(More) shoes from Target!


MORE SHOES from Target! My last Target shoe haul just fueled the addiction xD I'm someone who gets sick of shoes easily so buying cheaper shoes that I can wear for just a few months works just fine for me. I also love not worrying about ruining them in the rain and happily being able to throw them out when they start to smell, a HUGE phobia of mine. The fact that I'm someone who is chronically getting stuck in the rain in inappropriate shoes doesn't help; I think I've ruined 3 flats AND my beloved furry boots ;_; (so not water resistant) in 2011 slogging through the rain.

So yeah - I'm all for saving up to buy nicer things except with shoes ;) So long they are comfortable, the cheaper the better. In that respect, Mossimo is my brand of choice when it comes to buying shoes for everyday, casual wear. *sigh* Mossimo makes the best flats ever!

Price: $12.99

I mostly got these because of the rave reviews. FYI I'm not big on animal print, but since my work wardrobe tends to be shades of black and gray, I figured I'd give these a shot.

Fit/Sizing: 6.5 fits me perfectly. I have no complaints about these comfort-wise.

Material/Quality: There isn't much padding around the sole (it's quite...flat), so some may not like that. There is also minimal traction on the soles. The print is bright and crisp - almost cartoon-y. The fabric texture is smooth and fine. For $12.99 the quality is very good.

Overall: I returned these after a day. In my case, it was not a question of comfort - these were very comfortable! What didn't grow on me was the cheetah print. It's just not me :\ Update: ahhaha I love how everyone loves the cheetah flats XD oh man....I am so uncool ^^;; 

 I prefer the subtle metallic bronze flats. I also own these flats in black, which I probably won't do a full review on since it'd be repetitive. So, quick mini-review:

Mini Review: I also got these in 6.5, very comfortable and true to size. My only qualm is that up close the material looks rather fake. The metallic bronze flats have the perfect leather texture, these black ones have a granulation that looks distinctly non-leathery. But this is only when I am literally staring at the flats. I ultimately kept these because they were so bloody cheap, super comfortable, and come on, you can't go wrong with black flats! These are hands down the cheapest, most comfortable black flats ever.

Not very true to color. Pic turned out a little washed out and blurry.
Price $29.99

I bought these because I wanted a something that was super easy to slip on in in the morning, keeps my toes warm in the winter, and decent enough to wear during work instead of heels on causal days.

Fit/Sizing: I got these in a 7 because I usually size up a little for boots. I wear these with socks so the fit is perfect.

Material/Quality: The sole is a little thin for boots but it works fine for me. I forgot to treat these before I wore them, but they didn't let any water through when I walked through some light rain. The material is a nice, soft suede that has enough structure to stay up. There is rouching on the side that keeps it fashionably wrinkled ^_^ The inside is thinly lined with faux leather. The only real con is that the material is prone to scuffing, which you can see around the toes in the all the pics :P That is after wearing these for about a week. Ultimately, I don't think the material is very durable... I also have doubts about this surviving a heavy rainstorm.

Overall: Overall, appearance and comfort-wise I like these a lot. They look great with skinny jeans and leggings. I also wear these often with tights + one piece to work and it's a pretty cute look :) I just don't like how scuffed they get. The upside is that so far, the scuff marks have been easy to rub off, but it's a bit of an annoyance.

I like these because they serve my purpose, but what keeps me from wholeheartedly recommending these is the price. At $30 it's not that cheap and I actually think you could find a better quality pair for a slightly higher price. I would just recommend these for people who want to try out the ankle boot trend and want something comfortable. Otherwise, I say dish out around $60-70 for a pair made out of nicer (aka real) leather.

Last but not least....

Happy Valentine's Day!

Can't wait for all the valentine's day chocolate to go on sale tomorrow (ehheh) ^_^


  1. Cute shoes, I especially like the cheetah flats :)
    Happy Valentines Day to you too!!!!

  2. omg, i love both of them! i like the leopard one. so cute. i've never actually seen one like that before. i like the black booties just because it will match with anything. great buys! gotta love target.


  3. Those are kinda cute... but idk if they look sturdy

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    Confessions Of A City Girl

  4. I love your shoes! All of them, esp the black and leopard flats! :D Yay for Target!!!!

  5. the leopard flats are adorable!! i love target, they seriously hv everything!

  6. i like the black boots, looks comfi :D

  7. ohh I love the leopard flats you got from target!!

  8. I love those leopard flats! I was there yesterday and went looking specifically for those, but my store didn't have them, bummer bummer. Love your reviews! :)



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