Awesome manicure from History of the Salaryman!


I don't so much watch k-dramas anymore as much as I read them ;) I love reading recaps and with my current addiction to Once Upon a Time, Castle (Nathan Fillian!), and What Would You Do + work + studying, I can't squeeze in a k-drama at the moment. But that doesn't stop me from religiously reading Dramabeans recaps every week ^_^ Anyway, in the History of the Salaryman episode 14 recap, Yeo-chi (Jung Ryeo Won) was sporting such an awesome manicure I just had to make a quick post xD It reminds me of all things crazy, happy, Easter with an!! I love the contrast of her nutty nails with her formal work attire...ultimate cool. The nerdalicious glasses and kiddy ring are just cherries on top. I could do without her red hair tho >_>....


That is all.

No wait! One more thing! My Milk Toof, a little blog that follow the adventures of 2 milk teeth (seriously), has started updating regularly again :}!!! The little stories are super cute and original - check out!

Ok, that's really all.


  1. ahhh i'm watching this drama atm too!! i love her character, she's so mean lol

  2. Omigosh...that's soooooo cool. I experimented with pink and green a couple of days ago, but this is beyond cool..I honestly wish I had the time to paint my nails this colour, but it would take ages to just get the right colours.. ^_^ . Hm, it's also a first that someone reads recaps. It sounds really cool, and perhaps I should start doing that when I don't have time to watch an actual drama series. kkkk

  3. I love, love My Milk Toof, so cute and the stories are the best :) God I wish I came up with this awesome idea.

  4. very colorful nails ^^ i'm still a huge kdrama addict hihi :P


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