Review: My Beauty Diary Mixed Berries Mask


oh ho ho - another mask for my collection of mask reviews :]  I feel I have reviewed so many masks that I'm becoming a little repetitive :|   It's kind of funny because when people message me sometimes, their email will start off as "hey, it seems like you are obsessed with sheet masks so I was wondering...."  -______- NOT UNTRUE.  Sadly, there are so many sheet masks I never reviewed - mostly because I used it before taking pics/writing down my thoughts *sigh*

This is a rather short since I have gone into great detail on my previous MBD mask reviews and I don't want to repeat myself too much.  Overall, this is quite simply an average sheet mask.

Purchased at: Sasa

Price: $12.70

  • Brightening and firming
    Mixed Berry Extract drawn out from blue berry, raspberry, cowberry and mulberry in an exceptional beauty agent that dresses skin up with vitality and charm. It protects skin from environmental aggression, correcting problems like uneven complexion, dullness and sagging. After use, skin becomes firm, bright and translucent.
  • Purifying and refining
    Extracts of Comfrey and Green Tea enable synergy benefit to soften cuticles. After use, skin is refined, radiant and velvety smooth.

Suitable for: For all skin types, especially skin suffers from uneven complexion, sagging or roughness.

Experience: Smells pretty nice, so wearing this was a nice experience.  As usual, it fit nicely and there was no irritation.  Sometimes my face warms up when I put on a sheet mask, but not this time around.  It was mildly cooling, but I think that was just because I had something wet on my face and it is winter ^^  When I took it off about half an hour later, my face was plumper and brighter.

Fit: MBD always fits me very well.  I feel like a broken record saying this every time >.<

Scent: Has a distinct berry-like scent.  I rather liked it but the scent is so sharp it could come across as a little artificial.

Mask texture: Smooth, thin, and identical to all the other MBD masks I've reviewed.  I love the thinness of these masks since they cling to your face well.

Excess serum: About a nickel amount, enough for putting on your neck.


  • Uneven complexion - at least temporarily yes.  I used a box of 10 over 1-2 months, but I tend to alternate masks so I can't say if this mask really lightened my scars.
  • Sagging/Roughness - I think 90% of the sheet masks I use do this.  In any case, this is a moisturizing mask that gives your skin a nice kick of moisture.  Consequently, your face does seem softer and plumper for several hours.

Overall Results:
Still not one of my super favorites; this falls in the category of "nice to have/try, but I'd rather try something new if I have the choice."   It definitely works - your face becomes more radiant, brighter, and moisturized after using it.  The next morning, makeup always goes on more smoothly.  However, at the same time, this is not a particularly cooling nor the most moisturizing mask I have ever used.  So, my ultimate recommendation is actually....pass.  There are better sheet masks out there that have more dramatic results.

Fyi, I have given up on judging the "long term" value of sheet masks because there are so many outlying factors.  The sheet masks I continue to re-purchase are the ones that make me look the most radiant the next morning.


  1. Can you really notice a difference in your face's brightness? I never saw a visible change for myself...
    Which is your favorite MBD mask then? :)

  2. Yes, temporarily.  My face is prone puffiness and redness, so even this sheet mask will just smooth/cool my face down so it's not so red and swollen.  I always interpreted "brightness" as the glow you get after moisturizing your face.  This is a result I get right after I take off the mask but rarely lasts till morning.

    My favoriteeeeeeee MBD is Apple Polyphenol, White French Lily, and Cooling Mask (for just summer, b/c this one is def cooling).  Silk Whitia Soy Milk Whitening is also another favorite of mine.  Those are the only 3 masks gives my face that 'glow' right after I take off the mask and the next morning too :)  Everyone's skin is different but these are the only 3 that I re-purchase every few months.

  3. Haha, you're so cute! I think you mean favoriteS! ;) 
    Cooling sounds like it'd be TLC for big pores~ I just put mine in the fridge >.<

  4. Well, that's too bad you didn't like it as much. It's also very expensive. Better luck next time!

  5. I love this Mixed Berry MBD mask! Sadly, only 2sheet mask left by my side. This mask makes my face not that oily the next day and makes it feel very soft and fresh feeling. Love the scent of this mask too. And yes, I found it very hard to review sheet masks. Once I got myself loads of different kinds of sheet masks from sasa and I found it very hard to notice the difference between these sheet masks I tried on lol.

    Great review as always ^_^. 

  6. Confessions of a city girlFebruary 3, 2012 at 12:09 AM

    Thanks for the detailed review... I dont know if i would try it but it sounds good...

    ~SherineCheck out my blog, comment, and follow if you like! Confessions Of A City Girl 

  7. Ahaha--  "I know you're obsessed with sheet masks, so...". Oh emails~.

    And daarrn. S'too bad this mask turned out to  be average at best: I really like most anything to do with berries. :/  Still-- like you said, there're definitely better ones out there. >:]  (Heck-- I could just browse through your archive and find some....)

  8. hahaha ohh sheet masks, I do love the beauty diary set! and $12.99?! I'm getting ripped off here, they sell them for $19.99!

  9. Lol. I loved the smell of this one.... But i find most mbd masks dont last till the next day, definitely makes your face feel a lot nice for several hours tho. Super jelly they fit you so well! Mine always has a lil excess for me (damn my tiny face) - which mbd mask would you defo reccommend?

    1. ahahh this is the first time I've heard someone complaining about a small face xD

      My picks for MBD: Apple Polyphenol and French White Lily. The cooling mask is pretty sweet for the summer. That one REALLY cools your face (without the fridge ;) ) and is mad nice to use while traveling :)


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