Hair chop!


Ta-da!  I decided to chop off most of my hair over the weekend.  Originally, I planned on just cutting it to my shoulders but one thing led to another and suddenly I had a bob!  I haven't had hair this short since the Disastrous Bob-cut of 1998, but I have been feeling persnickety lately and just wanted something DIFFERENT.

Looks like a little cat's paw sticking out of my head :|

Ultimately, I will be growing it out about 1-2 inches to match Hairstyle #11 from this post.  Partly because the people who voted in that poll liked that haircut the most :D and partly because I want to be able tie back more of my hair.  Right now I can only make a ponytail with half my hair :( :(


  1. Doesn't it feel... light... easy.. liberating? I did the same thing a while back and I LOVED it. However, I hated growing it out to a longer length (bf prefers it longer) because it would go through the awkward length stage.

  2. wow!!! awesome change :D i love your new haircut!!! it feels very strange at first, no? i chopped off all my hair once and when i washed it the first time after cutting, it felt so weird lol

  3. Your haircut looks cute! I would be scared to go that short.

  4. Love it! I think you can have a lot of fun with a bob and play around with accessories and stuff.

  5. you look cute both ways. :)


  6. WOW!! You look so cute :)

  7. I think you look cute with both short and long hair :) You're really brave though Elle. I think I would probably cry if someone chopped off my hair lol


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