Down the (Miniature) Hobbit Hole


I'm a creature with short attention span and consequently have way too many interests - one of which is building dollhouses.  I posted a peek inside the living room awhile back:

I have a relatively small eight room dollhouse and the attic floor still isn't done.  I've had this dollhouse for....over 15 years and there are few things in this world I value more.  It's one of the 5 things I'd take with me if my house were burning down (never mind how impractical and crazy I'd look lugging out a dollhouse out of a burning life sized house).    My dad built my dollhouse out of a kit and it's always been a dream of mine to design and build a ginormous dollhouse from scratch!  Locations in fantasy books always particularly inspire me - Mercedes Lackey, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings....

And someone actually did it!

Maddie Chambers starting posting pictures of her amazing miniature recreation of Bilbo's Bag End a couple years ago and they went semi-viral due to the sheer size and detail of her work.  I saw in on Geekologie while I was still in college (god I feel old) and have semi-stalked her ever since just see the updates she added as time went on.  Now her little creation is traveling around the world supporting children's literacy ^_^  Goes to say that you should just do what you love I suppose :)

You know what is even crazier?  Maddie isn't the only one to make crazy detailed replicas of Bag End.  A livejournal user, Obelia, made a hobbit hole too!  I don't want to split hairs but I like this version even more :D  I love the cozy, plaster walls :) Go here to see the many pics of the interior.  She even decorated the place for Christmas!  I think she built the dollhouse in 2005 (when I graduated high school) and I still remember how amazed I was seeing all the little details. random but

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