's "okay" to be disruptive because you're a women. If this ever happened to me, I'd be recording that sh*t on my phone and it would go straight to YT under the title, "Grown women who think being loud is a virtue"

3. If someone is talking loudly on their cell phone, you are allowed to tell them to keep it down. If a working mom is talking on her cell phone - back off Buster - she's either on a conference call or trying to take care of all the loose ends in her day and make it home in time to relieve her nanny. If you attempt to rattle her cage, trust me, she'll bite your head off. <-- This is ridiculous. How are you supposed to tell who is a "working mom?" Not every woman is a mom for one thing. I'm not sure if she's implying you should not interfere with working moms or that she just doesn't recommend doing so....

6. Don't interrupt the poker players. If you see them congregating in their favorite four seater with their oak tag spread out on their laps, a serious game of five card stud is taking place - either observe and be amazed or move to another row - those poker games can get rowdy. <-- This makes no sense to me. The fact that poker players can get rowdy is even more of a reason to report them to a conductor. I can't stand people who treat public transportation like their home. You're there sharing a car with 100+ people, nobody should have to accommodate you and your little poker game. Poker is fine, so long you keep it civil and quiet.

7. Deodorant may be bad for the ozone layer, but it's required for rush hour train rides. The commuter code of ethics isn't tough to follow - so think before you do something offensive aboard your train, subway or cross town bus - you never know when the undercover mom is watching. <-- I don't care about this at all actually. It'd be nice if everyone smelled like roses, but nobody can smell very good after a day of slogging through DC pollution.

Are you an extreme commuter?  
What are your pet peeves and what do you do during your commute?

Review: My Beauty Diary Mixed Berries Mask


oh ho ho - another mask for my collection of mask reviews :]  I feel I have reviewed so many masks that I'm becoming a little repetitive :|   It's kind of funny because when people message me sometimes, their email will start off as "hey, it seems like you are obsessed with sheet masks so I was wondering...."  -______- NOT UNTRUE.  Sadly, there are so many sheet masks I never reviewed - mostly because I used it before taking pics/writing down my thoughts *sigh*

This is a rather short since I have gone into great detail on my previous MBD mask reviews and I don't want to repeat myself too much.  Overall, this is quite simply an average sheet mask.

Purchased at: Sasa

Price: $12.70

  • Brightening and firming
    Mixed Berry Extract drawn out from blue berry, raspberry, cowberry and mulberry in an exceptional beauty agent that dresses skin up with vitality and charm. It protects skin from environmental aggression, correcting problems like uneven complexion, dullness and sagging. After use, skin becomes firm, bright and translucent.
  • Purifying and refining
    Extracts of Comfrey and Green Tea enable synergy benefit to soften cuticles. After use, skin is refined, radiant and velvety smooth.

Suitable for: For all skin types, especially skin suffers from uneven complexion, sagging or roughness.

Experience: Smells pretty nice, so wearing this was a nice experience.  As usual, it fit nicely and there was no irritation.  Sometimes my face warms up when I put on a sheet mask, but not this time around.  It was mildly cooling, but I think that was just because I had something wet on my face and it is winter ^^  When I took it off about half an hour later, my face was plumper and brighter.

Fit: MBD always fits me very well.  I feel like a broken record saying this every time >.<

Scent: Has a distinct berry-like scent.  I rather liked it but the scent is so sharp it could come across as a little artificial.

Mask texture: Smooth, thin, and identical to all the other MBD masks I've reviewed.  I love the thinness of these masks since they cling to your face well.

Excess serum: About a nickel amount, enough for putting on your neck.


  • Uneven complexion - at least temporarily yes.  I used a box of 10 over 1-2 months, but I tend to alternate masks so I can't say if this mask really lightened my scars.
  • Sagging/Roughness - I think 90% of the sheet masks I use do this.  In any case, this is a moisturizing mask that gives your skin a nice kick of moisture.  Consequently, your face does seem softer and plumper for several hours.

Overall Results:
Still not one of my super favorites; this falls in the category of "nice to have/try, but I'd rather try something new if I have the choice."   It definitely works - your face becomes more radiant, brighter, and moisturized after using it.  The next morning, makeup always goes on more smoothly.  However, at the same time, this is not a particularly cooling nor the most moisturizing mask I have ever used.  So, my ultimate recommendation is actually....pass.  There are better sheet masks out there that have more dramatic results.

Fyi, I have given up on judging the "long term" value of sheet masks because there are so many outlying factors.  The sheet masks I continue to re-purchase are the ones that make me look the most radiant the next morning.

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